Joanna is a feminine given name deriving from from he, יוֹחָנָה, translit=Yôḥānnāh, lit=God is gracious. Variants in English include Joan, Joann, Joanne, and Johanna. Other forms of the name in English are Jan, Jane, Janet, Janice, Jean, and Jeanne (given name), Jeanne. The earliest recorded occurrence of the name Joanna, in Gospel of Luke#Attention to women, Luke 8:3, refers to the disciple "Saint Joanna, Joanna the wife of Chuza," who was an associate of Mary Magdalene. Her name as given is Greek in form, although it ultimately originated from the Hebrew masculine name יְהוֹחָנָן ''Yehôḥānān'' or יוֹחָנָן ''Yôḥānān'' meaning 'God is gracious'. In Greek this name became Ιωαννης ''Iōannēs'', from which ''Iōanna'' was derived by giving it a feminine ending. The name Joanna, like Yehohanan, was associated with Hasmonean families. Saint Joanna was culturally Hellenized, thus bearing the Grecian adaptation of a Jewish name, as was commonly done in her Social environment, milieu. At the beginning of the Christian era, the names Iōanna and Iōannēs were already common in Judea. The name ''Joanna'' and its equivalents became popular for women "all at once" beginning in the 12th century in Navarre and the south of France. In England, the name did not become current until the 19th century. The original Latin form ''Joanna'' was used in English to translate the equivalents in other languages; for example, Joanna of Castile, Juana la Loca is known in English as Joanna the Mad. The variant form ''Johanna'' originated in Latin in the Middle Ages, by analogy with the Latin masculine name ''Johannes''. The Greek form lacks a medial ''-h-'' because in Rough breathing, Greek /h/ could only occur initially. The Hebrew name יוֹחָנָה ''Yôḥānnāh'' forms a feminine equivalent in Hebrew for the name Joanna and its variants. The Christian Arabic form of John is يوحنّا ''Yūḥannā'', based on the Judeo-Aramaic form of the name. For Joanna, Arabic translations of the Bible use يونّا ''Yuwannā'' based on Syriac ܝܘܚܢ ''Yoanna'', which in turn is based on the Greek form ''Iōanna''. Sometimes in modern English ''Joanna'' is reinterpreted as a compound of the two names Jo and Anna, and therefore given a spelling like JoAnna, Jo-Anna, or Jo Anna. However, the original name Joanna is a single unit, not a compound. The names Hannah (given name), Hannah, Anna (name), Anna, Anne, Ann are etymologically related to Joanna just the same: they are derived from Hebrew חַנָּה ''Ḥannāh'' 'grace' from the same verbal root meaning 'to be gracious'.

In other languages

* Amharic language, Amharic - ዮሐና Yohäna * Albanian language, Albanian - Xhoana * Arabic language, Arabic - يُوَنّا Yuwannā * Armenian language, Armenian - Յովհաննա (Hovhanna), Օհաննա (Ōhanna) * Basque language - Jone, Joana, Joane * Breton language, Breton - Janed * Bulgarian language, Bulgarian - Йоана (Joana/Yoana), Ivana, Yana; diminutive: Яниџa (Yanizza, Yanitza, Yanitsa) * Catalan language, Catalan - Joana * Chinese language, Chinese - Modern Qiáo ān nà (literally 'tall, peaceful, graceful'), Biblical Yāo yà ná * Croatian language, Croatian - Ivana, Jana, Janja * Czech language, Czech - Jana (given name), Jana, Johana * Danish language, Danish - Johanne * Dawan language, Dawan - Yohana * Dutch language, Dutch - Johanna, Joanna, diminutives Joke (given name), Joke, Janneke * Estonian language, Estonian - Joanna, Johanna * Finnish language, Finnish - Johanna, Joanna, Jonna, Janette, Janna, Jaana, Hanne * Filipino language, Filipino - Juana * French language, French - Jeanne (given name), Jeanne, diminutive Jeanette (given name), Jeannette, Janine (given name), Janine, Old French language, Old French - Jehane * Galician language, Galician - Joana, Xoana * Georgian language, Georgian - იოანნა Ioanna * German language, German - Johanna, diminutive Hanne * Greek language, Greek - (Ioanna), Modern Greek - Γιάννα (Giánna), diminutive Γιαννούλα Yannoula * Hebrew language, Hebrew - יוחנה Yoḥannah, יוהנה Yohannah * Hungarian language, Hungarian - Johanna, Jana, diminutive Hanna, Janka * Icelandic language, Icelandic - Jóhanna * Indonesian language, Indonesian - Yohana * Irish language, Irish - Siobhán (after French ''Jeanne''), diminutive Sinéad (after French ''Jeannette'') * Italian language, Italian - Giovanna, diminutive Gianna, Giannina, Vanna, Nina, Zana, Ivana * Korean language, Korean - Modern 조안나 Joanna, Biblical 요안나 Yoanna * Latin - Joanna, Johanna * Lithuanian language, Lithuanian - Joana * Macedonian language, Macedonian - Ivana, diminutive Ива (Iva); Јована (Jovana), diminutives Јованка (Jovanka), Јовка (Jovka), Yana * Malayalam language, Malayalam - യോഹന്ന Yōhannā * Persian language, Persian - جوانا Jovannā * Polish language, Polish - Joanna, diminutive Joasia, Asia, Asieńka, Aśka, Asiunia * Portuguese language, Portuguese - Joana * Romanian language, Romanian - Ioana * Russian language, Russian - Яна (Yana), Жанна (Zhanna), Иoaннa (Ioanna, Greek form); diminutives Янина (Yanina), Яника (Yanika) * Serbian language, Serbian - Јована (Jovana), diminutive Јованка (Jovanka) * Slovak language, Slovak - Jana * Slovenian language, Slovenian - Jana * Spanish language, Spanish - Juana, diminutive Juanita, Nita * Swedish language, Swedish - Johanna, diminutive Hanna * Syriac language, Syriac - ܝܘܚܢ Yoanna * Tamil language, Tamil - யோவன்னா Yōvannā * Tetum language, Tetum - Joana * Ukrainian language, Ukrainian - Іванна (Ivanna), Іоанна (Ioanna) * Venetian language, Vèneto - Joana (pronounced // and //) * Welsh language, Welsh - Siân

Women named Joanna


* Saint Joanna, one of the women associated with the ministry of Mary Magdalene. She brought myrrh to Christ's sepulcher and helped discover the empty tomb (Luke 24:10). * Joanna (prioress of Lothen), twelfth century nun * Joanna Southcott, English prophetess

Royals and noblewomen

* Joan, Countess of Flanders, Joanna of Constantinople, Countess of Flanders * Joanna of Flanders, Duchess of Brittany * Joanna, Duchess of Brabant * Joanna, Duchess of Durazzo * Joan I of Naples, Joanna I of Naples * Joanna of Bourbon * Joan II of Naples, Joanna II of Naples * Joan of Navarre, Queen of England, Joanna of Navarre, consort of King Henry IV of England * Saint Joana, Crown Princess of Portugal * Joanna of Castile, queen regnant of Castile, known as Joanna the Mad * Joanna of Austria, Princess of Portugal * Joanna of Austria, Grand Duchess of Tuscany * Joanna Nobilis Sombre, Begum Samru of Sardhana


* Joanna Ampil, Filipina musical theater actress and singer * Joanna Angel, American porn actress * Joanna Baillie, Scottish poet and playwright * Joanna Barnes, American actress * Joanna Bolme, American indie rock musician * Joanna Briscoe, English novelist * Joanna Brouk, American composer * Joanna Bruzdowicz, Polish composer * Joanna Cameron, American actress * Joanna Cassidy, American actress * Mary Elizabeth Clark, Joanna Clark, American nun, naval officer, and activist * Joanna Cole (disambiguation), several people * Joanna Connor, American blues musician * Joanna David, British actress * Joanna Denny, British historian * Joanna Dennehy, British serial killer * Joanna Dong, Singaporean singer-songwriter * Joanna Dunham, British actress * Joanna Eden, British jazz singer * Joanna Forest, British classical crossover singer * Joanna Gaines, American reality TV personality * Joanna Garcia, American actress *Joanna Glass, Canadian playwright * Joanna Gleason, Canadian actress * Joanna Going (born 1963), American actress * Joanna (singer), stage name of Brazilian singer Maria de Fátima Gomes Nogueira * Joanna Gosling, British journalist * Joanna Haigh, British physicist and academic * Joanna Harcourt-Smith, writer * Joanna Hausmann, Venezuelan-American comedian, actress, and writer * Joanna Hayes, American gold medalist in the 2004 Olympics * Joanna Hiffernan, artist's model and muse from Ireland * Joanna Hoffman, Polish-born American computer executive * Joanna Jędrzejczyk (born 1987), Polish mixed martial artist * Joanna Kerns, American actress * Joanna Klepko, Polish singer * Joanna Krupa, Polish-American model and actress * JoJo (singer), Joanna Levesque, American singer * Joanna Lee (writer), Joanna Lee, American screenwriter, actress, and producer * Joanna Lumley, English actress and former model * JoAnna M. Lund, American author and cook * Joanna MacGregor, British classical, jazz, and contemporary pianist * Joanna Macy, American Buddhist scholar, author, and environmental activist * Joanna Maranhão, Joanna de Albuquerque Maranhão Bezerra de Melo, Brazilian Olympic swimmer * Joanna McGrenere, Canadian computer scientist * Joanna Merlin (born Joann Ratner), American actress and casting director * Joanna Moore, American actress * Joanna Murray-Smith, Australian author * Joanna Newsom, American harpist, singer, and songwriter * Joanna Norris, New Zealand journalist * Joanna Pacitti, American singer, known simply as Joanna * Joanna Page, Welsh actress * Joanna Pacuła, Polish actress * Murder of Joanna Parrish, Joanna Parrish, English student murdered in France in 1990 * Joanna Pettet, British actress * Joanna Roos, American actress and playwright * Joanna Russ, American science fiction author known for her writing on radical feminist themes * Joanna Scanlan, English actress and television writer * Joanna Shimkus, Canadian actress * Joanna Simon (mezzo-soprano), Joanna Simon, American opera singer * Joanna Simon (wine), Joanna Simon, British author and wine journalist * Joanna Smolarek, Polish track and field sprinter * Joanna St. Claire, American singer and songwriter * Joanna Stone, Australian javelin thrower * Joanna Sutton, Australian people, Australian netball player * Joanna Townsend, Australian TV journalist * Joanna Trollope, British novelist * Joanna Truffaut, French digital transformation advisor and entrepreneur * Joanna Wang (Wáng Ruòlín), Taiwanese singer and songwriter * Murder of Joanna Yeates, Joanna Yeates, English landscape architect and victim in a high-profile 2010 murder case * Joanna Zeiger (born 1970), American Olympic and world champion triathlete, and author

Fictional characters

* List of Witches of East End characters#Joanna Beauchamp, Joanna Beauchamp, the lead character in Melissa de la Cruz's novel ''Witches of East End'' and the Witches of East End (TV series), TV show made from it * Joanna Chambers, a List of The Power of Five characters#Professor Joanna Chambers, scientist from the Power of Five'' series by Anthony Horowitz * Joanna Dark, the main character in ''Perfect Dark'' * Joanna Eberhart, the protagonist of ''The Stepford Wives'' by Ira Levin * Joanna “Joey” Del Marco, a character in the Netflix series ''Grand Army (TV series), Grand Army'' * The title character in the 1973 Brazilian film ''Joanna Francesa'', played by Jeanne Moreau * Jo Harvelle, Joanna Beth "Jo" Harvelle, a List of Supernatural characters#Hunters, hunter on ''Supernatural (U.S. TV series), Supernatural'' * Joanna the Goanna, a pet lizard to antagonist Percival McLeach in Disney's ''The Rescuers Down Under'' * The protagonist of the 1968 British film ''Joanna (1968 film), Joanna'' * Joanna McCoy, daughter of Leonard McCoy of ''Star Trek'' * Joanna May, title character in ''The Cloning of Joanna May'', a science fiction novel by Fay Weldon * Jo Parrish, a police constable on ''Blue Heelers'' * Jo Polniaczek on ''The Facts of Life (TV series), The Facts of Life'' * Lieutenant Forever (2014 TV series), Joanna Reece on ''Forever (2014 TV series), Forever''

Women named Ioanna

* Ioanna Anagnostopoulou (born 1997), Greek rhythmic gymnast * Ioanna Babassika, Greek human rights lawyer * Ioanna Chatziioannou (born 1973), retired female weightlifter from Greece * Ioánna Filíppou, Ioanna Filippou (born 1995), Cypriot beauty pageant title holder * Ioanna Fotiadou (born 1977), Greek handball player * Ioanna Karyofylli, Greek local politician * Ioanna Karystiani (born 1952), Greek screenwriter * Ioanna Kondouli, Greek politician and topographer engineer * İoanna Kuçuradi (born 1936), Turkish philosopher * Ioanna Morfessis, American businesswoman * Ioanna Papantoniou (born 1936), Greek author, scenic designer, costume designer and folklorist * Ioanna Sfekas-Karvelas (born 1950), Greek American dramatic soprano * Ioanna Stamatopoulou (born 1998), Greek water polo player * Ioanna Tantcheva (born 1989), Bulgarian group rhythmic gymnast * Ioanna Vlachou (born 1981), Greek volleyball player


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