John J. Mack (1870 - August 29, 1923), was the
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track coach.


John J. Mack was born in
Cleveland Cleveland ( ), officially the City of Cleveland, is a major city in the U.S. state of Ohio, and the county seat of Cuyahoga County. It is located along the southern shore of Lake Erie, across the U.S. maritime border with Canada and approximate ...

, Ohio in 1870. He began working as an athletic trainer in Clinton, Iowa in 1896. He went on to work at the
Wanderers Amateur Athletic Club The Halifax Wanderers, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada were the amateur athletic teams of the ''Wanderers Amateur Athletic Club'', organized in 1882, and in existence until 1982. History The Club was founded by members of the Wanderer's Crick ...
and the University of Maine before being hired by Yale in 1905. He died from pneumonia in Revere, Massachusetts, Revere, Massachusetts on August 29, 1923.


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