Kaufbeuren (German pronunciation: [kaʊfˈbɔʏʁən]) is an independent town in the Regierungsbezirk of Swabia, Bavaria. The town is completely enclaved within the district of Ostallgäu.


  • Kaufbeuren (Altstadt - Old Town)
  • Hirschzell
  • Kemnat
  • Neugablonz
  • Oberbeuren


Stefan Bosse (CSU) is the Lord Mayor of Kaufbeuren since November 2004. He was reelected in March 2014 with 57,48 % of the votes.[2]

Culture and Objects of Interest

  • Townhall (built 1879–1881)
  • Crescentiakloster (founded 1150)
  • Historic Old Town with partially conserved, historic city wall
  • St.-Martins-Kirche
  • Fünfknopfturm (Five-Button-Tower)
  • St.-Blasius-Kirche
  • Hexenturm
  • Gerberturm
  • Pulverturm
  • Münzturm
  • Sywollnturm
  • Zollhäuschen
  • Stadttheater Kaufbeuren
  • kunsthaus kaufbeuren


  • Stadtmuseum
  • Feuerwehrmuseum
  • Puppentheater-Museum
  • Isergebirgs-Museum (Neugablonz)

Famous residents

Ludwig Ganghofer 1908 painted by Friedrich August von Kaulbach
Maria Crescentia Höss

Kaufbeuren Air Base

The Kaufbeuren Air Base was established as a Luftwaffe station in 1935. When seized by the United States Army in May 1945 at the end of World War II it was discovered to be the final location of Nazi Party's top secret FA signals intelligence and cryptanalytic agency.[3] After serving as a U.S. airbase during the post-war period, the field was ultimately returned to the town, and today serves as a German Air Force training field.


The Tänzelfest is a festival, which takes place usually at the end of June. Children re-enact the history of the town in traditional costume.[1] There are a lot of events at this time.

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