Kappa Delta Epsilon (ΚΔΕ) is a professional fraternity for students in Education. It was organized on March 25, 1933.[1][3]


On March 25, 1933, at the invitation of the Executive Council of Kappa Phi Kappa, professional educational fraternity, representatives from six institutions met in Washington, DC and formed a national honorary professional education organization for women. The movement was sponsored by the following National Officers of Kappa Phi Kappa: Dean Will Grant Chambers of Pennsylvania State College, Professor Fredrick Henke of Allegheny College, and Dr. Arthur Wright; all National Officers of Kappa Phi Kappa fraternity.[1]

The founding delegates were:

The Organization, then called sorority, was incorporated under the laws of Georgia in August 1935.


  • 1935 - The first issue of the magazine of the sorority, THE CIRCLE OF KAPPA DELTA EPSILON, was edited by the National Secretary Miss Mary D. Webb.[1]
  • 1936 - A policy of having THE CIRCLE published by the various chapters on a rotating basis was begun. Cornell Chapter initiated the policy.
  • 1947 - At the National Convention at Gettysburg, THE CIRCLE was replaced by THE KAPPA DELTA EPSILON CURRENT


Chapters include the following.[1]

Chapter School City Year Chartered Status
Alpha Allegheny College Meadville, Pennsylvania 1933 Inactive
Beta Birmingham-Southern College Birmingham, Alabama 1933 Inactive
Gamma Cornell University Ithaca, New York 1933 Inactive
Delta Atlanta Area Alumni Atlanta, Georgia 1933 Active
Epsilon Illinois State University Normal, Illinois 1933 Active
Zeta Temple University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1933 Inactive
Eta Hamline University St. Paul, Minnesota 1936 Inactive
Theta Bucknell University Lewisburg, Pennsylvania 1938 Inactive
Iota Gettysburg College Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 1939 Inactive
Kappa Mercer University Macon, Georgia 1940 Active
Lambda Millsaps College Jackson, Mississippi 1941 Inactive
Mu Mississippi University for Women Columbus, Mississippi 1946 Inactive
Nu Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, Arizona 1950 Inactive
Xi Emory and Henry College Emory, Virginia 1950 Inactive
Omicron Birmingham Southern Alumni Birmingham, Alabama 1950 Active
Pi University of South Carolina Columbia, South Carolina 1950 Inactive
Rho Belhaven College Jackson, Mississippi 1950 Active
Sigma Furman University Greenville, South Carolina 1951 Inactive
Tau University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1952 Inactive
Upsilon New York University New York, New York 1952 Inactive
Phi Southern Connecticut State University New Haven, Connecticut 1953 Inactive
Chi Jacksonville State University Jacksonville, Alabama 1954 Inactive
Psi Point Loma College San Diego, California 1954 Inactive
Omega Samford University Birmingham, Alabama 1954 Inactive
Alpha Alpha Idaho State University Pocatello, Idaho 1954 Inactive
Alpha Beta Columbia College Columbia, South Carolina 1955 Active
Alpha Gamma The American University Washington, DC 1955 Inactive
Alpha Delta University of South Carolina Alumni Columbia, South Carolina 1955 Inactive
Alpha Epsilon University of Georgia Athens, Georgia 1956 Active
Alpha Zeta Limestone College Gaffney, South Carolina 1956 Inactive
Alpha Eta Wittenberg University Springfield, Ohio 1956 Inactive
Alpha Theta Moravian College Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 1957 Inactive
Alpha Iota Samford University Alumni Birmingham, Alabama 1958 Active
Alpha Kappa Duquesne University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1958 Active
Alpha Lambda Georgia Southern College Statesboro, Georgia 1958 Inactive
Alpha Mu Peabody College Nashville, Tennessee 1958 Inactive
Alpha Nu Eastern Montana College Billings, Montana 1959 Inactive
Alpha Xi Emory University Atlanta, Georgia 1959 Inactive
Alpha Omicron Wesleyan College Macon, Georgia 1959 Inactive
Alpha Pi Philadelphia Area Alumni Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1960 Active
Alpha Rho State University of New York at Albany Albany, New York 1960 Inactive
Alpha Sigma University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1961 Active
Alpha Tau Johnson State College Johnson, Vermont 1963 Inactive
Alpha Upsilon Louisiana College Pineville, Louisiana 1965 Inactive
Alpha Phi Macon Area Alumni Macon, Georgia 1965 Inactive
Alpha Chi University of Maine Gorham, Maine 1966 Inactive
Alpha Psi Boston College Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 1968 Inactive
Alpha Omega Miami University Oxford, Ohio 1968 Inactive
Beta Alpha State University of New York at Plattsburgh Plattsburgh, New York 1968 Inactive
Beta Beta Georgia State University Atlanta, Georgia 1968 Inactive
Beta Gamma Loyola University Chicago, Illinois 1968 Inactive
Beta Delta Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1969 Active
Beta Epsilon California University of Pennsylvania California, Pennsylvania 1970 Inactive
Beta Zeta Dunbarton College of Holy Cross Washington, DC 1970 Inactive
Beta Eta Gorham Area Alumni Gorham, Maine 1974 Inactive
Beta Theta New Haven Area Alumni New Haven, Connecticut 1974 Inactive
Beta Iota University of Alabama at Birmingham Birmingham, Alabama 1975 Active
Beta Kappa Carlow University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1975 Active
Beta Lambda Southern University Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1975 Inactive
Beta Mu Franciscan University of Steubenville Steubenville, Ohio 1978 Inactive
Beta Nu Greesnburg Area Alumni Greensburg, Pennsylvania 1979 Inactive
Beta Xi Duquesne University Alumni Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1980 Inactive
Beta Omicron Mercer University (Atlanta Campus) Atlanta, Georgia 1982 Inactive
Beta Pi Clark Atlanta University Atlanta, Georgia 1982 Inactive
Beta Rho Judson College Marion, Alabama 1982 Active
Beta Sigma University of Alabama Alumni Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1982 Inactive
Beta Tau Universidad Regiomontana Monterrey, Mexico 1982 Inactive
Beta Upsilon University of Mobile Mobile, Alabama 1982 Inactive
Beta Phi Washington DC Area Alumni Washington, DC 1983 Inactive
Beta Chi Louisiana State University Alumni Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1985 Inactive
Beta Psi Spelman College Atlanta, Georgia 1986 Active
Beta Omega University of Alabama at Birmingham Alumni Birmingham, Alabama 1986 Active
Gamma Alpha Alice Lloyd College Pippa Passes, Kentucky 1988 Inactive
Gamma Beta Jacksonville State University Alumni Jacksonville, Alabama 1988 Inactive
Gamma Gamma Caldwell College Caldwell, New Jersey 1990 Active
Gamma Delta University of Nevada at Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada 1990 Inactive
Gamma Epsilon Fort Valley State College Fort Valley, Georgia 1990 Active
Gamma Zeta Centenary College Hackettstown, New Jersey 1991 Active
Gamma Eta Mississippi Gulf Coast Area Alumni Pascagoula, Mississippi 1991 Inactive
Gamma Theta Huntingdon College Montgomery, Alabama 1992 Active
Gamma Iota Clarksville Area Alumni Huntsville, Alabama 1992 Inactive
Gamma Kappa Huntsville Area Alumni Huntsville, Alabama 1992 Inactive
Gamma Lambda Palm Beach Atlantic University West Palm Beach, Florida 1992 Active
Gamma Mu Central Michigan University Mount Pleasant, Michigan 1993 Active
Gamma Nu Alabama A & M University Normal, Alabama 1993 Inactive
Gamma Xi University of the Incarnate Word San Antonio, Texas 1993 Active
Gamma Omicron Washington and Jefferson College Washington, Pennsylvania 1994 Active
Gamma Pi Hillsdale College Hillsdale, Michigan 1994 Inactive
Gamma Rho Fort Valley State University Fort Valley, Georgia 1994 Inactive
Gamma Sigma Thomasville Georgia Area Alumni Thomasville, Georgia 1996 Inactive
Gamma Tau Jackson Area Alumni Jackson, Mississippi 1996 Active
Gamma Upsilon La Roche College Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1997 Active
Gamma Phi Rhodes College Memphis, Tennessee 1998 Inactive
Gamma Chi Converse College Spartanburg, South Carolina 1998 Inactive
Gamma Psi Our Lady of the Lake University San Antonio, Texas 1998 Inactive
Gamma Omega Sierra Nevada College Incline Village, Nevada 1998 Inactive
Delta Alpha Georgia Regents University Augusta, Georgia 1999 Active
Delta Beta Chestnut Hill College Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2000 Active
Delta Gamma Charlotte Area Alumni Charlotte, North Carolina 2003 Active
Delta Delta Norfolk State University Norfolk, Virginia 2003 Inactive
Delta Epsilon University of New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana 2006 Active
Delta Zeta Florida SouthWestern State College Fort Myers, Florida 2009 Active
Delta Eta University of the Pacific Stockton, California 2010 Active
Delta Theta Cincinnati Area Alumni Cincinnati, Ohio 2016 Active


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