Jorge is a Spanish and Portuguese given name. It is derived from the Greek name Γεώργιος (''Georgios'') via Latin ''Georgius''; the former is derived from (''georgos''), meaning "farmer" or "earth-worker". The Latin form ''Georgius'' had been rarely given in Western Christendom since at least the 6th century. The popularity of the name however develops from around the 12th century, in Occitan in the form ''Jordi'', and it becomes popular at European courts after the publication of the ''Golden Legend'' in the 1260s. The West Iberian form ''Jorge'' is on record as the name of Jorge de Lencastre, Duke of Coimbra (1481–1550).

List of people with the given name Jorge

* Jorge (Brazilian singer), Brazilian musician and singer, Jorge & Mateus * Jorge (Romanian singer), real name George Papagheorghe, Romanian singer, actor, TV host * Jorge Betancourt, Cuban diver * Jorge Luis Borges, Argentine author * Jorge Campos, Mexican football player * Jorge Cantú, baseball player * Jorge Cham, web comic writer * Jorge Chavez, French-Peruvian aviator * Jorge Cimadevilla, American football player * Jorge Coll, Spanish art dealer * Jorge Costa, football player * Jorge Donn, Argentine-born ballet dancer * Jorge Ebanks, Cayman Islands basketball player * Jorge De La Rosa, baseball pitcher * Jorge Eliécer Gaitán, Colombian politician assassinated in 1948 * Jorge Enrique Adoum (1926–2009), Ecuadorian writer * Jorge Garbajosa, Spanish basketball player * Jorge Garcia, American actor and comedian * Jorge García Torre, Spanish footballer known as Jorge * Jorge Gómez, Chilean football player * Jorge Guillén, Spanish poet * Jorge Gutiérrez, Argentine squash player * Jorge Gutierrez, Mexican animator * Jorge Herrera (swimmer), Puerto Rican freestyle swimmer * Jorge Herrera (footballer), Colombian footballer * Jorge Julio, baseball player * Jorge Lencina, Argentine judoka * Jorge Liderman, American * Jorge Linck, Argentine sailor * Jorge Lorenzo, Spanish motorcycle racer * Jorge Humberto Martínez, Colombian road cyclist * Jorge Marco de Oliveira Moraes, Brazilian footballer * Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Argentine Roman Catholic priest who became Pope Francis * Jorge Masvidal, Cuban American Mixed Martial Artist * Jorge Mondragón, Mexican diver * Jorge Montenegro (disambiguation), multiple people * Jorge Negrete, Mexican actor * Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa, Portuguese chairman of FC Porto * Jorge Otálvaro, Colombian road cyclist * Jorge Orta, baseball player * Jorge Páez, Mexican boxer and actor * Jorge Pescara, Brazilian musician * Jorge Posada, baseball catcher * Jorge Querejeta, Argentine field hockey player * Jorge Quinteros, Argentine football player * Jorge Quinteros, Chilean mountaineer * Jorge Racca, Argentine basketball player * Jorge Rafael Videla, 43rd Argentine president and dictator * Jorge Ramos, Mexican-born American Spanish-language news anchor * Jorge Richardson, Puerto Rican track and field athlete * Jorge Rodríguez, Salvadoran footballer * Jorge Sampaio, Portuguese President * Jorge Santana, Mexican-born guitarist, brother of Carlos * Jorge Semprún, Spanish writer and politician * Jorge Solís, Mexican boxer * Jorge Taufua, Australian rugby player * Jorge Valdano, Argentine football player * Jorge Villavicencio (1958–2020), Guatemalan politician and physician * Seu Jorge, Brazilian musician

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