Kappa Eta Kappa (ΚΗΚ) is a co-ed professional fraternity nationally recognized in the USA that was founded in 1923 at the University of Iowa.[1] KHK requires that members are majoring or will major in electrical engineering, computer engineering or computer science.


The preamble to the constitution of KHK states the principles of the organization.

"Believing that the attainment of education as well as technical training is the aim of all true engineers, we band ourselves together to foster and promote fraternal relationships among electrical engineering students; to strive at all times for the maintenance of a complete and lasting understanding and fellowship between faculty and students; to unceasingly cherish and develop the character and ideals of service as the necessary attributes of the profession."[2]


After the founding of the Alpha chapter at Iowa in 1923, other chapters were quickly added. There were five chapters that closed because of World War II.

Currently there are four active chapters:

There are five chapters that are inactive:


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