Ist or IST may refer to:

Information Science and Technology

* Bachelor's or Master's degree in Information Science and Technology * Graduate School / Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Hokkaido University, Japan * Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo, Japan * IST initiative of Stanford University, USA


* Ist (island), an island in the Adriatic Sea * Istanbul Airport (IATA code)

Schools and organizations

* Institute of Science and Technology, Austria, IST Austria * Institute of Science and Technology, Bangladesh, Dhaka * Institute of Science and Technology, West Bengal, India * Institute of Space Technology, in Islamabad, Pakistan * International Socialist Tendency, grouping of Marxist organisations * Instituto Superior Técnico, school of engineering, University of Lisbon, Portugal * Institute for Simulation and Training, at the University of Central Florida, US * International School of Tanganyika, Tanzania * International School of Toulouse, a school in the south of France * International Spartacist Tendency * International School Tripoli * Penn State College of Information Sciences and Technology, Pennsylvania, USA


* IS Tighennif, a football club based in Algeria

Science and technology

* Inappropriate sinus tachycardia, an uncommon type of cardiac arrhythmia * Interrupt Stack Table, an AMD64 instruction set extension * InterSwitch Trunk, Avaya enhancement to Link aggregation * ist, the file extension for files created by the now-obsolete Adobe ImageStyler * ''Information and Software Technology'', a journal


* Internal set theory, an axiomatic basis for part of non-standard analysis * Inverse scattering transform, a method for solving some non-linear partial differential equations

Time zones

* Indian Standard Time * Irish Standard Time * Israel Standard Time

Other uses

* Ist (band), an English band * Istriot, a Romance language spoken in Croatia (ISO 639-3 language code ist) * Toyota ist, a subcompact car made in Japan by Toyota

See also

* Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T), a research and education organization in the field of imaging {{disambiguation|geo