Investigator Shoal, known as Yuya Ansha (Chinese: 榆亚暗沙) in China, Terumbu Peninjau in Malaysia, Pawikan in the Philippines, and bãi Thám hiểm in Vietnam, is located in the SW of Dangerous Ground in the Spratly Islands of the South China Sea.[1]

It is an atoll above water at low tide; some large rocks at the western end might be visible at high water. The atoll has a total length of 32.1 kilometres (19.9 mi) and is up to 10.6 km wide.[2] The total area of the atoll is 188 square kilometres (73 sq mi). The lagoon is up to 45 meters deep.[3]

The Royal Malaysian Navy has maintained an "offshore naval station" there called "Station Papa" since 1999.[4]


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