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Józef Skrobiński (born 26 January 1910 in Wólka near Mława, died on 22 January 1979 in Łódź) was a Polish film director and painter. Biography[edit] Józef Skrobiński was born on 26 January 1910 in Wólka near Mława (now Mława) in Poland. In 1930–1934 he studied mathematics at the Warsaw University and painting in professor W. Witwicki's class. In 1946 he started his work at the Animated Film Studio and then in Education Film Studio. Skrobiński was a specialist in animated films. Starting in 1951, he made his own films as a director. The subjects of his films were astronomy, mathematics, and physics. He also made some films at Studio of Animated Films in Łódź. Skrobiński directed or produced over 40 animated and popular science films or films for schools.[1] Skrobiński as a painter belonged to the ‘realism school' in paintings. His paintings were presented at national and regional painting exhibitions in Poland and abroad in the period 1946 - 1979. He was a member of the Association of Polish Artists. In 1979 the city of Łódź recognized him with a lifetime achievement award in painting. References[edit]

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