Kate may refer to:

People and fictional characters

* Kate (given name), a list of people and fictional characters with the given name or nickname * Gyula Káté (born 1982), Hungarian amateur boxer * Lauren Kate (born 1981), American author of young adult fiction * Ten Kate, a Dutch toponymic surname originally meaning "at the house"

Arts and entertainment

* ''Kate'' (TV series), a British drama series (1970-1972) * An alternative title of "Crabbit Old Woman", a poem attributed to Phyllis McCormack * ''Kate'', a young adult novel by Valerie Sherrard * "Kate" (Ben Folds Five song), 1997 * "Kate" (Johnny Cash song), 1972 * "Kate", a song by Arty * "Kate", a song by Irving Berlin


* CSS ''Kate'', a Confederate blockade runner during the American Civil War * , a Union Navy steamer during the American Civil War * SS ''Kate'' (tug), a wooden steamer built in Australia in 1883

Other uses

* Tropical Storm Kate (disambiguation), various hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones and tropical storms * Nakajima B5N, a Japanese torpedo bomber, Allied reporting name "Kate" * 2156 Kate, an asteroid * Kate (text editor), a text editor for KDE * Kate the woodpecker, the mascot of Kate editor * KATE, a radio station licensed to Albert Lea, Minnesota, United States * Kâte language, a Papuan language * Cotter (farmer) house, called ''Kate'' in German {{disambiguation|surname|ship