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Katerina Anatolievna Shpitsa (Russian: Катери́на Анато́льевна Шпи́ца; born 29 October 1985) is a Russian theatre and cinema actress.[1][2] She is an actress best known for Katya: Military Story (TV series 2009) and Brothel Lights
Brothel Lights


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Biography[edit] Early life[edit] Ekaterina Shpitsa was born on 29 October 1985 in the city of Perm, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. Her mother Galina Shpitsa (née Karpovskaya) was a lawyer, while her father Anatoly Shpitsa was a miner. Katerina lived in Inta, Komi Republic
Komi Republic
until she was 13 years old and studied foreign languages at an experimental French school which combined common regular subjects with arts. Career[edit] Film[edit] In her youth she won a local beauty contest and also worked as a model. Later director Georgi Yungvald-Khilkevich
Georgi Yungvald-Khilkevich
invited her to star in his television musical Adam and Eve's Transformation, which was the beginning of her career in cinema. Katerina Shpitsa
Katerina Shpitsa
played the main role of a young, provincial Eva, who comes to conquer the capital. Katerina was cast in the series The Circus Princess through her photo, posted on the site of the theater. The actress was invited to join the "TeleFormat" agency in order to pass the tests. The director of the series Alla Plotkina immediately saw in her one of the heroines - the girl-invalid Masha. The series started in January 2008 and spanned 115 episodes. And although the screen time of Katerina Shpitsa's heroine was relatively small, Masha's role became her first serious step towards fame. In 2009, Shpitsa landed a major role in the series Katya: Military Story, with which the actress achieved wide recognition. She embodied the image of a romantic girl whose peaceful life is invaded by the war. The series lasted for two seasons. Later, the actress played in a number of popular TV series: Advocates, Frozen Dispatches, Real Boys, Golubka, Moscow, Central District 3, Everyone has his Own War, "Cedar" Pierces the Sky, Rules of the Masquerade, Ahead of the Shot, Another Person's Face. In 2011, Katerina Shpitsa
Katerina Shpitsa
appeared as the prostitute Zinka-Hitler in Alexander Gordon's Brothel Lights. And a year later she received one of the key roles (Alice) in the disaster film Metro, which brought her wide-spread fame. Shpitsa played the role of the beloved of the great Russian wrestler Ivan Poddubny
Ivan Poddubny
in the biographical film Poddubny, which was released in 2014. In the historical series Young Guards by Leonid Plyaskin, the actress got the role of Lubov Shevtsova. In 2016, Katerina played the role of a stewardess in the disaster film Flight Crew by Nikolai Lebedev. Theatre[edit] In 1998 she entered the theatre-studio CODE in Perm. She worked in the Perm
Chamber Theatre New Drama. Since 2005 she has lived in Moscow, working in the Moscow
State Music Theatre of National Arts under the direction of Vladimir Nazarov. She collaborates with the Fellowship of Free Artists. Personal life[edit] In 2010 she married actor Konstantin Adayev. Their son, German, was born on 25 February 2012. In 2015 the couple divorced. She was in a brief relationship with director Marius Weisberg, but the couple separated in August 2015.[3]

Katerina Shpitsa
Katerina Shpitsa
at the Russian Film Festival Kinotavr
in Sochi, 2016


Year Title Role Notes

2005 Adam and Eve's transformation Eva TV

2006 Happy Together Sofia TV series

2007 Putejtsy

TV series

2008 The Circus Princess Masha TV series

2008 Blue Night Olya TV series

2009 Katya: Military Story Katya Novikova TV series

2011 Laughter in dark Magda Short

2011 Brothel Lights Zinka

2012 Face of Another Olga Makarova TV series

2012 Angel heart Rita Proskurina Mini-series

2013 Metro Alisa

2013 Real boys Ira TV series

2014 Kuprin Luba TV series

2014 Poddubny Masha, beloved of Poddubny

2014 Gift with character Nastya Sinitcina

2014 Funny boys;) Anya

2014 Yolki 1914 skater Kseniya

2015 The Young Guard Lyubov Shevtsova TV series

2015 Bet on Love Anna

2016 Yolki 5 Zhenya

2016 Breakfast with Daddy

2016 Flight Crew Vika, stewardess [4]

2016 Tas, ko vini neredz Elza

2016 Friday Vera

2016 Graphomaniac


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