Kappa Beta Gamma (ΚΒΓ) was founded at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The sorority is recruiting both inactive and new chapters to expand the sorority's ideals and provide more leadership opportunities for women.


In 1916, twelve women of Marquette University founded the first sorority on the campus. These twelve worked enthusiastically toward their goal and on January 22, 1917, Kappa Beta Gamma was founded at Marquette University. Their purpose was to unite the members in the bond of sisterhood; to develop friendships among the members during their college days, to improve the members morally, socially, and intellectually, and to perpetuate the support of college university, alma mater and of God and country. The first officers of this group were:

  • Teresa Jermain (President)
  • Myra Thewalt (Vice-President)
  • Jeannie Lee (Secretary)
  • Mary Weimar (Treasurer)

Mary Weimar was also the designer of the Kappa pin.

Kappa Beta Gamma grew throughout the years. As a local group on the Marquette campus, the members of Kappa Beta Gamma were first in intellectual pursuits and social activities. However, many of the members expressed interest in expanding onto other university campuses. On May 14, 1947, Founders Day, the dream of many years became a reality when Alpha Chapter was installed at Saint Louis University; St. Louis, Missouri. The chapter at Marquette University became known as Beta Chapter.

On April 2, 2011, Kappa Beta Gamma became an International Sorority when the Upsilon Chapter [1] was added at the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia.


The official colors are blue and gold. The star is the symbol, while the official flower is the forget-me-not. KBG has 2 official jewels, the blue sapphire and white pearl.


Preamble to the National Constitution is as follows: "Realizing the benefits to the college woman arising from sisterly relationships, we do hereby establish this social sorority, for the purpose of improving its members morally, socially, and intellectually."

National Song

When the sunshine falls all golden on a mist of silvery hue
There's a chain of friendship woven around a chosen few
No others could compare to the memories we have shared
Our hearts will always remember the friendships we have known
When our college days have ended and we bid our fond farewell
On you Kappa Beta Gamma our hearts will ever dwell


ΚΒΓ National Headquarters are located in Detroit, Michigan. The first National Officers were chosen from the Beta Chapter and were elected to a two-year term. These officers were:

  • Georgia Klein (President)
  • Ann Calla (Vice-President)
  • Gertrude Cobbeen (Secretary)
  • Gloria Oberst (Treasurer)


Active chapters:

Inactive chapters are:


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