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The INTROSPECTION RUNDOWN is a controversial Church of Scientology auditing process that is intended to handle a psychotic episode or complete mental breakdown . Introspection is defined for the purpose of this rundown as a condition where the person is "looking into one's own mind, feelings, reactions, etc." The result is "the person extroverted, no longer looking inward worriedly continuously without end."

The Introspection Rundown
Introspection Rundown
came under public scrutiny after the death of Lisa McPherson in 1995. The rundown was created by L. Ron Hubbard , founder of Scientology, and released 24 January 1974.


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In Scientology, a rundown is a procedure set out as a series of steps to produce a particular result, or phenomenon.

Hubbard outlined the Introspection Rundown
Introspection Rundown
in three technical bulletins:

* HCO Bulletin 23 January 1974RB, Revised 25 April 1991: "The Technical Breakthrough of 1973! The Introspection RD" * HCO Bulletin 20 February 1974R, Revised 25 April 1991: "Introspection RD, Additional Actions" * HCO Bulletin 6 March 1974: "Introspection RD, Second Addition, Information to C/Ses, Fixated Attention"

All three bulletins are publicly available for purchase. They