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The International Skating Union
International Skating Union
(ISU) is the international governing body for competitive ice skating disciplines, including figure skating, synchronized skating, speed skating, and short track speed skating.[2] It was founded in Scheveningen, Netherlands, in July 1892, making it one of the oldest international sport federations. The ISU was formed to establish standardized international rules and regulations for the skating disciplines it governs, and to organize international competitions in these disciplines. It is now based in Lausanne, Switzerland.


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History[edit] The International Skating Union
International Skating Union
(ISU) was founded in 1892 to govern speed skating and figure skating. [3] In 1895, the ISU streamlined its mission to deal only with amateur competitors and not professionals. The organization hosted its first amateur skating championship in February 1896 in St. Petersburg, Russia.[4] The United States
United States
and Canada
formed a competing organization, the International Skating Union
International Skating Union
of America (ISUA), in 1907.[5] Within the next two years, twelve European nations had joined the ISU, and the ISUA had only its original members.[6] The ISUA folded in 1927.[7] European and North American figure skaters rarely competed against each other due to differences in their styles of skating.[8] The ISU had "systematized and arranged" the sport of figure skating,[8] with competitions including "a selection of ten or twelve numbers from the I. S. U. programme, ... five minutes' free skating to music, ... [and] special figures" on one foot.[6] In 1911, Canada
joined the ISU, leaving the United States
United States
as the only major competitor to not be a member.[8] Short track speed skating
Short track speed skating
gained its own world championship event, hosted by the ISU, in 1976. At the time, the sport was known as indoor speed skating, but it was renamed short-track when indoor rinks for the longer speed skating events were introduced.[9] By 1988, 38 nations had joined the ISU. Within the next few years, the ISU abandoned one of its long-held practices, eliminating the use of mandatory figures in the singles' figure skating competitions and reducing their use in ice dancing.[10] After the 2002 Winter Olympics
2002 Winter Olympics
in Salt Lake City, Utah, the ISU implemented sweeping changes to many of its events. In one of the short track speed skating events, Apolo Anton Ohno
Apolo Anton Ohno
was awarded the gold medal after the disqualification of Kim Dong-Sung. Although the South Korean delegation protested the disqualification, ISU rules did not allow for a review of the official's call. Several months later, the ISU approved the use of video replay, when available, to review referee decisions.[11] The rules for judging figure skating were also changed as the result of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games
Olympic Winter Games
figure skating scandal. According to Ottavio Cinquanta, president of the ISU, "'Something was wrong there,' ... 'Not just the individual but also the system. It existed for 70 years. Now we are trying to replace one system with another.'"[12] A new figure skating judging system took effect in 2004, eliminating the 6.0 system perfect scores and instead giving points for various technical elements.[13] ISU Championships[edit] In addition to sanctioning other international competitions, the ISU designates the following competitions each year as "ISU Championships": Speed skating:

Long track:

World Allround Speed Skating Championships World Single Distances Speed Skating Championships (held only in non-Olympic years) World Sprint Speed Skating Championships World Junior Speed Skating Championships European Speed Skating Championships

Short track:

World Short Track Speed Skating Championships World Short Track Speed Skating Team Championships World Junior Short Track Speed Skating Championships European Short Track Speed Skating Championships

Figure skating:

World Figure Skating Championships World Junior Figure Skating Championships World Synchronized Skating Championships World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships European Figure Skating Championships Four Continents Figure Skating Championships

Note that events such as the Olympic Winter Games
Olympic Winter Games
and the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating are not ISU Championships. However, they do count towards Personal Best scores. First world championships[edit] Dates and locations of first world championships in various disciplines held under the auspices of the ISU:

1893: Speed skating
Speed skating
(men only), Amsterdam 1896: Figure skating
Figure skating
(men only), St. Petersburg 1906: Figure skating
Figure skating
(ladies), Davos 1908: Figure skating
Figure skating
(pairs), St. Petersburg 1936: Speed skating
Speed skating
(women), Stockholm 1952: Figure skating
Figure skating
(ice dance), Paris 1970: Sprint speed skating, West Allis, Wisconsin 1978: Short track speed skating, Solihull, UK 2000: Synchronized skating, Minneapolis

Cooperation with other sports[edit] ISU has an agreement with Federation of International Bandy
Federation of International Bandy
to use the same arenas. The cooperation between the two federations is increasing, since both have an interest in more indoor venues with large ice surfaces being built.[14] Organization[edit] As of the summer of 2008, the ISU consisted of 63 member nations, with a governing council of 11. To add any proposal to the agenda of meetings, it must have support from four-fifths of the members. Proposals on the agenda are approved with a two-thirds majority vote.[15] Presidents of the ISU[edit]

1892–1895 Pim Mulier 1895–1925 Viktor Balck 1925–1937 Ulrich Salchow 1937–1945 Gerrit W. A. van Laer 1945–1953 Herbert J. Clarke 1953–1967 James Koch 1967–1967 Ernst Labin 1967–1980 Jacques Favart 1980–1994 Olaf Poulsen 1994–2016 Ottavio Cinquanta 2016–present Jan Dijkema

Members[edit] Members accordning to the ISU website.[16] In many countries, figure skating and speed skating are governed by different federations, but both can be members of the ISU; the national federations are ISU members for figure skating, for speed skating or for both. Some of these national federations also govern other sports in their countries, but are not ISU members in that capacity. Apart from the national governing bodies, there are also some old skating clubs which are members in their own rights.

Country: Admitted: National Federation: Homepage: Membership: Note:

 Andorra 1995 Andorran Federation of Ice Sports/Federació Andorrana d'Esports de Gel [1] Figure skating

 Argentina 2004 Federacion Argentina
De Patinaje Sobre Hielo [2] Figure skating

 Argentina 2006 Argentine Ice Speed Skaters Union [3] Speed skating

 Armenia 2006 Figure Skating Federation Of Armenia none Figure skating

 Australia 1932 Ice Skating Australia
Incorporated [4] Figure skating

 Australia 1957 Australian Ice Racing Inc. [5] Speed skating

 Austria 1995 Austria
Speed Skating Association/Österreichischer Eisschnelllauf Verband [6] Speed skating

 Austria 1995 Skate Austria/Österreichischer Eiskunstlauf Verband [7] Figure skating

 Azerbaijan 1993 The Skating Federation Of Azerbaijan
Republic [8] Figure skating

 Belarus 1992 Skating Union of Belarus/Белорусский союз конькобежцев [9] Figure skating Speed skating

 Belgium 1979 Federation Royale Belge de Patinage Artistique [10] Figure skating

 Belgium 1979 Federation Royale Belge De Patinage De Vitesse/Koninklijke Belgische Snelschaatsfederatie [11] Speed skating

 Bosnia and Herzegovina 1994 Skating Federation Of Bosnia And Herzegovina [12] Figure skating Speed skating

 Brazil 2002 Brazilian Ice Sports Federation [13] Figure skating

 Bulgaria 2002 Bulgarian Skating Federation [14] Figure skating Speed skating

 Cambodia 2017 Cambodia
Ice Skating Federation Facebook Figure skating Provisional member

 Canada 1947 Skate Canada/Patinage Canada [15] Figure skating

 Canada 1894 Speed Skating Canada [16] Speed skating

 China 1956 Chinese Skating Association/中国滑冰协会 [17] Figure skating Speed skating

 Chinese Taipei 1983 Chinese Taipei
Chinese Taipei
Skating Union/中華民國滑冰協會 [18][19] Figure skating Speed skating

 Colombia 2015 Colombia
Federation of Skating Sports/Federación Colombiana de Patinaje [20] Speed skating Provisional member

 Croatia 1992 Croatian Skating Federation/Hrvatski klizački savez [21] Figure skating Speed skating

 Cyprus 1995 Cyprus
Skating Federation [22] Figure skating

 Czech Republic 1923 Czech Figure Skating Association/Český krasobruslařský svaz [23] Figure skating Originally represented Czechoslovakia

 Czech Republic 1991 Czech Speed Skating Federation/Český svaz rychlobruslení [24] Speed skating

 Denmark 1913 Danish Skate Union/Dansk Skøjte Union [25] Figure skating Speed skating

 DPR Korea 1957 Skating Association of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea none Figure skating Speed skating

 Estonia 1928 The Estonian Skating Union [26] Figure skating Speed skating

 Finland 1960 Finnish Figure Skating Association/Suomen Taitoluisteluliitto [27] Figure skating

 Finland 1908 Finnish Skate Association/Suomen Luisteluliitto [28] Speed skating

 France 1908 French Federation of Ice Sports/Fédération Française des Sports de Glace [29] Figure skating Speed skating

 Georgia 1992 Georgian Figure Skating Federation none Figure skating

 Germany 1950 German Skating Union/Deutsche Eislauf-Union e.V. [30] Figure skating

 Germany 1950 German Speed Skating Community/Deutsche Eisschnelllauf-Gemeinschaft [31] Speed skating

 Great Britain 1892 National Ice Skating Association
National Ice Skating Association
of UK Ltd. [32] Figure skating Speed skating Founding member

 Greece 2015 Hellenic Winter Sports Federation/Ελληνική Ομοσπονδία Xειμερινών Αθλημάτων [33] Figure skating Provisional member

 Hong Kong/China 1983 Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Skating Union Limited/香港滑冰聯盟 [34] Figure skating Speed skating

 Hungary 1908 Hungarian National Skating Federation/Magyar Országos Korcsolyázó Szövetség [35] Figure skating Speed skating

 Iceland 2000 Icelandic Skating Association/Skautasamband Íslands [36] Figure skating

 India 2003 Ice Skating Association of India [37] Figure skating Speed skating

 Indonesia 2013 Federasi Ice Skating Indonesia [38] Figure skating Speed skating

 Republic of Ireland 2008 Ice Skating Association of Ireland [39] Figure skating Speed skating Provisional member for speed skating

 Israel 1992 Israel
Ice Skating Federation [40] Figure skating Speed skating

 Italy 2008 Italian Ice Sports Federation/Federazione Italiana Sport Del Ghiaccio [41] Figure skating Speed skating

 Japan 1926 Japan
Skating Federation/公益財団法人 日本スケート連盟 [42] Figure skating Speed skating

 Kazakhstan 1992 National Skating Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan [43] Figure skating Speed skating

 Kyrgyzstan 2014 Skating Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic/Каток Городской [44] Figure skating

 Latvia 1926 Latvian Skating Association [45] Figure skating Speed skating

 Liechtenstein 2014 Liechtensteinian Skating Association/Liechtensteiner Eislauf Verband none Figure skating

 Lithuania 1980 Lithuanian Skating Federation none Figure skating

 Lithuania 1980 Lithuanian Speed Skating Association none Speed skating

 Luxembourg 1971 Luxembourgian Union of Skating/Union Luxembourgeoise de Patinage [46] Figure skating

 Luxembourg 1996 Luxembourgian Union of Speed Skating/Union Luxembourgeoise de Patinage de Vitesse [47] Speed skating

 Macedonia 2017 Skating Federation of Macedonia [48] Figure skating Provisional member

 Malaysia 2009 Ice Skating Association of Malaysia ? Figure skating Speed skating

 Mexico 1987 Federacion Mexicana de Patinaje Sobre Hielo y Deportes de Invierno none Figure skating

 Moldova 2014 Figure Skating Federation of the Republic of Moldova none Figure skating

 Monaco 2003 Monegasque Federating of Skating/Federation Monegasque De Patinage none Figure skating

 Mongolia 1960 Skating Union of Mongolia none Figure skating Speed skating

 Morocco 2011 Association of Moroccan Ice Sports none Figure skating

 Netherlands 1892 Royal Dutch Skating Federation/Koninklijke Nederlandsche Schaatsenrijders Bond [49] Figure skating Speed skating Founding member

 New Zealand 1964 New Zealand
New Zealand
Ice Figure Skating Association Inc. [50] Figure skating

 New Zealand 1983 Ice Speed Skating New Zealand
New Zealand
Inc. [51] Speed skating

 Norway 1894 Norwegian Skating Association/Norges Skøyteforbund [52] Figure skating Speed skating

 Philippines 2004 Philippine Skating Union none Figure skating Speed skating

 Poland 1987 Polish Figure Skating Association [53] Figure skating

 Poland 1925 Polish Speed Skating Association/Polski Związek Łyżwiarstwa Szybkiego [54] Speed skating

 Qatar 2014 Qatar
Skating Federation ? Speed skating

 South Korea 1948 Korea Skating Union/대한빙상경기연맹 [55] Figure skating Speed skating

 Romania 1933 Romanian Skating Federation [56] Figure skating Speed skating

 Russia 1991 The Figure Skating Federation of Russia/Федерация фигурного катания на коньках России [57] Figure skating

 Russia 1991 Russian Skating Union/Главная страница сайта [58] Speed skating

 Serbia 2006 Serbian Skating Association [59] Figure skating Speed skating

 Singapore 2008 Singapore
Ice Skating Association [60] Figure skating Speed skating

 Slovakia 1993 Slovak Figure Skating Association/Slovenský Krasokorčuliarsky Zväz [61] Figure skating

 Slovakia 1998 Slovak Speed Skating Union/Slovenský Rýchlokorčuliarsky Zväz [62] Speed skating

 Slovenia 1992 Slovene Skating Union [63] Figure skating Speed skating

 South Africa 1938 South African Figure Skating Association [64] Figure skating

 South Africa 1938 South African Speed Skating Association none Speed skating

 Spain 1956 Spanish Ice Sports Federation/Federación Española de Deportes de Hielo [65] Figure skating Speed skating

 Sweden 1892 Stockholms Allmänna Skridskoklubb [66] Club member Founding member

 Sweden 1946 Swedish Figure Skating/Svenska Konståkningsförbundet [67] Figure skating

 Sweden 1905 Swedish Skating Federation/Svenska Skridskoförbundet [68] Speed skating

  Switzerland 1896 Internationaler Schlittschuh-Club Davos [69] Club member

  Switzerland 1911 Swiss Ice Skating [70] Figure skating Speed skating

 Thailand 1988 Figure and Speed Skating Association of Thailand none Figure skating Speed skating

 Turkey 1990 Turkish Ice Skating Federation [71] Figure skating Speed skating

 Ukraine 1992 Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation/Українська федерація фігурного катання на ковзанах [72] Figure skating

 Ukraine 1992 Ukrainian Speed Skating Federation/Федерація ковзанярського спорту України [73] Speed skating

 United Arab Emirates 2013 United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
Ice Sports Federation [74] Figure skating

 United States 1923 United States
United States
Figure Skating Association [75] Figure skating

 United States 1965 U.S. Speedskating [76] Speed skating

 Uzbekistan 1992 Winter Sports Association of Uzbekistan none Figure skating Speed skating

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ISU official web site ISU Judging System
ISU Judging System
- Official site for ISU's judging system (software and manuals)

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