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Kang Boo-ja (born February 8, 1941) is a South Korean actress. Kang was studying Korean Language and Literature at Chungnam National University when she dropped out to pursue acting. She made her acting debut in 1962 and has been active on Korean stage, television and film for more than five decades.[1][2][3][4]

She took a non-degree National Policy Course at Seoul National University's Graduate School of Public Administration, and entered politics in 1992. Kang was elected as a lawmaker in the 14th National Assembly.[5][6][7][8][9]


Television series

Year Title Role Network
1962 구두창과 트위스트 KBS
1964 Family Romance TBC
1965 Hanyang Nanggun TBC
Jung-kyung's Wife TBC
1966 The Second Wife TBC
Live As I Please TBC
Today's King TBC
1967 The Swish of a Skirt TBC
1969 혼인줄이 막혔나봐 TBC
Damo Gidam Peng Soon-deok TBC
1970 Lonely Road TBC
Ok-nyeo TBC
Ajumma TBC
Ahohji TBC
Two Men TBC
Pigeon Family TBC
Noona (Older Sister) TBC
꿈은 좋았는데 Mrs. Shim TBC
1971 알뜰부인 덜렁부인 TBC
그런 부인을 두고 TBC
너는 약자 TBC
Tale of the Yangban TBC
1972 Evergreen Tree TBC
Only Son TBC
Secret TBC
Samryong the Mute TBC
1973 여보정선달 TBC
Yeon-hwa Min Tae-ho's wife TBC
1974 Queen Inmok TBC
Yoon Ji-kyung TBC
1975 Two Husbands TBC
Detective TBC
Two Siblings TBC
1976 Byeoldang Lady TBC
Wedding March TBC
1977 Door of Happiness KBS
Blue Thread, Red Thread TBC
1978 칸나의 뜰 TBC
Covenant TBC
Thousand Year Old Lake TBC
Mother's River TBC
1979 야 곰례야 TBC
Grand Tale of Chunhyang TBC
Couples: Unconditional Love Park In-sook TBC
1980 Uinyeo Misa TBC
Daldongne TBC
Glow TBC
Candle TBC
1981 Maecheon Yarok
(Memoirs of a Thousand Events)
Hwangnyongsa KBS
Promised Land KBS
1982 Bukcheong Muljangsu KBS
1983 Sanyuhwa KBS
Baek-jo's Wife Seo Jin-sook KBS
1984 딸이 더 좋아 KBS
TV Tale of Chunhyang Hyangdan KBS2
1985 Hometown KBS
1986 You're Right Elder Song's wife KBS2
1987 Yearning Song KBS2
Stranger Mrs. Kim KBS2
1988 Sand Castle Jang Young-joo MBC
500 Years of Joseon:
Memoirs of Lady Hyegyeong
Queen Inwon MBC
1989 절반의 실패 Mother KBS2
Hurt MBC
1990 Copper Ring KBS2
Betrayal of the Rose Lee Eun-soo MBC
Ambitious Times Lady Ahn, Hyung-sub's mother KBS2
My Mother MBC
1991 What Is Love Sung-sook MBC
1992 Thorn Flower MBC
The Chemistry Is Right Ahn Eung-seok's mother SBS
1993 Our Hot Song Mrs. Park SBS
Wandering Soul KBS1
1994 The Lonely Man Jang Soon-ja KBS2
1995 Men of the Bath House Lee Ki-ja KBS2
1996 Temptation KBS
1997 Hometown of Legends "Servant's Smile" Nanny KBS2
Because I Really Lee Ok-bong KBS2
Sea of Ambition Ms. Jo KBS2
1998 I Love You, I Love You SBS
My Love by My Side Do Ok-sun KBS1
Crush KBS2
1999 Love In 3 Colors Park Ok-nam KBS2
Sweet Bride Chun Jung-soon SBS
2000 Fireworks Madam Noh SBS
Juliet's Man Baek Boo-ja SBS
2001 Twins KBS2
Way of Living: Couple Shim Ok-joo SBS
This Is Love Na Eum-jeon KBS1
2002 Jang Hee-bin Queen Jangnyeol KBS2
2003 Dal-joong's Cinderella Bok-hee KBS2
Yellow Handkerchief Yoon Ja-young's maternal grandmother KBS1
Like a Flowing River Young-wook's grandmother SBS
Rooftop Room Cat Lee Kyung-hee MBC
Garden of Eve Ms. Song SBS
Perfect Love Jang Hye-ja SBS
2004 My Lovely Family Lee Jeom-soon KBS1
Choice Park Ok-ran SBS
2005 A Farewell to Sorrow Hwang Keum-sil KBS2
Our Stance on How to Treat a Break-up Madam Ok Geum-joo MBC
Hanoi Bride Park Eun-woo's mother SBS
2006 I'll Go with You Ms. Park SBS
2007 A Happy Woman Son Young-soon KBS2
Salt Doll Ms. Lee, Park Yeon-woo's mother SBS
When Spring Comes Hometown restaurant granny KBS2
Thank You Kang Gook-ja MBC
2008 Mom's Dead Upset[10] Na I-seok KBS2
I Love You, Don't Cry Im Young-soon MBC
2009 Good Job, Good Job Yoon Ok-rae MBC
Three Men Jung Woong-in's mother tvN
2011 Indomitable Daughters-in-Law Choi Mak-nyeo MBC
Can't Lose (guest appearance) MBC
2012 My Husband Got a Family[11] Jeon Mak-rye KBS
2013 Thrice Married Woman Son Bosal SBS
2014 My Spring Days Na Hyun-soon MBC


Year Title Role
1996 Let Me Just Touch
1967 One-sided Love of Princess
A Full Danger
Three Swordsmen of Iljimae
1969 Rang
March of a Wife
Winter Woman
Mrs. Wonnim
1970 Gu Bong-seo's Marriage Plan
1971 Sergeant Kim's Return from Vietnam Mal-sook
1974 Yeonhwa
Yeonhwa 2
1976 Mother
1979 We Took the Night Train
1983 Wife
1991 Love and Tears
2003 The Crescent Moon Grandmother
Ogu: Hilarious Mourning Grandma Hwang

Variety/radio show

Year Title Network Notes
1980-1992 Hello, This Is Hwang In-yong and Kang Boo-ja KBS Radio 1 DJ
1992 Morning Journal with Kang Boo-ja BBS DJ
1993 Environment Diary KBS Radio 1 DJ
Towards the Equinox BBS Host
1997 Hello, This Is Kang Boo-ja and Kang Seok-woo KBS Radio 1 DJ


Year Title Role Reprised
1997 Ogu[12][13][14] Grandma Hwang 2008, 2010, 2014
2009 3 Days and 2 Nights with Mom[15] Mom/Mrs. Choi 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
2011 Sanbul (Forest Fire)[16][3] Ms. Yang

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
1971 TBC Drama Awards Best Supporting Actress Won
1973 1st Hwalran Broadcasting and Culture Awards Only Son Won
1977 13th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actress (TV) Wedding March Won
1979 TBC Drama Awards Grand Prize (Daesang) Won
1996 KBS Drama Awards Grand Prize (Daesang) Men of the Bath House Won
1999 KBS Drama Awards Achievement Award Won
2008 2nd Korea Drama Awards[17] Achievement Award Nominated
2009 5th Golden Ticket Awards Best Actress in a Play 3 Days and 2 Nights with Mom Won
2011 7th Golden Ticket Awards Best Actress in a Play Won
MBC Drama Awards[18] Achievement Award Indomitable Daughters-in-Law Won
2012 8th Golden Ticket Awards[19] Best Actress in a Play 3 Days and 2 Nights with Mom Won


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