James is a common English language surname and given name: * James (name), the typically masculine first name James * James (surname), various people with the last name James James or James City may also refer to:


* King James (disambiguation), various kings named James * Saint James (disambiguation) * James (musician) * James, brother of Jesus



* James Bay, a large body of water * James, Ontario

United Kingdom

* James College, a college of the University of York

United States

* James, Georgia, an unincorporated community * James, Iowa, an unincorporated community * James City, North Carolina * James City County, Virginia ** James City (Virginia Company) ** James City Shire * James City, Pennsylvania * St. James City, Florida

Arts, entertainment, and media

* ''James'' (2005 film), a Bollywood film * ''James'' (2008 film), an Irish short film * ''James'' (2020 film), an Indian Kannada language film * James the Red Engine, a character in ''Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends'' * James (band), a band from Manchester ** ''James'', US title of 1991 re-release of their album ''Gold Mother'' * ''James'' (Phoebe Ryan EP), a 2017 extended play by American singer-songwriter by Phoebe Ryan

Science and technology

* Apache James, (Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server) * James's theorem, theorem in mathematics * A muscadine (Vitis rotundifolia) cultivar

Other uses

* Epistle of James, part of the New Testament * James Cycle Co, a British cycle and motorcycle manufacturer * ''James'' (HBC vessel), operated by the HBC from 1682-1683, see Hudson's Bay Company vessels

See also

* James River (disambiguation) * James Lake (disambiguation) * Jim (disambiguation) * Jimbo (disambiguation) * Jimmy (disambiguation) * Jamestown (disambiguation) * Justice James (disambiguation) * {{disambiguation