A jubilee is a particular anniversary of an event, usually denoting the 25th, 40th, 50th, 60th, and the 70th anniversary. The term is often now used to denote the celebrations associated with the reign of a monarch after a milestone number of years have passed.

Religious usage

The Jubilee ( he, יובל ''yovel'') year (every 50th year) and the Sabbatical year (every seventh year) are Biblical commandments concerning ownership of land and slaves. The laws concerning the Sabbatical year are still observed by many religious Jews in the State of Israel, while the Jubilee has not been observed for many centuries. According to the
Hebrew Bible The Hebrew Bible or Tanakh (;"Tanach"
'' Roman Catholic Roman or Romans most often refers to: *Rome , established_title = Founded , established_date = 753 BC , founder = King Romulus ( legendary) , image_map = Map of comune of Rome (metropolitan city of Capital Ro ...
tradition, a Jubilee is a year of remission of sins and also the punishment due to sin.

Terms for anniversaries

* Silver jubilee, for a 25th anniversary. * Ruby jubilee, for a 40th anniversary. *
Golden jubilee A golden jubilee marks a 50th anniversary. It variously is applied to people, events, and nations. Bangladesh In Bangladesh Bangladesh (}, ), officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh, is a country in South Asia South ...
, for a 50th anniversary. * Diamond jubilee, for a 60th anniversary. * Sapphire jubilee, for a 65th anniversary. *
Platinum jubilee A platinum jubilee is a celebration held to mark an anniversary. Among Monarchy, monarchies, it usually refers to a 70th anniversary. The most recent monarch to celebrate a platinum jubilee is Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and th ...
, for a 70th anniversary. These are also used as general terms in the modern world.

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