The Info List - Joseph McGuinness

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MCGUINNESS, MCINNIS MCANGUS or MCNEESE is a Scottish and Irish name that comes from the Gaelic word Mac Angus meaning son of Angus also denoting the name Mac Naois. The family were a branch of the Ulaid, part of the Ui Echach Cobo of the Dal nAraidi, they were located in counties Antrim and Down until they pushed into northwest Ireland and Scotland during the Norman and English invasions of Ulster.

* Bobby McGuinness (born 1954), Scottish footballer * Brian McGuinness , (born 1927) philosopher * Catherine McGuinness (judge) (born 1934), Irish Supreme Court judge, former senator * Catherine McGuinness (English politician) , City of London Corporation * Charles McGuinness (1893–1947), Irish adventurer, author, and sailor * Deborah McGuinness (born ca. 1960), American computer scientist working in the field of artificial intelligence * Ed McGuinness , American comic book artist and penciller * Edwin D. McGuinness
Edwin D. McGuinness
(1856–1901), American politician, mayor of Providence, Rhode Island * Eugene McGuinness (born 1985), British singer-songwriter * Frank McGuinness (born 1953), Irish playwright, translator and poet * Georgina McGuinness (née Allen), television journalist from Adelaide * Gerry McGuinness (born 1953), Scottish rugby union player * John J. McGuinness (born 1955), Irish Fianna Fáil politician and TD for Carlow-Kilkenny since 1997 * Mairead McGuinness
Mairead McGuinness
(born 1959), Irish Fine Gael politician and MEP since 2004 * Martin McGuinness (1950–2017), Irish Sinn Féin politician and Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, 2007–2017 * Nathan McGuinness , visual effects supervisor * Nigel McGuinness (born 1976), English professional wrestler * Norah McGuinness (1901–1980), Irish painter and illustrator * Paddy McGuinness
Paddy McGuinness
(born 1973), English comedian * Paddy McGuinness
Paddy McGuinness
(civil servant) , intelligence officer * Padraic McGuinness (1938–2008), Australian journalist * Paul McGuinness (born 1951), manager of Irish rock band U2 * Paul "Mad Dog" McGuinness, Irish guitarist and vocalist with the band Shane MacGowan and The Popes * Rosamond McGuinness , (1929-2012), music historian * Seán McGuinness (died 1978), Irish Republican, TD for Leix-Offaly 1923–1925 * Wilf McGuinness (born 1937), English football player and manager * Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. (born 1953), American, Archaeologist & Computer Industry Pioneer (Grandson of Charles McGuinness ) * Patrick McGuinness (1925-1993), America, Journalist