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Jolly Roger Amusement Park is an amusement park located in Ocean City, Maryland. The park features two locations in Ocean City; one at the pier, and one further uptown at 30th Street. The 30th Street location features a carnival-type amusement park with multiple rides and attractions, along with two eighteen hole mini-golf courses. The 30th Street venue also houses Splash Mountain, a full-service waterpark with many slides and activity pools, along with 10 go-kart tracks. The main park opened in July 1964 and the pier location was purchased by Jolly Roger in 1974.[1]


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Splash Mountain[edit] Splash mountain is Jolly Roger's waterpark at 30th Street which has many attractions including:

Eye of the Hurricane- one of the park's most popular rides features riders sliding down a steep slide and into a toilet-shaped funnel before exiting into the lazy river. Master Blaster- Roller coaster-style waterslide with riders going up and down and through a series of turns in tubes The stealth- slide similar to a half pipe, in which tubes travel down a steep slope and up the opposite side several times Six-Lane Super Racer- Guests race each other down six parallel slides on mats. The Rainforest- play area consists of numerous passageways lined with sprayers and water features which lead to slides. It also contains a giant pirate head that dumps water every few minutes Black Hole Slides- Riders slide down 3 partially and fully enclosed slides of varying intensity Wave pool- customary tidal pool where patrons swim in waves. The pool requires a life jacket for anyone under 60 inches, which is tightly monitored by staff. Lazy River- the park's lazy river winds through much of the park and is the run out for many of the park's most popular slides.

Amusement parks[edit]

Jolly Roger at The Pier

Jolly Roger contains two amusement parks in Ocean City, one at 30th Street and one at the pier on the Ocean City boardwalk. Both locations feature numerous thrill rides including a looping roller coaster at the pier, bumper cars, ferris wheel, a carousel, kiddie rides, among others. The parks also contain typical carnival-like games and eateries. SpeedWorld[edit] Speed world is Jolly Roger's center for go-kart racing activities and includes 10 race tracks designed for varying abilities and preferences. SpeedWorld also is home to the park's new Zip line and adventure course, located above the tracks. References[edit]

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