''Joan'' is a 1967 album by Joan Baez. Having exhausted the standard voice/guitar folksong format by 1967, Baez collaborated with arranger-conductor Peter Schickele (with whom she'd worked on the 1966
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album, '' Noël''), on an album of orchestrated covers of mostly then-current pop and rock and roll songs. Works by Donovan, Paul Simon, Tim Hardin, the Beatles, and Richard Fariña were included, as well as selections by Jacques Brel and Edgar Allan Poe. The recording of "Children of Darkness" was a tribute to Baez's brother-in-law, novelist and musician Richard Fariña, who had been killed in a motorcycle accident a year earlier. "La Colombe" is a French anti-war anthem about French soldiers being sent to fight Algeria in the latter country's bid for independence. The 2003 Vanguard reissue contains two bonus tracks: "Oh, Had I a Golden Thread" and "Autumn Leaves".


According to the liner notes on the 2003 reissue, in the cover photo of Baez, she was actually lying down. A candid photo taken during recording sessions while she was resting between songs was spun around so it looked as though she was sitting or standing upright. The photo was by French photographer Alain Gaveau, with whom she was romantically attached at the time. He also contributed the photo for her previous album, ''Noel'' and her book ''Daybreak''.Joan Baez,
And A Voice to Sing With: A Memoir
', Simon and Schuster, 2012, p. 129 (via Google Books) Accessed February 20, 2017.

Track listing

Side one

#"Be Not Too Hard" (Donovan, lyrics: Christopher Logue) #"Eleanor Rigby" (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) #"Turquoise (song), Turquoise" (Donovan) #"La Colombe (The Dove)" (Jacques Brel) #"Dangling Conversation" (Paul Simon) #"The Lady Came from Baltimore" (Tim Hardin) #"North" ( Joan Baez, Nina Dusheck)

Side two

#"Children of Darkness" (Richard Fariña) #"The Greenwood Side" (Traditional) #"If I Were a Carpenter (song), If You Were a Carpenter" (Hardin) #"Annabel Lee" (Don Dilworth; lyrics: Edgar Allan Poe) #"Saigon Bride" (Baez, Dusheck)


* Joan Baez – vocals, guitar * Peter Schickele – arrangement, arranger, conducting, conductor

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