''Juan'' is a given name, the Spanish and Manx versions of '' John''. It is very common in
Spain , * gl, Reino de España, * oc, Reiaume d'Espanha, , , image_flag = Bandera de España.svg , image_coat = Escudo de España (mazonado).svg , national_motto = , national_anthem = , image_map = , map_caption = , image_ ...
and in other Spanish-speaking communities around the world and in the
Philippines The Philippines (; fil, Pilipinas or ''Filipinas'' ), officially the Republic of the Philippines ( fil, Republika ng Pilipinas), * bik, Republika kan Filipinas * ceb, Republika sa Pilipinas * cbk, República de Filipinas * hil, Republik ...
, and also (pronounced differently) in the
Isle of Man ) , anthem = " O Land of Our Birth" , image = Isle of Man by Sentinel-2.jpg , image_map = Europe-Isle_of_Man.svg , mapsize = 290px , map_alt = Location of the Isle of Man in Europe , map_caption = Location of the Isle of Man (green) in ...
. In Spanish, the diminutive form (equivalent to ''Johnny'') is , with feminine form (comparable to ''Jane'', ''Joan'', or ''Joanna'') , and feminine diminutive (equivalent to ''Janet'', ''Janey'', ''Joanie'', etc.). Some Chinese terms, one of which is sometimes used as a feminine given name, are sometimes also transliterated , though again pronounced differently.

Chinese terms

* ( or 娟, 隽) 'beautiful, graceful' is a common given name for Chinese women. * () The
Chinese character Chinese characters, also called ''Hanzi'' (), are logograms developed for the writing of Chinese. They have been adapted to write other East-Asian languages, and remain a key component of the Japanese writing system The modern Jap ...
, which in Mandarin is almost homophonic with the characters for the female name, is a division of a traditional Chinese manuscript or book and can be translated as 'fascicle', 'scroll', 'chapter', or 'volume'.

Notable people

* Juan Acevedo, Mexican baseball pitcher * Juan Alberto Belloch, Spanish politician and mayor of
Zaragoza Zaragoza, also known in English as Saragossa, is the capital city of the Province of Zaragoza, Zaragoza province and of the autonomous communities of Spain, autonomous community of Aragon, Spain. It lies by the Ebro river and its tributaries, the ...
Juan Almeida Bosque
Juan Almeida Bosque
, Cuban politician and one of the original commanders of the Cuban Revolution * Juan Andrés y Morell, Spanish writer and historian * Juan de Arraçola, colonial governor of
Spanish Florida Spanish Florida ( es, La Florida) was the first major European land claim and attempted settlement in North America during the European Age of Discovery The Age of Discovery, or the Age of Exploration (sometimes also, particularly regionally, Age ...
1612–1613 * Juan Nekai Babauta, former governor of the
Northern Mariana Islands ) , anthem_link = List of U.S. state songs , image_map = Northern Mariana Islands on the globe (Southeast Asia centered) (small islands magnified).svg , map_alt = Location of the Northern Mariana Islands , map_caption = Location of the Nort ...

Northern Mariana Islands
* Juan Bosch, first 'cleanly' elected president of Dominican Republic *
Juan Carlos I of Spain Juan Carlos I (;, * ca, Joan Carles I, * gl, Xoán Carlos I, Juan Carlos Alfonso Víctor María de Borbón y Borbón, born 5 January 1938) is a member of the Spanish royal family who reigned as King of Spain from November 1975 until his ...
, King of Spain 1975–2014 * Juan Carlos Onetti, Uruguayan author * Juan Castro, Mexican baseball infielder * Juan Chioran, Argentine-Canadian actor * Juan Corona (1934–2019), Mexican serial killer * Juan Cruz (baseball), Juan Cruz (born 1978), Dominican baseball pitcher * Juan Cruz (director), Juan Cruz (born 1966), Spanish screenwriter and film director * Juan Aubín Cruz Manzano (born 1948), Puerto Rican politician and mayor of Manatí since 1977 * Juan R. Cruz (born 1946), Puerto Rican aerospace engineer at NASA * Juan Lazo Cruz (born 1977), Salvadoran football midfielder * Juan de la Cierva, Spanish civil engineer and pilot, inventor of the autogyro * Juan Debiedma, American computer game player * Juan Diego, first indigenous Roman Catholic saint from the Americas * Juan Domínguez (soccer), Juan Domínguez, Colombian footballer * Juan Domínguez (baseball), Juan Domínguez, Dominican baseball player * Juan Domínguez Lamas, Spanish footballer * Juan Domínguez Otaegui, Spanish footballer * Juan Carlos Domínguez, Juan Domínguez, Spanish road racing cyclist * Juan Domingo Perón, Argentine general and politician * Juan Dong, American Plant Molecular Biologisthttps://www.waksman.rutgers.edu/dong * Juan Encarnación, Dominican baseball player * Juan Manuel Eguiagaray, Spanish politician and academic * Juan Ponce Enrile, President of the Philippine Senate 2008–2013 * Juan Fontena, Chilean basketball player * Juan Gabriel, Mexican singer and songwriter * Juan González (baseball), Juan González, Puerto Rican baseball player * Juan Gris, Spanish painter * Juan Fernando Hermosa (1976-1996), Ecuadorian teenage serial killer * Juan Ignacio Cirac Sasturain, Spanish physicist * Juan Karlos Labajo, Filipino singer-songwriter * Juan Jesus, Brazilian footballer * Juan Leal, First Mayor of San Antonio, Texas * Juan Antonio Llorente, 18th-century historian * Juan Luis Vives, Spanish scholar and humanist * Juan Luis Arsuaga, Spanish paleontologist * Juan Ramón Jiménez, Spanish poet who received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1956 * Juan Manuel, Prince of Villena, Spanish medieval writer * Juan Manuel Blanes, Uruguayan painter * Juan Manuel Fangio, Argentine racing driver * Juan Manuel Santos, Colombian President * Juan Marichal, Dominican baseball player * Juan Martín del Potro, Argentine tennis player * Juan Mata, Spanish footballer who plays for English club Manchester United * Juan Mateo, Dominican baseball player * Juan Miro, Catalan painter * Juan Morillo (athlete), Juan Morillo (born 1972), Venezuelan sprinter * Juan Morillo (baseball), Juan Morillo (born 1983), Dominican baseball pitcher * Juan Pablo Montoya Roldán, Colombian racing driver * Juan Nicasio, Dominican baseball player * Juan Padilla (pitcher), Juan Padilla, Puerto Rican baseball pitcher * Juan Padilla (second baseman), Juan Padilla, Cuban baseball second baseman * Juan Pérez (pitcher), Juan Pérez (born 1978), Dominican baseball pitcher * Juan Pérez (outfielder), Juan Pérez (born 1986), Dominican baseball outfielder * Juan Perez (friar), Juan Pérez (died before 1513), Spanish Franciscan and companion of Christopher Columbus * Juan Perez (American politician), Juan Pérez (born 1956), American municipal politician and lawyer * Juan Pérez 'Kichi', Juan Pérez (born 1985), Mexican football player * Juan Pérez (handballer), Juan Pérez (born 1974), Spanish Olympic handball player * Juan Pérez Alsina, Argentine politician * Juan Pérez de Gijón (fl. 1460–1500), Spanish composer of the Renaissance * Juan Pérez de Montalbán (1602–1638), Spanish dramatist, poet and novelist * Juan Pérez de la Serna (1573–1631), seventh Archbishop of Mexico * Juan Perez de Zurita, Juan Pérez de Zurita (1516–c. 1595), Spanish conquistador * Juan José Pérez Hernández (c. 1725–1775), Spanish explorer * Juan Pérez (cyclist), Juan Pérez (born 1932), Chilean Olympic cyclist * Juan Carlos Pérez (born 1981), Bolivian trap shooter * Juan de Dios Pérez (born 1980), Panamanian footballer * Juan Manuel Pérez (born 1993), Argentine footballer * Juan David Pérez (born 1991), Colombian footballer * Juan Pérez Medina (born 1960), Mexican politician and educator * Juan Perón, President of Argentina * Juan Pierre, American baseball player * Juan Ponce de León, Spanish explorer * Juan Rincón, Venezuelan baseball pitcher * Juan Rivera (explorer), Juan Rivera (fl. 1765), Spanish explorer of North America * Juan Rivera (baseball), Juan Rivera (born 1978), Venezuelan baseball outfielder * Juan Rivera (wrongful conviction), Juan Rivera (born 1972), American wrongfully convicted three times of a rape and murder * Juan Rivera (singer), Juan Rivera, American singer and actor * Juan Rojas (died 1578), Catholic prelate * Juan Roman Riquelme, Argentine footballer * Juan Rosai (1940–2020), Italian-American pathologist * Juan Rulfo (1917–1986), Mexican author * Juan Sebastián Elcano, Spanish explorer * Juan Sebastián Verón, Argentine footballer * Juan Silveira dos Santos, Brazilian footballer * Juan Pablo Sorín (born 1976), Argentinian footballer * Juan Thornhill (born 1996), American football player * Juan Toscano, Mexican basketball player * Juan Trippe, founder of Pan American World Airways * Juan Uder (1927–2020), Argentine basketball player * Juan Uribe, Dominican baseball infielder * Juan Valdez (governor), Juan Valdez, colonial governor of Texas * Juan Vasquez (disambiguation), several people * Juan de Yepes Álvarez, Spanish poet and Catholic Saint (Saint John of the Cross)

Manx people with the name

* Juan Noa, poet * Juan Turner, politician, businessman, and media personality * Juan Watterson, politician

Fictional characters

* Don Juan, the main character of the Philippine story ''Ibong Adarna (mythology), Ibong Adarna'' * Juan (Pokémon), Juan, a character in the ''Pokémon'' universe * Juan Cabrillo (character), Juan Cabrillo, the main character of the book series Oregon Files * Juice Ortiz, Juan Carlos "Juice" Ortiz, a character of the ''Sons of Anarchy'' television series * Juan Crisóstomo Ibarra, the main character of Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tángere (novel), Noli Me Tángere * Juan Rico, a Filipino character from the novel ''Starship Troopers'' * Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez, a character from the Highlander (franchise)#Films, Highlander film series * Juan Tamad, a character in Philippine folklore * Juan Valdez a coffee branding character * Juan, a character in ''Barney and Friends'' * Juan, a character in ''The ABCs of Death''

See also

* Alternate forms for the name John * Don Juan (disambiguation) * João, the corresponding Portuguese name * Joan (first name), the corresponding Catalan name * Jean (male given name), the corresponding French name * John (given name), the corresponding English name * San Juan (disambiguation) * Tropical Storm Juan (disambiguation), a list of hurricanes, typhoons and storms named Juan * Juan Station, and Juan-dong, in Nam-gu, Incheon, South Korea * Jwan (disambiguation) * Juwan (disambiguation)


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