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The Justice and Development Party, JDP (Arabic: حزب العدالة والتنمية‎; Berber: Akabar en Tnezzarfut ed Tneflit, KNN; French: Parti de la justice et du développement, PJD) is the party that has led the executive branch of the government of Morocco
since 29 November 2011. The JDP (or PJD) advocates Islamism
and Islamic democracy.


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History[edit] PJD was founded by Abdelkrim al-Khatib, one of the founders of the Popular Movement party, from which he was expelled in the mid-1960s, under the name of MPDC (French: Mouvement populaire démocratique et constitutionnel, the "Popular Democratic and Constitutional Movement").[5] The party was an empty shell for many years, until various members of a clandestine association Chabiba islamia, who later formed the MUR (French: Mouvement unité et réforme, the "Unity and Reform Movement") joined the party, with the authorisation and encouragement of former Interior Minister Driss Basri. It later changed its name to current PJD in 1998. The party won eight seats in the parliamentary election in 1997.[6] In the parliamentary election held on 27 September 2002, the party won 42 out of 325 seats,[6] winning most of the districts where it fielded candidates. Its secretary-general since 2004 was Saadeddine Othmani, MP representing Mohammedia. In the parliamentary election held on 7 September 2007, the PJD won 43 out of 325 seats,[7] behind the Istiqlal Party, which won 52. This was contrary to expectations that the PJD would win the most seats.[8] However, the party had limited number of candidates in the election.[7] Abdelilah Benkirane
Abdelilah Benkirane
was elected leader of the PJD in July 2008, taking over from Saadeddine Othmani.[9] Having won a plurality of seats (107 seats) in the November 2011 parliamentary election,[10][11] the party formed a coalition with three parties that had been part of previous governments, and Abdelilah Benkirane
Abdelilah Benkirane
was appointed Prime Minister of Morocco
on 29 November 2011.[12][13] His new government has targeted average economic growth of 5.5 percent a year during its four-year mandate, and to reduce the jobless rate to 8 percent by the end of 2016 from 9.1 percent at the start of 2012.[13] Benkirane's government has also actively pursued Morocco’s ties with the European Union, its chief trade partner, as well as becoming increasingly engaged with the six-member Gulf Co-operation Council. Ideology[edit] PJD is an Islamist conservative democrat party crucially supporting Moroccan monarchy. PJD disavows violence, terrorism and seeks to defend Morocco’s Islamic identity through legislative means. According to The Washington Post, Saadeddine Othmani
Saadeddine Othmani
is a moderate Muslim.[6][14] According to a paper published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the PJD has placed economic and legal issues at the core of its platform and is committed to internal democracy.[15] The party's stated platform includes:[16]

Education reform and reestablishment. Economic partnerships with other countries. Enhancement of democracy and human rights. Encouraging investment. Greater Arab and Muslim unity.

Electoral results[edit] Moroccan Parliament[edit]

House of Representatives

Election year # of overall votes % of overall vote # of overall seats won +/– Leader

1977 625,786 (#3) 12.40

44 / 264


Abdelkrim al-Khatib

1984 69,862 (#8) 1.6

0 / 301


Abdelkrim al-Khatib

1993 Non-presented -

0 / 333



1997 264,324 (#10) 4.1

9 / 325


Abdelkrim al-Khatib

2002 ? (#3) 12.92

42 / 325


Abdelkrim al-Khatib

2007 503,396 (#2) 10.9

46 / 325


Saadeddine Othmani

2011 1,080,914 (#1) 22.8

107 / 395


Abdelilah Benkirane

2016 (#1) 31.65

125 / 395


Abdelilah Benkirane


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Abdelilah Benkirane
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