Jean may refer to:

Human names

* Jean (female given name) * Jean (male given name) * Jean (surname)


* Jean (dog), a female collie in silent films * "Jean" (song) (1969), by Rod McKuen, also recorded by Oliver * Jean Grey, a Marvel Comics character * Jean Valjean, fictional character in novel ''Les Misérables'' and its adaptations * ''Jean Seberg'' (musical), a 1983 musical by Marvin Hamlisch * Jean Pierre Polnareff, a fictional character from ''JoJo's Bizarre Adventure''

Other uses

* JEAN (programming language) * Jean, Nevada, a town * Jean, Oregon * USS ''Jean'' (ID-1308), American cargo ship c. 1918 * Sternwheeler Jean, a 1938 paddleboat of the Willamette River

See also

* Gene (disambiguation) * Jeanne (disambiguation) * Jeans (surname) * Jeans, legged denim garment {{disambiguation