Jun'ichi or Junichi is a masculine Japanese given name.

Possible writings

Junichi can be written using different kanji characters. "Ichi" is nearly always written with the character ("one") or its ''daiji'' (large numerals) form , while "jun" might be written with a variety of characters, including: *, "pure" *, "honest" *, "moisture" *, "standard" *, "obey" *, "approve" The name can also be written in hiragana or katakana.

People with the name

*, Japanese sumo wrestler *, Japanese sumo wrestler *, Japanese conductor *, Japanese diplomat *, Japanese singer *, Japanese footballer *, Japanese speed skater *, Japanese politician *, Japanese actor and producer *, Japanese artist, sculptor, and installation artist *, Japanese voice actor *, Japanese Go player *, Japanese rower *, Japanese Paralympic swimmer *, Japanese Nordic combined skier *, Japanese three-cushion billiards player *, Japanese animator *, Japanese video game composer *, Japanese footballer *, Japanese swimmer *, Japanese graphic artist and fashion designer *, Japanese video game composer *, Japanese engineer *, Japanese singer and actor *Juniti Saito (born 1942), Brazilian Air Force general *, Japanese naval aviator *, Japanese anime director *, Japanese kickboxer *Junichi P. Semitsu (born 1973), American professor of law *, Japanese voice actor *, Japanese voice actor *, Japanese baseball player *, Japanese computer scientist *, Japanese long jumper *, Japanese writer *, Japanese astronomer *, Japanese footballer *Junichi Yamakawa, author of Kuso Miso Technique *, Japanese voice actor *, Japanese poet

Fictional characters

*Junichi Kawanaka (純一), a pitcher in the manga ''One Outs'' *Jun'ichi Tsubaki (純一), a character in the manga ''Rockin' Heaven'' *Jun'ichi Nagase, a main character in the anime ''Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka'' *Jun'ichi Aikawa, a hero character in the anime ''Choujuu Sentai Liveman''

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