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Kazimar Periya Pallivasal or Kazimar Big Mosque is a mosque in Madurai city, Tamil Nadu, India. The mosque was founded by Kazi Syed Tajuddin, a descendant of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, who came from Yemen during 13th century and received this land from the King Kulasekara Ku(n) Pandiyan.[1] The mosque which was the first Muslim place of worship in Madurai.[2][3] The mosque, which can accommodate about 1,500 people, is within 500 metres of the Periyar (central) bus stand, within one kilometre southeast of Madurai Junction railway station[4] and 1.5 km southwest of the Meenakshi Temple.


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Maqbara[edit] Madurai Maqbara, the grave (dargah) of Madurai Hazrats (Sheikhuna Meer Ahamad Ibrahim Periya Hazrat, Sheikhuna Meer Amjad Ibrahim Chinna Hazrat and Sheikhuna Syed Abdus Salaam Ibrahim Saalim Hazrat Raliyallahu anhum - descendants of Muhammad) is located inside the mosque.[5] Almost all of Kazi Syed Thajuddheen's descendants (Huqdars of this mosque called as Syeds) have lived in the same locality (Kazimar street) for more than 700 years, and have managed the mosque since then.[6] Syed Tajuddin was appointed as Kazi of the sultans, and till today his descendants who live at Kazimar street, Madurai, are appointed as Kazis to the Government of Tamil Nadu. The present chief Kazi of Moulana Moulvi Alhaj M.G. Meer Mahamudul Kathiri Riyazi Bagdhadhi and Additional Kazi of Moulana Moulavi A.Syed Khaja Mueenuddeen B.A., is also the descendant of Hazrat Kazi Syed Tajuddin. All Syeds belong to the Sunni sect of Islam, its Hanafi school and majority of the descendants of Kazi Syed Tajuddin most of the peoples are following kathiriya thariqa who follow the Sufi order. Our masjidh kabrasthan is very long and wide.Here there are many graves of holy huqdaars those who dedicated their lives for Islam Madrasasa[edit] Kazi Syed Tajuddin arabi Madrasah is located inside the mosque campus in which around 120 students learn basic Arabic. Moulavi Hafil Syed Alimullah baqavi runs this Madrasah.Before this Syed Ibrahim Hussaindeen Khaathib ran Arabic madarasaa at his own home where Arabic,Urdu,basic maths and other subjects were taught by him and his family members and many in and around Kazi mahallaa learnt all subjects.It was run for many decades Kazi & Imams[edit] The huqdars of this mosque have been appointed as Kazis of Madurai to the government since the 13th century, from the period of Qazi Syed Tajuddin. The present government Chief Qazi of Madurai, Moulana Moulvi Alhaj M.G. Meer Mahamudul Kathiri Riyazi Bagdhadhi and Additional Qazi Moulana A.Syed Khaja Mueenuddeen B.A., is a huqdar of this mosque and a descendant of Qazi Syed Tajuddin.[7] The service of presiding the daily prayers and Friday sermons (Imamat and Qitabat) are done by the descendants of the founder Qazi Syed Tajuddin, from his period until today. The present day Imams Moulavi Hafil Syed Muhammad Mueenuddeen Ibrahim Faizi and Moulavi Hafil Syed Alimullah Baqavi are doing this service continuously since 1998.Moulavi and Hafil Syed Hyder Ali was Imam.In Kazimar Street,there are huqdaars following Quadri tharikaah of Muhaiyaddin Abdul Qadir Jeelaani whose tomb is inBagdaadh,Iraq whose urs falls on Rabi-us-saani moon day 11th.Syed Quddos was Imam and Syed Ameerdeen of the above tharikaah is also imam now.The renovated ancient monument of Qazi Syed Tajuddin [RAH] has been inagurated by Moulavi Hafil Janab Syed Alimullah on lunar date 15 of Rajab Hijri 1439-2nd April 2018.Every year Quran Shariff is being recited in our masjidh ,after Asar namaz of lunar date 15 th of Rajab in the memory of Qazi Syed Tajuddin[RAH] in our masjidh and Qazi Tajuddin ITI.There are huqdaars following Shajuliyah thariqaah of Abul Hasan Shajuli whose tomb is in Umesharaa Egypt whose urs falls on Shavvaal 12 Management[edit] Kazimar Big mosque has been managed by the descendants of Kazi Syed Tajuddin continuously without any break from the day of the inception of the mosque till today for almost 760 years.[8] The genealogical records of all the heirs of kazi Syed Tajuddin and the managers of this mosque since 7 centuries are maintained in the mosque office which is being updated on every instance of child birth in the family. There are around 450 heirs of Kazi Syed Tajuddin (Syeds - Huqdars of this mosque) who constitute the general body from among whom the management committee is selected. Presently, the mosque is being managed by a board of four trustees selected from, among and by the Huqdars of this mosque who are the descendants of the founder of this mosque Qazi Syed Tajuddin. Their tenure is for three years. In January 2017 the General body of huqdars of the mosque decided to increase the seats in the management committee from four to fourteen. The earlier committee of four would be trustees and the additional committee of ten would be executive members. References[edit]

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360 degree view of Kazimar Big Mosque and Madurai Maqbara

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