Kappa Phi Kappa (ΚΦΚ) is a professional fraternity for students in Education. It was organized in 1922 at Dartmouth College.[3] It currently has one remaining active chapter, at Ohio State University.[4]


Kappa Phi Kappa was founded at Dartmouth as a Men's Professional Fraternity in 1922. It was incorporated on April 25, 1922, in New Hampshire, by Riverda H. Jordan, Arthur Wright, Adam C. Gilliland, James G. Stevens, Wesley R. Jones, and Thomas J. Byrne. Unlike other fraternities, the incorporation of the national body preceded the organization of local chapters. February 28, 1922 is celebrated as Founders' Day as it was on that day that the first meeting to work out the detailed plans for the organization was held.[3]

The Ohio State University chapter was formed from a chapter of Sigma Delta Sigma, a fraternity with similar aims with two chapters in 1928. In 1933, the Executive Board of Kappa Phi Kappa invited representatives from six institutions together to form Kappa Delta Epsilon, a Women's Professional Sorority.[5] In 1957, it had 37 active chapters, 28 inactive, in 1963, it had 40 active chapters, 28 inactive.[1] By 2016, Ohio State University was the only remaining active chapter.


Membership was originally limited to white male students who took courses in the Department of Education including graduate students and faculty. Provision was made for alumni and honorary membership. It admitted members belong to undergraduate Greek Letter Fraternities and did not bar members from belong to honorary or graduate organizations.[6]

By 1968 (perhaps long before), membership had been open to all races, and the fraternity is now open to both genders.[7]


The general distribution magazine for Kappa Phi Kappa was the "Open Book Magazine of Kappa Phi Kappa" and was published quarterly. Additionally, the house organ "Closed Book" is circulated only among undergraduate members.


The badge is in the form of a key displaying an open book in dull gold with the letters ΚΦΚ in black enamel in relief across the pages of the book. The colors of the fraternity are Green and white, the flower is the white carnation.[3]


Chapters include the following: (Note, Omega chapter-at-large for those people who become members but are not affiliated with an individual college campus)[3]

Chapter School Year Chartered Known dates of inactivity
Alpha Dartmouth College 1922 1937-1950
Beta Lafayette College 1922
Gamma University of Maine 1923
Delta Colby College 1923 1937-
Epsilon Gettysburg College 1923
Zeta Allegheny College 1923 1937-1950
Eta Wittenberg University 1923
Theta Millikin University 1924 1936-
Iota Emory and Henry College 1924 1950-1951
Kappa Birmingham–Southern College 1924
Lambda University of Pennsylvania 1924
Mu Middlebury College 1925 1939-
Nu Syracuse University 1925
Xi Miami University 1925
Omicron Washington and Lee University 1925 1936-
Pi College of William & Mary 1925 1936-
Rho Drake University 1925 1936-
Sigma Wake Forest University 1926 1936-
Tau University of Pittsburgh 1926
Upsilon University of Rochester 1926 1936-
Phi Hamline University 1926 1954
Chi Teachers College, Columbia University 1927
Psi Muhlenberg College 1927 1953-
Alpha Alpha Temple University 1927
Alpha Beta Pennsylvania State University 1927 1950-1951
Alpha Gamma University of Vermont 1927
Alpha Delta Centre College 1927 1929-
Alpha Epsilon Emory University 1927 1954-
Alpha Zeta Boston University 1928 1937-
Alpha Eta Ohio State University 1928 ACTIVE
Alpha Theta Colgate University 1928 1946-
Alpha Iota Howard University 1929
Alpha Kappa University of Maryland 1929 1936-
Alpha Lambda University of Florida 1929 1935-
Alpha Mu Mercer University 1929
Alpha Nu University of Illinois 1929 1935-
Alpha Xi Bucknell University 1930
Alpha Omicron New York University 1930
Alpha Pi University of South Carolina 1947
Alpha Rho College of Wooster 1930 1932-1935,1939-
Alpha Sigma North Carolina State University 1931 1935-1939
Alpha Tau Illinois State University 1931 1939-
Alpha Upsilon Southern Illinois University Carbondale 1932 1939-
Alpha Phi Cornell University 1934 1956-
Alpha Chi Rutgers University 1934 1946-1948, 1955-
Alpha Psi Louisiana State University 1934
Alpha Omega ???
Beta Alpha Coe College 1937 1939-
Beta Beta Moravian College 1937
Beta Gamma ???
Beta Delta ???
Beta Epsilon Peabody Institute 1940
Beta Zeta Point Loma Nazarene University 1948
Beta Eta Jacksonville State University 1948
Beta Theta State University of New York at Oswego 1949 1953-
Beta Iota Southern Methodist University 1949 1952-
Beta Kappa Arizona State University 1950
Beta Lambda Villanova University 1950
Beta Mu Furman University 1951
Beta Nu Clemson University 1951
Beta Xi Texas Tech University 1952 1954-
Beta Omicron Virginia State University 1953 1953-
Beta Pi Duquesne University 1954
Beta Rho American University 1954
Beta Sigma Idaho State University 1954
Beta Tau Saint Louis University 1955
Beta Upsilon University of Georgia 1956
Beta Phi Southern University 1956
Beta Chi Georgia Southern University 1957
Beta Psi Montana State University Billings 158
Beta Omega ???
Gamma Alpha Saint Michael's College 1960
Gamma Beta Johnson State College 1962
Gamma Gamma Louisiana College 1965
Gamma Delta Boston College 1967
Gamma Epsilon ???
Gamma Zeta California University of Pennsylvania 1969


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