John Brown


John Brown most often refers to: *
John Brown (abolitionist) John Brown (May 9, 1800 – December 2, 1859) was an American abolitionist Abolitionism, or the abolitionist movement, was the movement to end slavery. In Western Europe and the Americas, abolitionism was a historic movement that sough ...
(1800–1859), American who led an anti-slavery raid in Harpers Ferry, Virginia in 1859 John Brown or Johnny Brown may also refer to:


* John Brown (educator) (1763–1842), Irish educator; third president of the University of Georgia *
John Carter Brown John Carter Brown II (1797 – June 11, 1874) was a book collector whose library formed the basis of the John Carter Brown Library The John Carter Brown Library is an independently funded research library of history and the humanities on the cam ...

John Carter Brown
(1797–1874), American book collector and antiquarian *
John Macmillan Brown John Macmillan Brown (5 May 1845 – 18 January 1935) was a Scottish people, Scottish-New Zealand academic, administrator and promoter of education for women. Brown was born in Irvine, North Ayrshire, Irvine, the sixth child of Ann Brown and her ...
(1845–1935), Scottish-New Zealand academic, administrator and promoter of education for women *
John Nicholas Brown I
John Nicholas Brown I
(1861–1900), American book collector and antiquarian * John Lott Brown (1924–2011), American university administrator and professor * John H. Brown (scholar) (born 1948), American scholar of public diplomacy

Arts and entertainment


John Mason Brown John Mason Brown (July 3, 1900 – March 16, 1969) was an American drama critic and author.Van Gelder, Lawrence (March 17, 1969). "John Mason Brown, Critic, Dead." ''The New York Times'' Life Born in Louisville, Kentucky, he graduated from Harva ...
(1900–1969), American literary critic * John Gregory Brown (born 1960), American novelist * John Brown (American author) (born 1966), American novelist and short story writer

Performing arts

John Brown (actor) John Brown (April 4, 1904 – May 16, 1957) was a British actor.DeLong, Thomas A. (1996). ''Radio Stars: An Illustrated Biographical Dictionary of 953 Performers, 1920 through 1960''. McFarland & Company, Inc. . p. 43. Early years Brown was born ...
(1904–1957), English radio and film actor *
Johnny Mack Brown John Brown (September 1, 1904 – November 14, 1974) was an American college football player and film actor billed as John Mack Brown at the height of his screen career. He acted and starred mainly in Western (genre), Western films. Early lif ...
(1904–1974), American film actor and college football player *
Johnny Brown (actor) John Brown (born June 11, 1937) is an American actor and singer. Brown is a nightclub and stage performer as well as a comic actor, and a regular cast member of the television series ''Laugh-in ''Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In'' (often simply r ...
(born 1937), American actor and singer *
John Moulder-Brown John Moulder-Brown (born 3 June 1953) is an English actor of television and film, known for his appearances in the films ''Deep End (film), Deep End'', ''First Love (1970 film), First Love'', ''Ludwig (film), Ludwig'' and ''La residencia, The Hou ...
(born 1953), British actor * John W. Brown (set decorator) (fl. 1960s–1970s) * John Brown (rapper) (fl. 2007), rapper and contestant on ''Ego Trip's The (White) Rapper Show''

Visual arts

John Brown (artist)John Brown (1752 – September 5, 1787) was a Scottish artist. Biography John Brown was born around 1752, in Edinburgh Edinburgh (; sco, Edinburgh; gd, Dùn Èideann ) is the capital city of Scotland and one of its 32 Council areas of Scotla ...
(1752–1787), Scottish artist * John Crawford Brown (1805–1867), Scottish landscape painter *
John Lewis Brown
John Lewis Brown
(1829–1892), French battle, animal, and genre painter * John George Brown (1831–1913), English-born American painter * John William Brown (artist) (1842–1928), English painter and stained glass designer * John Appleton Brown (1844–1902), American painter *
John Arnesby Brown Sir John Alfred Arnesby Brown (29 March 1866 in Nottingham – 16 November 1955 in Haddiscoe, Norfolk) was an English landscape artist, "one of the leading British landscape artists of the 20th century"John Brown (1723–1808) John Brown (3 March 1723 - 16 January 1808) was a Scottish-Danish merchant and ship-owner. He was a joint founder of John & David Brown in 1759. The company owned 17 ships in 1787 but was liquidated the following year. He was also active in the Da ...
, Scottish-Danish merchant and shipowner *
John Brown (brewer) John Brown (31 December 1795 – 23 October 1890)''The Churchyard of St Peter and St Paul, Tring, Hertfordshire''. Compiled by Ronald Geoffrey Spiers, 2004. PDF via "Churchyard Guide" aSt Peter & St Paul – Tringaccessed 24 April 2017. was a br ...
(1795–1890), English brewer *
John Brown (builder) John Brown (1809–1876) was a Canadian architect, builder of Scotland, Scottish origin. Brown began his career as a stonemason's apprentice in Glasgow. At 23 he emigrated to the United States, to upstate New York. By 1838 he had moved again, ...
(1809–1876), Canadian builder *Sir John Brown (industrialist) (1816–1896), British industrialist; founder of the Atlas steelworks *John Crosby Brown (1838–1909), American banker; partner in Brown Bros. & Co. *John W. Brown (labor leader) (1867–1941), Canadian-born labor leader in the United States *John Brown (trade unionist) (1880/81–1961), British trade union leader and local councillor *John W. Brown (British trade unionist) (1886–?), British activist, general secretary of the International Federation of Trade Unions *John Seely Brown (born 1940), American researcher in organizational studies *John W. Brown (corporate executive) (fl. 1980s–2010s), American executive; president of Stryker Corporation


*John Brown (British Army officer) (died 1762), British Army general *John Brown of Pittsfield (1744–1780), American Revolutionary War officer *John Brown (sailor) (1826–1883), American sailor and Civil War Medal of Honor recipient *John Harties Brown (1834–1905), Canadian soldier who fought in the American Civil War *John Brown (Medal of Honor) (1838–?), American sailor and peacetime Medal of Honor recipient *John H. Brown (Medal of Honor) (1842–1898), American soldier and Civil War Medal of Honor recipient *John H. Brown Jr. (1891–1963), United States Navy Vice Admiral and American football player *John Nicholas Brown II (1900–1979), U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Navy *John Brown Jr. (Navajo) (1921–2009), American Navajo Code Talker during World War II *John Brown (British Army soldier) (–1965), UK spy and POW during World War II *John M. Brown III (fl. 1960s–2000s), Lieutenant General in the United States Army *John S. Brown (fl. 1970s–2000s), United States Army brigadier general; Chief Historian of the United States Army Center of Military History

Politics and law


*John Brown (New South Wales politician) (1821–1896), member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly *John Alexander Voules Brown (1852–1945), member of the South Australian House of Assembly *John Brown (Queensland politician) (1881–1949), blacksmith and member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly *John Brown (Tasmanian politician) (1886–1974), member of the Tasmanian House of Assembly *John Brown (Australian politician) (born 1931), member of the Australian House of Representatives


*John Brown (Upper Canada politician) (1791–1842), Irish-born Canadian politician *John Lothrop Brown (1815–1887), Canadian political figure in Nova Scotia *John Brown (Richmond Hill politician) (fl. 1870s–1880s), Canadian politician *John Brown (Canadian politician) (1841–1905), member of Parliament *John Cameron Brown (1843–?), Canadian political figure in New Brunswick *John Cunningham Brown (1844–1929), Irish-born political figure in British Columbia *John Brown (Ontario MPP) (1849–1924), member of Ontario assembly and mayor of Stratford, Ontario *John Robert Brown (British Columbia politician) (1862–1947), Canadian politician *John Livingstone Brown (1867–1953), Canadian politician *John G. Brown (1900–1958), Ontario politician *John L. Brown (Ontario politician) (1921–2004), Canadian politician *John Clemence Gordon Brown (fl. 1960s–1970s), Canadian diplomat

United Kingdom

*John Brown (Wales MP) (died c. 1654) * Sir John McLeavy Brown (1835–1926), British lawyer and diplomat *John Wesley Brown (1873–1944), British MP for Middlesbrough East

United States

*John Brown (Rhode Island politician) (1736–1803), U.S. representative, co-founder of Brown University *John Brown (North Carolina politician) (1738–1812), pioneer and statesman *John Brown (Kentucky politician) (1757–1837), U.S. representative and U.S. senator; member of Continental Congress from Virginia *John Brown (Maryland politician) (1760–1815), U.S. representative *John Brown (Pennsylvania politician) (1772–1845), U.S. representative *John Brown (Texas politician) (1786–1852), speaker of the Texas state House of Representatives *John W. Brown (New York politician) (1796–1875), U.S. representative *John Brown (Cherokee chief) (fl. 1830s) *John S. Brown (politician) (born 1810), Michigan state representative *John Henry Brown (1820–1895), Texas politician, chaired Texas articles of Secession *John C. Brown (1827–1889), Confederate general, Tennessee governor *John Y. Brown (politician, born 1835) (1835–1904), Kentucky governor, U.S. representative for Kentucky *John Brewer Brown (1836–1898), U.S. representative for Maryland *John Robert Brown (Virginia politician) (1842–1927), U.S. representative *John Brown (Seminole chief) (1842–1919), Seminole chief and Confederate States Army officer *John C. Brown (Ohio politician) (1844–1900), American politician *John T. Brown (1876–1951), Lieutenant Governor of Ohio *John Y. Brown Sr. (1900–1985), U.S. representative for Kentucky *John Robert Brown (judge) (1909–1993), member of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit *John William Brown (1913–1993), Ohio governor *John Brown Jr. (Navajo) (1921–2009), member of Navajo Tribal Council *John Y. Brown Jr. (born 1933), Kentucky governor *John Young Brown III (born 1963), Kentucky Secretary of State

Other countries

*John Evans Brown (1827–1895), American-born member of New Zealand parliament


*John Brown of Priesthill (1627–1685), Scottish Protestant martyr *John Brown (essayist) (1715–1766), English clergyman *John Brown of Haddington (1722–1787), Scottish clergyman and Biblical commentator *John Brown (Vicar of St Mary's, Leicester) (died 1845), British evangelical preacher *John Brown (minister) (1784–1858), Scottish clergyman and writer *John Newton Brown (1803–1868), Baptist teacher, minister and publisher *John Croumbie Brown (1808–1895), Scottish missionary and forestry pioneer in South Africa *John M. Brown (1817–1852), American bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal church *John Brown (Mormon pioneer) (1820–1897), American Mormon leader *John Brown (writer) (1830–1922), British theologian, historian, and pastor *John Henry Hobart Brown (1831–1888), American Episcopal bishop of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin *John Brown (moderator) (1850–1919), Scottish minister *John E. Brown (1879–1957), American evangelist, founder of John Brown University *John J. Brown (fl. 1915), American Roman Catholic priest and educator *John Brown (bishop) (1931–2011), English Anglican bishop

Science and medicine

*John Browne (anatomist) (1642–1702), British anatomist and surgeon *John Brown (physician, born 1735) (1735–1788), Scottish physician *John Brown (geographer) (1797–1861), English geographer *John Brown (physician, born 1810) (1810–1882), Scottish physician and essayist *John Ronald Brown (1922–2010), unlicensed United States sex-change operation surgeon *John Campbell Brown (1947–2019), Scottish astronomer


American football

*John Brown (center) (1922–2009), American football center and linebacker *John Brown (offensive tackle) (born 1939), American NFL football offensive tackle *John Brown (offensive lineman) (born 1988), American football offensive lineman *John Brown (wide receiver) (born 1990), American NFL football wide receiver *Jon Brown (American football) (born 1992), American NFL football placekicker

Association football

*John Brown (footballer, born 1866) (1866–1955), English footballer for Notts County *John Brown (footballer, born 1876) (1876–?), Scottish footballer for Sunderland *John Brown (footballer, born 1888) (1888–?), footballer for Manchester City and Stoke *Jonathan Brown (English footballer) (1893–1918), English footballer *John Brown (footballer, born 1890s), Scottish professional footballer *John Brown (footballer, born 1901) (1901–1977), English footballer for Leicester City and Wrexham *John Brown (1920s footballer), English footballer *John Brown (footballer, born 1915) (1915–2005), Scottish football player *John Brown (footballer, born 1921) (1921–1989), English professional footballer for York City *John Brown (footballer, born 1935) (1935–2000), Scottish football player *John Brown (footballer, born March 1940), Scottish footballer *John Brown (footballer, born July 1940), English footballer *John Brown (footballer, born 1947), English football goalkeeper *John Brown (footballer, born 1962), Scottish football player and manager

Australian rules football

*John Brown (Australian footballer, born 1923) (1923–2007), Australian rules footballer for Carlton *John Brown (Australian footballer, born 1937) (1937–2001), Australian rules footballer for Geelong *John Brown (Australian footballer, born 1944) (1944–2001), Australian rules footballer for Geelong


*John Brown (Nottinghamshire cricketer) (1807–1883), English cricketer *John Brown (cricketer, born 1820) (1820–?), English cricketer *John Brown (cricketer, born 1862) (1862–?), English cricketer *Jack Brown (cricketer) (1869–1904), English cricketer *John Brown (cricketer, born 1874) (1874–1950), English cricketer *John Brown (cricketer, born 1890) (1890–1968), English cricketer *John Brown (umpire) (1928–2005), New Zealand Test match umpire

Rugby football

*John Blair Brown (1856–1904), Scottish rugby union player *John Alf Brown (1881–1936), Welsh international rugby union player *Johnny Brown (rugby league) (born 1943), Australian rugby league footballer *John Brown (rugby league), New Zealand rugby league player

Other sports

*John Brown (1890s pitcher) (1876–1908), American baseball player *Jackie Brown (English boxer) or John Brown (1909–1971), English boxer *John Brown (cyclist) (1916–1990), New Zealand cyclist *John Brown (1940s pitcher) (1918–1999), American baseball player *John Brown (bobsleigh) (born 1935), British Olympic bobsledder *John Brown (basketball, born 1951), American NBA player *John Brown (bodybuilder) (fl. 1980s), American bodybuilder *John Brown (runner) (fl. 2000s–2010s), British competitor in the 2010 World Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge *John Brown (basketball, born 1992), American basketball player *Jonny Brown (cyclist) (born 1997), American cyclist


*John Brown (architect) (1805–1876), British architect *John Brown (fugitive slave) (c. 1810–1876), American author of ''Slave Life in Georgia: A Narrative of the Life, Sufferings and Escape of John Brown'' *John Brown (servant) (1826–1883), Scottish servant and close friend of Queen Victoria *John Ednie Brown (1848–1899), Scottish author on sylviculture and state conservator of forests *John Brown (colonist) (died 1879), English colonist in South Australia *John Brown (bridge) (1887–?), English contract-bridge player and author *John A. Brown Jr. (died 1997), American murderer executed in Louisiana for the murder of Omer Laughlin

Other uses

Artistic uses

*"John Brown's Body", Union marching song of the American Civil War *John Brown (The Shop Girl), fictional millionaire in ''The Shop Girl'' (1894) *John Brown (biography), ''John Brown'' (biography), 1909 biography of the abolitionist by W.E.B. Du Bois *John Brown (Bob Dylan song), "John Brown" (Bob Dylan song) (1962) *John Brown (I Shot the Sheriff), fictional sheriff in "I Shot the Sheriff" by Bob Marley (1973) *"John Brown", a song by the Masters of Reality from ''Masters of Reality (album), Masters of Reality'' (1989) *John Brown (Ghost Hunt), fictional character in ''Ghost Hunt (novel series), Ghost Hunt'' (1989–1992) *John Brown (Like Water for Chocolate), fictional physician in ''Like Water for Chocolate (novel), Like Water for Chocolate'' (1992) *John "Gadget" Brown, fictional protagonist of ''Inspector Gadget (film), Inspector Gadget'' (1999) *John Brown's Body (band), an American reggae band

Business and legal uses

*''Virginia v. John Brown'', 1859 trial of the abolitionist *John Brown & Company, shipbuilding company in Clydebank, Scotland *John Brown Media, British magazine publisher *John A. Brown (department store), Oklahoma-based department store chain *John Brown University, college in Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Military uses

*John Brown Battery, American volunteer artillery unit in the Lincoln Battalion during the Spanish Civil War *SS John W. Brown, SS ''John W. Brown'', American Liberty ship *SS John W. Brown II, SS ''John W. Brown II'', American Victory ship

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