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(also spelled Kartasura) is an Indonesian subdistrict (Kecamatan) in the Sukoharjo Regency, Central Java. Kartosuro
is a Surakarta's satellite city, and a junction of Surabaya-Solo-Yogyakarta and Solo- Semarang
highway. It can be reached within minutes southward of Surakarta's International Airport of Adi Sumarmo. Capital of Mataram 1680-1755[edit] In the seventeenth century Kartosuro
was the capital of the Sultanate of Mataram between 1680–1755. It is commonly referred to as the Kartasura era or period of the Mataram sultanate – it preceded the transfer to Surakarta
by Pakubuwana II. There were considerable problems for the sultanate in this era –

A difficult relationship with the Dutch East India Company
Dutch East India Company
(VOC) The issues of succession ( Treaty of Giyanti
Treaty of Giyanti
(1755)) The Geger Pecinan, Chinese rebellion burnt the palace (1743)


Remaining wall from the Kartasura palace

There are 2 palace sites, keraton of Kartosuro
in the kelurahan of Kartosuro
and keraton of Pajang's ruin in the kelurahan of Makamhaji. Further reading[edit]

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Coordinates: 7°34′27″S 110°47′8″E / 7.57417°S 110.78556°E / -7.5741