The Info List - James (surname)

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James is a surname with many origins.[1] Notable people with the surname include:




A. P. T. James (c1908-1962), better known as "Fargo" James; Tobagonian politician Aaron James (basketball) (born 1952), American basketball player Aaron James (footballer) (born 1976), Australian rules footballer from Victoria Ada James (1876–1952), American suffragist and reformer Adam James (actor), British actor Adam James (singer), Australian country singer Aidan James
Aidan James
(born 2001), American singer and musician Alan James (1890–1952), American film director and screenwriter Alan James (poet), South African poet Alec James (cricketer) (1889–1961), Welsh cricketer Aled James
Aled James
(born 1982), Welsh rugby union footballer Alex James (footballer)
Alex James (footballer)
(1901–1953), Scottish soccer player Alex James (musician)
Alex James (musician)
(born 1968), English musician and journalist, member of band Blur Alex James (songwriter)
Alex James (songwriter)
(born 1976), songwriter and producer Alice James
Alice James
(1848–1892), American diarist Andrea James
Andrea James
(born 1967), American writer, film producer, director and LGBT rights activist Angela James (born 1964), Canadian ice hockey player Angharad James
Angharad James
(1677–1749), Welsh language poet Ann James (born 1952), Australian illustrator and writer Anthony James (actor) (born 1942), American actor Anthony James (artist)
Anthony James (artist)
(born 1974), English sculptor, painter and performance artist Antonio James (c.1954–1996), American murderer Antonio D. James
Antonio D. James
(born 1985), American film director Antony James (born 1989), British swimmer Archibald James (1893–1980), British politician and Royal Air Force officer Arnold James (born 1974), international footballer from Antigua and Barbuda Art and Arthur James (other), multiple people

Art James
Art James
(1929–2004), American game show host Art James
Art James
(baseball), American baseball player

Arthur James (racehorse owner)
Arthur James (racehorse owner)
(1853–1917), British racehorse owner Arthur James (footballer) (1855–1911), English footballer Arthur James (politician)
Arthur James (politician)
(1883–1973), Governor of Pennsylvania Arthur Lorne James (1903–1964), Air Vice-Marshal in the Royal Canadian Air Force Arthur G. James (1912–2001), American surgeon Arthur James (judge) (1916–1976), English Court of Appeal judge

Augustus James (1866–1934), Australian politician


B. G. James (politician), mayor of Newport News, Virginia from 1936 to 1940 Barry James, English stage actor Becky James
Becky James
(born 1991), Welsh cyclist Benjamin James (Nova Scotia politician), farmer and political figure in Nova Scotia Benjamin F. James
Benjamin F. James
(1885–1961), Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania Benjamin James (American football), head football coach for the Dickinson College Red Devils, 1942 Benjamin James (Nova Scotia politician), farmer and political figure in Nova Scotia Bernard James
Bernard James
(born 1985), American basketball player Bernie James (baseball)
Bernie James (baseball)
(1905–1994), American baseball player Bernie James (born 1958), English–born, American soccer player Bert James (baseball) (1886–1959), American baseball player Bert James (1914–2006), Australian politician Betty James
Betty James
(1918–2008), American businesswoman who named the slinky Bill James
Bill James
(other), multiple people

Bill James (pitcher, born 1887)
Bill James (pitcher, born 1887)
(1887–1942), baseball player Bill James (pitcher, born 1892)
Bill James (pitcher, born 1892)
(1892–1971), baseball player Bill James (novelist) (born 1929), novelist Bill James (American politician)
Bill James (American politician)
(born 1930), American politician Bill James
Bill James
(rower), New Zealand rower Bill James (Australian footballer) (born 1937), Australian rules footballer Bill James
Bill James
(born 1949), American baseball writer and historian Billy James (other), multiple people

Billy T. James
Billy T. James
(1948–1991), New Zealand comedian Billy James (basketball) (born 1950), American professional basketball player Billy James (rugby player) (born 1956), Welsh rugby union player Billy James (born 1960), American publicist, musician, and author known as Ant-Bee Billy James (publicist), American publicist and talent scout

Bob James (other), multiple people

Bob James (musician)
Bob James (musician)
(born 1939), jazz musician Bob James (rock singer) (born 1952), singer of Montrose, 1974–1976 Bob James (baseball) (born 1958), baseball player for the Expos, Tigers, and White Sox Bob James (country singer) (born 1960), representative of CMT Europe, 1995–1997

Brad James (born 1981), American actor Bradley James
Bradley James
(born 1983), English actor Bradley James
Bradley James
(1961–2012), American professional wrestler better known as Brad Armstrong Brandon James (born 1987), American footballer Brendan James
Brendan James
(born 1979), American singer/songwriter Brett James (footballer) (born 1972), Australian Rules footballer from South Australia Brett James
Brett James
(born 1968), American singer, songwriter and record producer Brian James (other), multiple people

Brian James (actor) (1918–2009), Australian TV actor Brian James (cricketer, born 1934) (1934–2000), English cricketer Brian James (cricketer, born 1941) (1941–2002), English cricketer Brian James (rugby league) (born 1943), Australian rugby league footballer Brian James (guitarist) (born 1955), British punk musician, former member of The Damned Brian James (basketball) (born 1956), American basketball coach Brian d'Arcy James
Brian d'Arcy James
(born 1968), American actor and musician Brian Girard James, better known as Road Dogg
Road Dogg
(born 1969), American professional wrestler Brian R. James
Brian R. James
(born 1974), American game designer and software engineer

Brion James (1945–1999), American character actor Butch James (born 1979), South African rugby player


C. L. R. James
C. L. R. James
(1901–1989), Trinidadian essayist and historian of the Haitian Revolution Candice James
Candice James
(born 1948), Canadian poet Carl James (1925–2005), American collegiate sports executive Carlos James (born 1971), American college baseball coach Carol James, New Zealand footballer Carol-Ann James, West Indian cricketer Carole James
Carole James
(born 1957), Canadian politician Carwyn James
Carwyn James
(1929–1983), Welsh rugby player Casey James
Casey James
(born 1982), American singer and guitarist Cecil James (1913–1999), English bassoonist Cedric James (born 1979), American footballer Charles and Charlie James (other), multiple people

Charles Tillinghast James
Charles Tillinghast James
(1805–1862), U.S. Senator from Rhode Island Charles James (MP) (1817–1890), British politician Charles Pinckney James (1818–1899), U.S. federal judge Charles James (chemist) (1880–1928), British–born discoverer of lutetium Charles James (footballer) (1882–1960), English footballer for Stoke Charles James (rugby league) (1891–1917), New Zealand rugby league footballer Charles Holloway James
Charles Holloway James
(1893–1953), British architect Charles James (designer)
Charles James (designer)
(1906–1978), British–American fashion designer Charles James (attorney) (born 1954), U.S. assistant attorney general Charles James (American football) (born 1990), American football cornerback

Charlie James (baseball) (born 1937), American baseball player

Chris James (baseball) (born 1962), American baseball player Chris James (racing driver) (born 1978), British auto racing driver and businessman Chris James (footballer)
Chris James (footballer)
(born 1987), New Zealand soccer player Christine James, Welsh poet and academic; Archdruid of Wales Christopher James, 5th Baron Northbourne (born 1926), British farmer and businessman Christopher James (poet) (born 1975), British poet Ciaran James (born 1991), British water polo player Chuck James (born 1981), American baseball player Clement James (footballer) (born 1981), British footballer Cleo James
Cleo James
(born 1940), American baseball player Clifton James (1921–2017), American actor Clive James (born 1939), Australian writer, poet, essayist, critic, and commentator on popular culture Colin James (bishop) (1926–2009), Bishop of Wakefield, 1977–1985, and Winchester, 1985–1995 Colin James (journalist) (born 1944), New Zealand journalist Colin James
Colin James
(born 1964), Canadian musician Connor James
Connor James
(born 1982), Canadian ice hockey player Craig James (other), multiple people

Craig T. James
Craig T. James
(born 1941), U.S. Representative from Florida Craig James (American football)
Craig James (American football)
(born 1961), American football player and sportscaster Craig James (economist) (born 1962), Australian economist Craig James (English footballer)
Craig James (English footballer)
(born 1982), English footballer


Dafydd James (born 1975), Welsh rugby union international and British Lion Dan and Daniel James (other), multiple people

Dan James (born 1937), American footballer

Daniel James (businessman)
Daniel James (businessman)
(1801–1876), one of the co-founders of Phelps, Dodge & Co. Daniel Willis James
Daniel Willis James
(1832–1907), American businessman Daniel James (Gwyrosydd) aka "Gwyrosydd" (1848–1920), Welsh poet and hymn-writer Daniel Lewis James (1911–1988), American author Daniel James, Jr.
Daniel James, Jr.
aka "Chappie" (1920–1978), African American USAF general Daniel James (historian) (born 1948), British historian and expert in Peronism Daniel James (soldier) (born 1962), British Army Corporal and interpreter, convicted of espionage Daniel James (game developer)
Daniel James (game developer)
(born 1971), British-Canadian video game developer Daniel James (music producer) (born 1975), Australian music producer and songwriter

Darren James (born 1960), Australian radio broadcaster Darren James (born 1964), American pornographic actor David James (other)

David James (actor, born 1839)
David James (actor, born 1839)
(1839–1893), English comic actor and one of the founders of London's Vaudeville Theatre David James (actor, born 1967) (born 1967), Australian television and film actor; and former presenter of ABC's Play School David James (actor, born 1972)
David James (actor, born 1972)
(born 1972), South African film, theater, and television actor known for playing Koobus Venter in the 2009 film District 9 David James (bishop) (born 1945), current Bishop of Bradford David James (cell biologist) (born 1958), cell biologist who discovered the glucose transporter GLUT4 David James (cricketer, born 1921) (1921–2002), Welsh cricketer David James (footballer)
David James (footballer)
(born 1970), English goalkeeper David James (photographer), professional headshot photographer David James (politician, born 1843) (1843–1921), member of the Wisconsin State Senate David James (politician, born 1919) (1919–1986), British politician and member of the Conservative Party David James, Baron James of Blackheath (born 1937), British corporate trouble-shooter, former chairman of the Millennium Dome, and author of the Conservative Party's James Report David James (rugby, born 1866)
David James (rugby, born 1866)
(1866–1929), Welsh international rugby player David James (rugby, born 1906) (1906–1981), Welsh rugby union and professional rugby league footballer David James (rugby, born 1985) (born 1985), Welsh rugby league player

Deborah Lee James
Deborah Lee James
(born 1958), United States Secretary of the Air Force Deborah James, American political activist Dennis James
Dennis James
(1917–1997), American actor and game show host Dennis James
Dennis James
(musician), American musician prominent in the revival of silent films Dennis James
Dennis James
(bodybuilder) (born 1969), African-American bodybuilder Diane James
Diane James
(born 1959), Ukip MEP Dick James
Dick James
(1920–1986), music publisher Dick James
Dick James
(American football) (1934–2000), American footballer Dominic James (born 1986), American basketball player Don and Donald James (other), multiple people

Don James (American football)
Don James (American football)
(1932–2013), American college football head coach Don James (video games), Nintendo executive

Donald James (surfer) (died 1996), American pre-WWII surfer Donald James (1931–2008), English novelist and television writer Donald Chris James (born 1962), American baseball player

Dorothy James (1901–1982), American composer Doug James (born 1962), American footballer and broadcaster Duncan Airlie James
Duncan Airlie James
(born 1961), Scottish kickboxer and actor Duncan James
Duncan James
(born 1978), British singer (Blue) Duncan James
Duncan James
(Australian singer) (fl. 2003–04), Australian singer


E. L. James
E. L. James
(born 1963), British author (Fifty Shades of Grey) E. O. James (1888–1972), anthropologist in the field of comparative religion Ed, Eddie and Eddy James (other), multiple people

Ed James (writer) (1908–1995), American writer and creator of the U.S. sitcom Father Knows Best Ed James (disc jockey) (born 1976), radio DJ

Eddie James (Canadian football) (1907–1958), Canadian football running back Eddie James
Eddie James
(born 1961), American murderer

Eddy James (1874–?), Australian rules footballer

Edgerrin James
Edgerrin James
(born 1978), American football player Edison James (born 1943), Prime Minister of Dominica Edmond James (1874–1952), British colonial administrator Edward James
Edward James
(other), multiple people

Edward James (martyr) (c.1557–1588), English Catholic priest and martyr Edward James (clergyman) (1569–1610?), Welsh clergyman and translator Edward James (judge) (1757–1841), judge and politician in Nova Scotia Edward James (barrister) (1807–1867), English barrister Edward James (Nova Scotia politician) (1825–1909), politician in Nova Scotia, Canada Edward Holton James
Edward Holton James
(1873–1954), American socialist Edward James (cricketer) (1896–1975), Welsh cricketer Edward James
Edward James
(1907–1984), British poet and art patron Edward James
Edward James
(historian) (born 1947), Professor of medieval history at University College Dublin

Edwin James (scientist)
Edwin James (scientist)
(1797–1861), American botanist, geographer, geologist and explorer Edwin James (lawyer)
Edwin James (lawyer)
(c. 1812–1882), English lawyer, Member of Parliament and would-be actor Edwin Leland James (1890–1951), American newspaper editor Eleanor James (born 1986), English actress Elinor James (1644–1719), British printer and writer Elmore James
Elmore James
(1918–1963), American musician Emrys James (1928–1989), Welsh actor Eric James (other), multiple people

Eric James (cricketer, 1881–1948), Australian cricketer Eric James, Baron James of Rusholme (1909–1992), English peer and academic Eric James (cricketer, 1923–1999), Australian cricketer Eric James (clergyman) (1925–2012), British Anglican clergyman

Erica James (born 1960), British novelist Etta James
Etta James
(1938–2012), American R&B and gospel singer Eugene James (1913–1933), American jockey Evan James (other), multiple people

Evan James (poet)
Evan James (poet)
(1809–1878), composer of the Welsh national anthem Evan James (civil servant) (1846–1923), of the Indian Civil Service Evan James (rugby)
Evan James (rugby)
(1869–1901), Welsh rugby international Evan James (cricketer) (1918–1989), Welsh cricketer Evan James (soccer) (born 1990), Canadian soccer player


Faruq Mahfuz Anam (born 1964), Bangladeshi singer, known as James (musician) Florence James (1902–1993), Australian author and literary agent Fob James
Fob James
(born 1934), American politician; 48th Governor of Alabama Frances James (soprano) (1903–1988), Canadian soprano Frances James (ecologist) (born 1930), American ecologist Francesca James (born 1949), American actress Francis James (congressman) (1799–1886), U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania Francis James (missionary) (1851–1900), British Christian missionary in China Francis James (1918–1992), Australian publisher Frank James
Frank James
(other), multiple people

Frank James (MP) (1821–1924), British politician Frank James
Frank James
(1843–1915), American outlaw Frank Linsly James
Frank Linsly James
(1851–1890), English explorer Frank Cyril James (1903–1973), Canadian academic and principal of McGill University Frank B. James
Frank B. James
(1912–2004), U.S. Air Force general Frank A. James, III, American historian

Fred James (other), multiple people Freddie James (born 1937), American football coach Frederic James (1915–1985), American artist Frederick James (artist) (1845–1907), American artist Frederick Seton James, (1870–1934), British colonial administrator Frederick Alexander James (1884–1957), Australian merchant and litigant


Gareth James (born 1984), English cricketer Gary James
Gary James
(born 1960), English drummer Garry James (born 1963), American footballer Gene James (1925–1997), American professional basketball player George James (other)

George James (soldier)
George James (soldier)
(1760–1811), colonel of the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers George Payne Rainsford James
George Payne Rainsford James
(1799–1860), novelist and historical writer George Wharton James
George Wharton James
(1858–1923), prolific popular lecturer and journalist George James (footballer) (1899–1976), English footballer George K. James
George K. James
(1905–1994), American college sports coach George James (musician)
James (musician)
(1906–1995), American jazz saxophonist George James (writer) (died c.1954), Guyanese writer George James, Jr., former head college football coach for the Kentucky State University Thorobreds

Gerald James (1917–2006), British actor Geraldine James (born 1950), English actress Gerard Luz James
Gerard Luz James
(born 1953), United States Virgin Islander politician, funeral director and businessman Gérard James, American set decorator Gerry James
Gerry James
(born 1934), Canadian football, and ice hockey player Gill James (born 1934), Australian politician Glenicia James (born 1974), West Indian cricketer Glyn James, Welsh footballer Gordon James (actor) (1878–1949) English actor Gordon C. James, American political consultant Graham James (other)


H. Evan James (fl.1908–1920), British Olympic fencer Harold and Harry James
Harry James
(other), multiple people

Harold James (archer) Harold James (historian) (born 1956) Harold James (Pennsylvania politician), State Representative

Harry James (Australian rules footballer) (1877–19??) Harry James (American football)
Harry James (American football)
(1881–1947) Harry James
Harry James
(1916–1983), American musician

Helen F. James (born 1956), American paleornithologist Henry James
Henry James
(other), multiple people

Henry James (British Army officer)
Henry James (British Army officer)
(1803–1877), director-general of the Ordnance Survey Henry James, Sr.
Henry James, Sr.
(1811–1882), American theologian Henry James, 1st Baron James of Hereford
Henry James, 1st Baron James of Hereford
(1828–1911), English lawyer and statesman Henry James
Henry James
(1843–1916), American author and critic Henry Evan Murchison James (1846–1923), British officer in the Indian Civil Service, explorer and writer Henry James
Henry James
(priest) (1864–1949), Dean of Bangor Cathedral, 1934–1940 Henry James
Henry James
(biographer) (1879–1947), winner of the 1931 Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography Henry James
Henry James
(basketball) (born 1965), American basketball player

Hilary James, British musician Hilda James
Hilda James
(1904–1982), British Olympic swimmer Horace James (born 1984), Jamaican footballer Hugh James (1890–19??), Australian Rules footballer from Victoria


Iain James, English singer/songwriter Ian James (athlete) (born 1963), Canadian Olympic long jumper Ifor James (1931–2004), British musician and teacher


Jack James (Australian rules footballer) (born 1892), played for St Kilda and Richmond in Victoria Jack James (fencer), competed for Britain in the team foil event at the 1928 Summer Olympics Jack James (rocket engineer)
Jack James (rocket engineer)
(1920-2001), American who worked on NASA's Mariner program Jackie James, Scottish musician James James
James James
(1833–1902), Welsh musician (composer of 'Land of my Fathers') Jamie James (born 1953), Canadian guitarist and singer/songwriter Jason James (other), multiple people

Jason James (musician)
James (musician)
(born 1981), Welsh musician Jason James (footballer)
Jason James (footballer)
(born 1982), Grenadian football player Jason James (basketball), American college basketball coach

Jay James (Bullet for My Valentine)
Jay James (Bullet for My Valentine)
(born 1981), Welsh musician Jeff James (1941–2006), American baseball player Jeff James (musician)
James (musician)
(born 1988), American singer and songwriter Jeffrey James, Australian news anchor Jennifer James (born 1977), English actress Jeremy James (sculptor) (born 1964), British sculptor Jeremy James (singer/songwriter) (born 1978), American musician Jesse James
Jesse James

Jesse James
Jesse James
(1847–1882), American outlaw, member of the James-Younger Gang Jesse E. James
Jesse E. James
(1875–1951), only surviving son of American outlaw Jesse James Jesse James
Jesse James
(Texas Treasurer) (1904–1977), Texas State Treasurer Jesse James
Jesse James
(customizer) (born 1969), custom vehicle maker and American television personality Jesse James
Jesse James
(actor) (born 1989), American actor Jesse James
Jesse James
(American football) (born 1994), American football player Jesse James
Jesse James
(songwriter), writer of the 1968 hit instrumental "The Horse"

Jill James, American biochemist Jim James
Jim James
(born 1978), American musician Joe James (other)

Joe James (racing driver) (1925–1952), American racecar driver Joe James (American football), head football coach for the Howard Payne University Yellow Jackets Joe James (soccer) (born 1961), U.S. soccer defender

John James (other):

John James (architect)
John James (architect)
(1673–1746), English architect John James (actor) (born 1956), American actor John James (Australian rules footballer) (born 1934), Australian Rules footballer

Jonathan James (1983–2008), American cybercriminal Joni James
Joni James
(born 1930), American singer Joseph James and Joseph James, Jr., (born c.1790 and 1820 respectively), Native American interpreters Joseph Melton James (born 1939), American professional wrestler better known as Bob Armstrong; patriarch of the Armstrong wrestling family Joseph Scott James (born 1959), American professional wrestler and wrestling referee better known as Scott Armstrong; son of Bob Armstrong Justin James
Justin James
(born 1984), American business owner


Kamara James
Kamara James
(1984–2014), American Olympic fencer Kasey James (born 1982), American wrestler Kelly James
Kelly James
(1958–2006), American mountain climber Ken, Kenneth and Kenny James (other), multiple people

Ken James (cricketer)
Ken James (cricketer)
(1904–1976), former New Zealand Test cricketer Ken James (politician) (born 1934), former Canadian Member of Parliament Ken James (Australian actor) (born 1948)

Kenneth Tyler James, musician

Kenny James (American football) (born 1984)

Kevin James
Kevin James
(other), multiple people

Kevin James (pornographic actor) (1954–1990), American pornographic actor Kevin James (magician)
Kevin James (magician)
(born 1962), French-born American magician Kevin James (broadcaster) (born 1963), conservative radio host and political commentator Kevin James
Kevin James
(born 1965), American actor and comedian Kevin James
Kevin James
(Scottish footballer) (born 1975), footballer for Ayr United Kevin James
Kevin James
(terrorist) (born c.1976), American who pleaded guilty to planning terrorist attacks in California Kevin James
Kevin James
(English footballer) (born 1980), footballer for Dulwich Hamlet

Kirani James
Kirani James
(born 1992), Grenadian sprinter


L. Dean James (born 1947), American writer Larry James
Larry James
(other), multiple people

Larry James
Larry James
(1947–2008) American Olympic sprinter Larry M. James
Larry M. James
(born 1950), President and CEO of CitySquare Larry D. James, Lt. General in the United States Air Force Larry C. James, former chief psychologist at Guantanamo, and author of Fixing Hell

Laura James (nurse) (1880 - 1969), New Zealand nurse in World War I Laura James (born 1990), American model LeBron James
LeBron James
(born 1984), American basketball player Lee James (politician) (born 1948), member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Lee James (born 1953) American weightlifter Lee S. James
Lee S. James
(born 1973), English golfer Lee James (BBC) (fl. 2009), British sports broadcaster Leela James
Leela James
(born 1983), American singer Leighton James (born 1953), Welsh footballer Lennie James
Lennie James
(born 1965), English actor Les James
Les James
(1890–1917), Australian rules footballer Letitia James
Letitia James
(born 1958), American lawyer, activist, and politician in Brooklyn Lily James
Lily James
(born 1989), English actress Lionel James (born 1962), American football player Linda James (born 1951), British–born New Zealand artist Liz James, British art historian Louisa James (born 1979), English journalist and newsreader Luke James
Luke James

Luke James (English singer) (born 1952), British singer and guitarist Luke James (footballer)
Luke James (footballer)
(born 1994), midfielder for Peterborough United F.C. Luke James
Luke James
American R&B singer

Lulu James
Lulu James
(born c.1992), British electronic and soul singer


Mabel Moir James (1917-2010), Dominican politician Margaret Calkin James, fashion designer Margot James
Margot James
(born 1957), British politician Marion James
Marion James
(1934–2015), American blues singer and songwriter Mark James (other), multiple people

Mark James (songwriter) (born 1940), American songwriter Mark James (golfer)
Mark James (golfer)
(born 1953), English golfer Mark Andrew James, American conductor and oboist

Markus James, American blues singer, songwriter and guitarist Martin James (other), multiple people

Martin S. James (1920–2011), English-American art historian Martin James (cricketer) (born 1963), English cricketer Martin James (footballer) (born 1971), English professional football player

Marty James, American singer/songwriter Marvin James (born 1989), Swiss snowboarder Mary James (educator), Associate Director of Research at the University of Cambridge Mathew, Matt, Matthew and Matty James
Matty James
(other), multiple people

Mathew James (umpire) (born 1974), Australian rules football umpire

Matt James (game designer)
Matt James (game designer)
(born 1981), American game designer Matt James (rugby league)
Matt James (rugby league)
(born 1987), British rugby league player Matt James (TV presenter), British host of shows such as The City Gardener

Matthew C. James 19th century Marine architect, poet and songwriter Matthew James (politician)
Matthew James (politician)
(born 1955), American politician from Virginia Matthew James (actor), American actor

Matty James
Matty James
(Matthew Lee James, born 1991), English footballer for Leicester City

Max James (born 1951), Australian rules footballer from South Australia Mel James, Welsh rugby union and rugby league footballer Melville James (1877–1957), Australian Anglican bishop Merlin James (born 1960), British artist M. E. Clifton James (1898–1963), British actor, impersonator of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery Michael, Mickie and Mike James (other), multiple people

Michael James (singer), British singer and songwriter Michael James (politician), Canadian politician of the early 20th century Michael James (Australian footballer) (born 1971), Australian rules footballer Michael James (producer), American record producer, guitarist, and mixing engineer Michael James (quilt artist)
Michael James (quilt artist)
(born 1949), American artist

Mickie James
Mickie James
(born 1979), American professional wrestler

Mike James (baseball) (born 1967), American baseball player Mike James (rugby union) (born 1973), Canadian rugby union player Mike James (basketball, born 1975), American basketball player Mike James (basketball, born 1990), American basketball player Mike James (American football)
Mike James (American football)
(born 1991)

Miles James (1829–1871), American soldier and Medal of Honour recipient M. R. James (1862–1936), British mediaeval scholar Morgan James
Morgan James
(born 1981), American singer/songwriter and actress


Naomi James (born 1949), New Zealand sailor Natalie James, married name of Natalie Caine (1909–2008), English oboist Nate James
Nate James
(born 1977), British singer/songwriter Nate James
Nate James
(basketball) (born 1977), American basketball player Neil James (c.1961–2014), English rugby league footballer Nick James (other) Nicky James (1943–2007), British musician and songwriter Norman James (other), multiple people

Norman L. James (1840–1918), American politician Norman B. James
Norman B. James
(1872–1963), Canadian politician Norman James (footballer) (1908–1985), English footballer Norman James (broadcaster)
Norman James (broadcaster)
Canadian sports broadcaster


Oliver James (other)

Oliver James (psychologist) (born 1953), psychologist, journalist, author and television presenter Oliver James (entertainer) (born 1980), English musician, singer, songwriter and actor Oliver James (footballer) (born 1987), English professional footballer Oliver James (cricketer) (born 1990), Welsh cricketer


P. D. James
P. D. James
(1920–2014), British crime writer Peter James (historian), British historian Peter James (writer)
Peter James (writer)
(born 1948), British writer Paul James (other) Polly James (born 1941), British actor


Raji James (born 1970), British actor Ralph Duncan James
Duncan James
(1909–1979), English and Canadian mathematician Reginald W. James
Reginald W. James
(1891–1964), English and South African naturalist and physicist Richard James (other):

Richard James (scholar) (1592–1638), English scholar and librarian Richard James (musician), British musician Richard D. James (born 1971), British musician known as Aphex Twin Richard D. James (scientist) (born 1952), American scientist Richard T. James
Richard T. James
(1914–1974), American co-inventor of the Slinky

Rick James
Rick James
(1948–2004), African-American funk and soul musician Rob, Robbie and Robert James (other)

Rob James (singer) (born 1977), Canadian pop singer Rob James (magician) (born 1978), British magician Rob James (guitarist), member of The Clarks

Robbie James
Robbie James
(1957–1998), Welsh soccer player

Robert James (physician)
Robert James (physician)
(1703–1776), English physician Robert S. James (1818–1850), father of the American outlaw Jesse James Robert James (headmaster) (1905–1982), headmaster of St Paul's School and of Harrow School Robert James (actor) (1924–2004), Scottish actor Robert Rhodes James (1933–1999), British historian and Conservative Member of Parliament Robert G. James (born 1946), United States District Court judge Robert James (defensive back) (born 1947), played in the National Football League, 1969–1974 Robert James (linebacker)
Robert James (linebacker)
(born 1983), drafted by the Atlanta Falcons, 2008


Sally James (other) Scott James (born 1994), Australian snowboarder. Sharpe James (born 1936), American politician Sid James
Sid James
(1913–1976), South African born British actor and comedian Skip James (1902–1969), American blues singer and guitarist Sonny James
Sonny James
(1928-2016), American country singer Steve James (other):

Steve James (cricketer) (born 1967), English cricketer Steve James (snooker player) (born 1961), English snooker player Steve James (actor) (1952–1993), American actor Steve James (footballer) (born 1949), English soccer player Steve James (born 1965), American professional wrestler better known as Steve Armstrong


T. G. H. James (1923–2009), British Egyptologist, known as Harry James Tessa James
Tessa James
(born 1991), Australian actress Tommy James
Tommy James
(born 1947), American musician Tony James (born 1958), British musician


Val James (born 1957), American ice hockey player


Walter James
Walter James
(1863–1943), Premier of Western Australia from 1902 to 1904 and an ardent supporter of the federation movement Wendy James (born 1966), British singer William James
William James

William James
William James
(1842–1910), American philosopher William James
William James
(naval commander) (1720–1783), British naval commander W. Frank James
Frank James
(1873–1945), US Congressman William H. James (1831–1920), second governor of Nebraska


Yolande James (born 1977), Canadian politician

Fictional Characters[edit]

Jeremy James, a character in the novel Adventures with Jeremy James Kenny James (My Name is Earl), a character on My Name is Earl Julie James, a character on I Know What You Did Last Summer


Angela James Bowl, Canadian ice hockey trophy "Bobby James", song by N*E*R*D The ClementJames Centre, a British charity based in London Colin James
Colin James
(album), the 1988 debut album from Canadian musician Colin James Ellen James Society, American rock band Isaac James, American rock band HMS Mary James, two ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Mary James

See also[edit]

James (other) Jameson (other) Jamison (other)


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