Jean (female given name)


Jean is a common
female Female (symbol: ♀) is the sex of an organism that produces the large non-mobile ovum, ova (egg cells), the type of gamete (sex cell) that fuses with the Sperm, male gamete during sexual reproduction. A female has larger Gamete, gametes than ...

given name in English-speaking countries. It is the Scottish form of Jane (and is sometimes pronounced that way). It is sometimes spelled Jeaine. It is the equivalent of Johanna, Joanna, Joanne, Jeanne, Jana, and Joan, and derives from the
Old French Old French (, , ; Modern French French ( or ) is a Romance language of the Indo-European family. It descended from the Vulgar Latin of the Roman Empire, as did all Romance languages. French evolved from Gallo-Romance, the Latin spok ...
''Jehanne'', which is derived from the
Latin Latin (, or , ) is a classical language belonging to the Italic branch of the Indo-European languages. Latin was originally spoken in the area around Rome, known as Latium. Through the power of the Roman Republic, it became the dominant la ...

name ''
Johannes Johannes is a Medieval Latin Medieval Latin was the form of Latin Latin (, or , ) is a classical language belonging to the Italic languages, Italic branch of the Indo-European languages. Latin was originally spoken in the area around Rome, ...

'', itself from the
Koine Greek Koine Greek (, , Greek approximately ;. , , , lit. "Common Greek"), also known as Alexandrian dialect, common Attic, Hellenistic or Biblical Greek, was the koiné language, common supra-regional form of Greek language, Greek spoken and written d ...
name ''
Ioannes Joannes or John ( la, Iohannes; died June or July 425) was western Roman emperor from 423 to 425. On the death of the Emperor Honorius (emperor), Honorius (15 August 423), Theodosius II, the remaining ruler of the House of Theodosius, hesitated i ...

'' (Ιωαννης). The Greek name ultimately derives from the
Biblical Hebrew Biblical Hebrew ( ''Ivrit Miqra'it'' or ''Leshon ha-Miqra''), also called Classical Hebrew, is an archaic form of Hebrew language, Hebrew, a language in the Canaanite languages, Canaanite branch of Semitic languages, Semitic languages, spoken b ...
name ''
YochananYohanan, Yochanan and Johanan are various transliterations to the Latin alphabet of the Hebrew male given name ('), a shortened form of ('), meaning "YHWH :wikt:חנן, is gracious". The name is ancient, recorded as the name of Johanan (High Pries ...
'' (יוֹחָנָן), a short form of the name ''Yehochanan'' (יְהוֹחָנָן ), meaning "YHWH/Yahweh is Gracious". Famous people with the given name Jean:

Notable people

*Jean Acker (1893–1978), American silent film actress *Jean Adam (1704–1765), Scottish poet and songwriter *Jean Adamson (born 1928), English children's writer and illustrator *Jean Alexander (1926–2016), English television actress *Jean Anderson (1907–2001), English actress *Jean Appleton (1911–2003), Australian painter, art teacher and printmaker *Jean Arthur (1900–1991), American actress *Jean M. Auel (born 1936), American writer *Jean Bartik (1924–2011), American computer programmer *Jean Batten (1909–1982), New Zealand aviator *Jean Boht (born 1932), English actress *Jean Briggs Watters (1925–2018), English cryptanalyst *Jean Byron (1925–2006), American actress *Jean Carn (born 1947), American jazz and pop singer *Jean Carroll (1911–2010), American actress and comedian *Jean Carroll (cricketer), Jean Carroll (born 1980), Irish cricketer *E. Jean Carroll (born 1943), American journalist and advice columnist *Jean Clemens (1880–1909), youngest daughter of writer Mark Twain *Jean Colin (1905–1989), English actress *Jean Conan Doyle (1912–1997), British Air Commandant *Jean Coulthard (1908–2000), Canadian composer *Jean Danker (born 1978), Singaporean DJ, voiceover artist and actress *Jean Darling (1922–2015), American child actress *Jean Dunbabin (born 1939), British historian *Jean Donovan (1953–1980), American lay missionary who was murdered in El Salvador *Jean Else (born 1951), disgraced British educator and the first person to have a Damehood revoked *Jean Erdman (born 1916), American dancer and choreographer *Jean Fergusson (1944–2019), British television and theatre actress *Jean Fuller (born 1950), American politician *Jean Garcia (born 1969), Filipino actress *Jean Craighead George (1919–2012), American author *Jean D'Costa (born 1937), Jamaican children's novelist *Jean Grae (born 1976), American hip hop artist *Jean Gordon, Countess of Bothwell (1546–1629), Scottish noblewoman *Jean Brooks Greenleaf (1832–1918), American woman suffragist *Jean Hagen (1923–1977), American actress *Jean Harlow (1911–1937), American actress *Jean Hartley (1933–2011), English autobiographer and publisher *Jean Hepburn (died 1599), Scottish noblewoman *Jean Horsley (1913–1997), New Zealand artist *Jean Houston (born 1937), American author *Jean Ingelow (1820–1897), an English poet and novelist *Nikki Jean (born Nicholle Jean Leary) (born 1983), American singer-songwriter *Jean Kerr (1922–2003), American author and playwright *Jean Kent (1921−2013), British actress *Jean Knight (born 1943), American soul/R&B/funk singer *Jean Liedloff (1926–2011), American author *Jean Madeira (1918–1972), American mezzo-soprano *Jean Marsh (born 1934), English actress and screenwriter *Jean Muir (1928–1995), English fashion designer *Jean Olson Lanjouw (1962–2005), American economist *Jean Parker (1915–2005), American actress *Jean Passanante (born 1953), American television screenwriter *Jean Peters (1926–2000), American actress *Jean Prahm (born 1978), American bobsledder *Jean Rabe (born 1957), American fantasy and sci-fi author and editor *Jean Redpath (1937–2014), Scottish folk singer *Jean Rhys (1890–1979), Dominican novelist *Jean Ritchie (1922–2015), American folk singer and songwriter *Jean Rogers (1916–1991), American actress *Jean Sagal (born 1961), American television actress and director *Jean Saunders (1932–2011), British writer of romance novels *Jean Schmidt (born 1951), American politician *Jean Seberg (1938–1979), American actress *Jean Shafiroff (1933–2016), American philanthropist and socialite *Jean Shepard (1933–2016), American honky tonk singer-songwriter *Jean Shrimpton (born 1942), English model and actress *Jean Simmons (1929–2010), English actress *Jean Smart (born 1951), American actress *Jean Kennedy Smith (born 1928), American diplomat *Jean Stafford (1915–1979), American short story writer and novelist *Jean Stapleton (1923–2013), American actress *Jean Stewart (disambiguation), various people *Jean Terrell (born 1944), American R&B and jazz singer *Jean Valentine (born 1934), American poet *Jean Vander Pyl (1919–1999), American actress *Jean Webster, pseudonym for Alice Jane Chandler Webster (1876–1916), an American writer *Jean Westwood (figure skater) (born 1931), British ice dancer *Jean Westwood (politician) (1923–1997), a political figure born in Utah *Jean Willes (1923–1989), American film actress *Jean R. Yawkey (1909–1992), the wife of Tom Yawkey and owner of the Boston Red Sox

Fictional characters

*Dinnerladies#Cast, Jean, in the British sitcom ''Dinnerladies (TV series), dinnerladies'' *Jean Brodie, in the novella and film ''The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie'' *Jean DeWolff, in the comic Spider-Man *Jean Louise Finch, Jean Louise "Scout" Finch, narrator of the novel ''To Kill a Mockingbird'' *Jean Grey, in Marvel comics. An omega-level mutant with extremely powerful empathic, telepathic and telekinetic abilities. She is host of the almighty Phoenix Force entity *Jean Randolph, an alternate personality of Victoria Lord on the American soap opera ''One Life to Live'' *Jean Warboys, in the British sitcom ''One Foot in the Grave'' *Jean Hawkins, the deceased wife of Robert Hawkins and late mother of Sharon and Virgil in ''Static Shock'' *Jean Nesbitt, sister of the protagonist from the TV sitcom ''Barbara (TV series), Barbara'', portrayed by Sherrie Hewson. *Jean Abbott, wife of Sid James's character in the TV sitcom ''Bless This House (UK TV series), Bless This House'', portrayed by Diana Coupland *Jean Gunnhildr, a playable Anemo character in the video game ''Genshin Impact''

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* Gene Tierney (1920–1991), an American film and stage actress {{DEFAULTSORT:Jean (Female Given Name) English feminine given names English given names Given names Scottish feminine given names