Kapsalon is a Dutch food item consisting of fries, topped with döner or shawarma meat, grilled with a layer of Gouda cheese until melted and then subsequently covered with a layer of dressed salad greens. The dish is usually served in a disposable metal tray as this food is a fast food. The dish is often served with garlic sauce and sambal, a hot sauce from the former colony of Indonesia. Kapsalon has a high energy content, with each serving containing approximately 7500 kJ,[1] but apart from the high-GL fries, low in carbohydrates and hence glycemic load (GL). The term kapsalon means "hairdressing salon" in Dutch, alluding to one of the inventors of the dish.[2]


The dish was conceived in 2003 by Nathaniël Gomes, a Cape Verdian hairdresser in Rotterdam who in collaboration with the neighboring shawarma store "El Aviva" combined all his favorite ingredients into one dish.[3] The dish has since spread around the Netherlands into Belgium,[4] among other countries.[5] Eventually the kapsalon reached as far as the elite of the Nepalese capital city of Kathmandu in 2017 where one can get a kapsalon with fish or chicken but served on a plate instead of in a disposable fastfood tray. The dish is fashionable in Nepal as of 2017 with people taking photos and a food blogger with 18 000 followers describing the dish as "a party in her mouth with her favorite tastes".[6]

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