The Info List - Joulupöytä

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JOULUPöYTä (translated " Yule
table") is the traditional assortment of foods served at Christmas
in Finland
, similar to the Swedish julbord . It contains many different dishes, most of them typical for the season. The main dish is usually a large Christmas
ham , which is eaten with mustard or bread along with the other dishes. Fish is also served (often lutefisk and gravlax ), and the ham is served with laatikkos, casseroles made with swede, potato and carrot, occasionally liver. The traditional Christmas
beverage is either alcoholic or non-alcoholic mulled wine (glögi in Finnish ).


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The traditional dishes of joulupöytä include:

* Christmas
ham with mustard * Karelian stew (not served everywhere in Finland) * Lipeäkala with melted butter and white sauce * Raw, salt-cured salmon and lavaret , often served with chopped red onion and sour cream * Pickled herring
Pickled herring
in various forms (tomato, mustard, matjes or onion sauces) * Potato
casserole (sweetened or not, depending on preference) * Carrot casserole * Liver casserole * Rutabaga casserole * Boiled potatoes * Rosolli (salad from boiled beetroots, carrots, potatoes, apples and pickled cucumber. It's sometimes served with herring.) * Mushroom salad * Mustard * Various sauces


Beverages most often served are:

* Schnapps
such as Koskenkorva Viina as an appetizer * Beer
, often special Christmas
varieties. Most Finnish breweries have seasonal beers for Christmas. Homemade beer is also common. * Milk
* Wine
is nontraditional, but has grown in popularity * Mulled wine
Mulled wine
(glögi) either alcoholic or non-alcoholic


The usual desserts are:

* Prune jam pastries also known as joulutorttu - Christmas
tarts which are also called joulutahti - which means Christmas
stars as they are made in a star shape. * Gingerbread
called piparkakku - commonly as round shapes, and sometimes as houses, usually the biscuits are not decorated, but the houses maybe iced. * Mixed fruit soup * Kiisseli which is a plum runny desert commonly served with whipped cream. * Rice pudding
Rice pudding
or rice porridge with cinnamon, sugar and cold milk or with raisin or mixed fruit soup called riisipuoro - rice porridge * Ice cream
Ice cream
with jam * Confectioneries and other sweets , especially chocolates * Coffee, the Finns prefer a mild roast and serve this as pannukahvi - made a special way. Tea, is less common and fruit teas become more common rather than just black tea. Glögi , glögi is usually served with almonds and raisins in it and is non-alcoholic. It is found in many public settings and while alcohol could be added it would be uncommon to typically offer it this way in contrast with other cultures that offer mulled wine, which is alcoholic.

Usually the rice porridge is served from a large, common kettle and an almond has been hidden in it. The one who gets the almond gets his or her Christmas
presents first or gets a wish . Sometimes rice porridge is served as breakfast.