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The Journal of American Folklore
is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by the American Folklore
Society. Since 2003 this has been done on its behalf by the University of Illinois Press. The journal has been published since the society's founding in 1888. It publishes on a quarterly schedule and incorporates scholarly articles, essays, and notes relating to its field. It also includes reviews of books, exhibitions and events. Editors[edit] The following persons have been editor-in-chief of the journal:[1]

William Wells Newell (1888–1899), vols. 1-12 Alexander Francis Chamberlain (1900–1907), vols. 13-20 Franz Boas
Franz Boas
(1908–1924), vols. 21-37 Ruth Fulton Benedict
Ruth Fulton Benedict
(1925–1939), vols. 38-52 Gladys Reichard (1940), vol.53 Archer Taylor (1941), vol. 54 Erminie Wheeler-Voegelin (1942–1946), vols. 55-59 Wayland Debs Hand (1947–1951), vols. 60-64 Katharine Luomala (1952–1953), vols. 65-66 Thomas A. Sebeok
Thomas A. Sebeok
(1954–1958), vols. 67-71 Richard M. Dorson
Richard M. Dorson
(1959–1963), vols. 72-76 John Greenway (1964–1968), vols. 77-81 Américo Paredes (1969–1973), vols. 82-86 Barre Toelken (1974–1976), vols. 87-89 Jan Harold Brunvand
Jan Harold Brunvand
(1977–1980), vols. 90-93 Richard Bauman (1981–1985), vols. 94-98 Bruce Jackson (1986-?), vols. 99-? Harris M. Berger and Giovanna P. Del Negro (2006–2010), vol. 119–123 Thomas A. DuBois and James P. Leary (2010–2015), vols. 123-128[2]


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