The Island Council is the legislature of the Pitcairn Islands.


The Council has ten members, seven (five Councillors, the Mayor, and the Deputy Mayor) of whom are elected by popular vote and are the only members that are allowed to vote during any Council meeting. The other three are ex-officio members: the Administrator (who serves as both the head of government and the representative of the Governor of the Pitcairn Islands), the Governor, and the Deputy Governor. The Councillors and the Deputy Mayor all serve two year terms. The Mayor is elected for three years and is eligible to serve a second term in office, whilst the Administrator is appointed by the Governor for an indefinite term.[1]


The presiding officer of the council was traditionally the Magistrate, who held executive, legislative, and judicial authority. Following a constitutional review in 1998, this office was divided and replaced by the Mayor and the council chairman, effective from 1999).

Until 2011 the Governor appointed a second member of the Council. However, this position was scrapped in favour of introducing the fifth elected seat.[2]

Council membership

As of 23 November 2016,[3] the current composition of the Island Council is:

Voting Members:

  • Mayor: Shawn Christian (Re-elected for a second term on 9 November 2016[4]),
  • Deputy Mayor: Charlene Warren-Peu,
  • Councillors: Lea Brown, Darralyn Griffiths, Michele Christian, Leslie Jaques, and Brenda Christian;

Non-voting (ex-officio) Members: