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June Alexandra Croft (born 17 June 1963) is an English former freestyle swimmer who represented her Great Britain at three consecutive Summer Olympics, starting in 1980. At her Olympic debut in Moscow, she won the silver medal in the women's 4×100-metre medley relay, followed by the bronze in the women's 400-metre freestyle four years later at the 1984 Summer Olympics
1984 Summer Olympics
in Los Angeles. See also[edit]

List of Olympic medalists in swimming (women) List of Commonwealth Games
Commonwealth Games
medallists in swimming (women)


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Commonwealth champions in women's 100 m freestyle

1930–1934: 100 yards 1938–1966: 110 yards 1970–2014: 100 metres

1930: Joyce Cooper
Joyce Cooper
(ENG) 1934: Phyllis Dewar (CAN) 1938: Evelyn de Lacy
Evelyn de Lacy
(AUS) 1950: Marjorie McQuade (AUS) 1954: Lorraine Crapp
Lorraine Crapp
(AUS) 1958: Dawn Fraser
Dawn Fraser
(AUS) 1962: Dawn Fraser
Dawn Fraser
(AUS) 1966: Marion Lay (CAN) 1970: Angela Coughlan (CAN) 1974: Sonya Gray (AUS) 1978: Carol Klimpel (CAN) 1982: June Croft (ENG) 1986: Jane Kerr (CAN) 1990: Karen van Wirdum (AUS) 1994: Karen Pickering (ENG) 1998: Sue Rolph (ENG) 2002: Jodie Henry (AUS) 2006: Libby Lenton (AUS) 2010: Alicia Coutts
Alicia Coutts
(AUS) 2014: Cate Campbell
Cate Campbell
(AUS) 2018: Bronte Campbell
Bronte Campbell

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Commonwealth Champions in Women's 200 m Freestyle

1970: Karen Moras
Karen Moras
(AUS) 1974: Sonya Gray (AUS) 1978: Rebecca Perrott (NZL) 1982: June Croft (ENG) 1986: Susie Baumer (AUS) 1990: Hayley Lewis
Hayley Lewis
(AUS) 1994 – 1998: Susie O'Neill (AUS) 2002: Karen Pickering (ENG) 2006: Caitlin McClatchey
Caitlin McClatchey
(SCO) 2010: Kylie Palmer (AUS) 2014: Emma McKeon
Emma McKeon
(AUS) 2018: Taylor Ruck (CAN)

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Commonwealth champions in women's 4×100 m freestyle relay

1930: 4×100 yards 1934–1966: 4×110 yards 1970–2010: 4×100 metres

1930: England
(J. Cooper, D. Cooper, Joynes, Harding) 1934: Canada (Dewar, Humble, Hutton, Pirie) 1938: Canada (Oxenbury, Lyon, Baggaley, Dewar) 1950: Australia (Spencer, Norton, Davies, McQuade) 1954: South Africa (Loveday, Harrison, Petzer, Myburgh) 1958: Australia (Colquhoun, Fraser, Crapp, Morgan) 1962: Australia (Fraser, Bell, Thorn, Everuss) 1966: Canada (Tanner, Hughes, Kennedy, Lay) 1970: Australia (Cain, Langford, Watts, Watson) 1974: Canada (Jardin, Smith, Amundrud, Wright) 1978: Canada (Klimpel, Amundrud, Sloan, Quirk) 1982: England
(Gore, Willmott, Croft, Fibbens) 1986: Canada (Nugent, Kerr, Rai, Noall) 1990: Australia (Mullens, Wirdum, Curry-Kenny, O'Neill) 1994: Australia (Windsor, Lewis, Stevenson, O'Neill) 1998: Australia (Rooney, Denman, Thomas, O'Neill) 2002: Australia (Mills, Henry, Thomas, Ryan) 2006: Australia (Lenton, Henry, Mills, Reese) 2010: Australia (Coutts, Guehrer, Galvez, Seebohm) 2014: Australia (B. Campbell, Schlanger, McKeon, C. Campbell) 2018: Australia (Jack, B. Campbell, McKeon, C. Campbell)

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