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Janet Norton Lee Auchincloss Morris (December 3, 1907 – July 22, 1989)[1] was an American socialite and the mother of the former First Lady of the United States Jacqueline Kennedy.


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Early life[edit] Janet Norton Lee was born on December 3, 1907 in Manhattan, New York City. She was the middle daughter of James Thomas Aloysius Lee (1877–1968), a lawyer and real estate developer,[2][3] and Margaret A. Merritt (1878–1943). Her parents were both of Irish descent. She had two sisters; Marion Norton Lee (1906–1947), who married John J. Ryan Jr.,[4] and Winifred Norton Lee (1912–1991), who married Franklin d'Olier.[5] Life[edit] Janet graduated from Miss Spence's School and attended Sweet Briar and Barnard Colleges. She was a three-time winner of the hunter championship at the National Horse Show.[6] She served as a board member of the Newport Historical Society
Newport Historical Society
and the Redwood Library. She was also the honorary director of the Robert E. Lee Memorial Association in Stratford, Virginia.[6] Personal life[edit] Janet was married three times. In 1928,[4] she married her first husband, John Vernou Bouvier III
John Vernou Bouvier III
(1891–1957).[7] He was the son of Major John Vernou Bouvier, Jr. (1865–1948), a successful attorney, and Maude Frances Sergeant (1870–1940).[8] He was also the brother of Edith Bouvier Beale (1895–1977), later known as the subject of the documentary film, Grey Gardens.[9] Together, they were the parents of two daughters:

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier (1929–1994), who married John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy
in 1953.[10] After his murder in 1963, she later married Aristotle Onassis in 1968 and remained married to Onassis until his death in 1975.[11] Caroline Lee Bouvier (born 1933), who married Michael Temple Canfield in 1953. Their marriage was annulled in 1959,[12] and later that same year she married Prince Stanisław Albrecht Radziwiłł. They divorced in 1974.[13] In 1988 she married the director Herbert Ross. They also divorced in 2001.[14]

Mr. Bouvier's womanizing and drinking led to a separation in 1936, a brief reconciliation for a few months in 1937, and then a divorce in 1940.[15] In 1942, she married her second husband, Hugh Dudley Auchincloss Jr., an attorney and Standard Oil
Standard Oil
heir; becoming his third wife.[16] Together, they had two children:

Janet Jennings Auchincloss (1945–1985),[17] who was married to Lewis Polk Rutherfurd in 1966.[18][19] James Lee Auchincloss (born 1947)[20]

Hugh Auchincloss died in 1976. In 1979, she married for a third time,[21] to her childhood friend Bingham Willing "Booch" Morris (1906–1996).[22] Jacqueline served as her witness.[23] Morris, a widower, was a retired investment banker who lived in Southampton, New York,[21] a graduate of St. George's School and Harvard, where he was a member of the Iroquois and Hasty Pudding Clubs, and was the son of Violet Lee (née Willing) Morris and John Boucher Morris of Baltimore.[24] His late wife, Mary (née Rawlins) Morris,[4][25] was a bridesmaid at Janet's first wedding.[26] They separated in 1981, but remained married until her death from complications arising from Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimer's disease
in 1989.[6][27][28] Further reading[edit]

Janet and Jackie: The Story of a Mother and Her Daughter, Jacqueline Onassis, by Jan Pottke. "Obituary of James Thomas Lee", New York Times, January 4, 1968.


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