Karl Jatho (3 February 1873 – 8 December 1933) was a German pioneer and inventor, performer and public servant of the city of Hanover.

From August through November 1903, Jatho made progressively longer hops (flights) in a pusher triplane, then biplane, at Vahrenwalder Heide outside of Hanover. His first flight, was only 18 meters at about 1 meter altitude, and was not controlled. Jatho eventually gave up, noting "In spite of many efforts, (I) cannot make longer or higher flights. Motor weak.".[1] With a later machine, Jatho would make successful flights in 1909 – 60 meters at about at 3–4 meters altitude.[2] He also founded a flying school and an aircraft factory, but did not have much success.

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