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Ivan, Son of the White Devil
Ivan, Son of the White Devil
(Italian: Ivan, il figlio del diavolo bianco, also known just as Ivan) is a 1953 Italian adventure film written and directed by Guido Brignone
Guido Brignone
and starring Paul Campbell and Nadia Gray.[1] It grossed 345 million lire at the Italian box office.[2]


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Paul Campbell as Ivan Nadia Gray
Nadia Gray
as Princess Alina Arnoldo Foà
Arnoldo Foà
as Emir Abdul Nando Bruno
Nando Bruno
as Boris Erica Vaal Pahlen as Myriam Alda Mangini as Dunia Alberto Sorrentino
Alberto Sorrentino
as Stepan Sandro Ruffini Mario Feliciani Nerio Bernardi Guido Celano Ugo Sasso Agostino Salvietti Pietro Tordi


^ Anonimo. "Ivan, il figlio del diavolo bianco". Segnalazioni cinematografiche, Volume XXXIV, 1953. ^ Roberto Chiti; Roberto Poppi; Enrico Lancia. Dizionario del cinema italiano: I film. Gremese, 1991. ISBN 8876055487. 

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Ivan, Son of the White Devil
Ivan, Son of the White Devil
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