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''Intensive Care Medicine'' is a monthly peer reviewed
medical journal A medical journal is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that communicates medical information to physicians, other health professionals. Journals that cover many medical specialties are sometimes called general medical journals. History The fir ...
intensive care Intensive care medicine, also called critical care medicine, is a medical specialty that deals with seriously or critically ill patients who have, are at risk of, or are recovering from conditions that may be life-threatening. It includes pro ...
or critical care and
emergency medicine Emergency medicine is the medical speciality concerned with the care of illnesses or injuries requiring immediate medical attention. Emergency physicians (often called “ER doctors” in the United States) continuously learn to care for unsc ...
. It was established in 1975 as the ''European Journal of Intensive Care Medicine'' and obtained its current name in 1977. It is the official journal of th
European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
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Giuseppe Citerio
( University of Milano Bicocca). It is published by
Springer Science+Business Media Springer Science+Business Media, commonly known as Springer, is a German multinational publishing company of books, e-books and peer-reviewed journals in science, humanities, technical and medical (STM) publishing. Originally founded in 1842 in ...
. "Intensive Care Medicine" is the publication platform for communicating and exchanging current work and ideas in intensive care medicine. It is intended for all those who are involved in intensive medical care, physicians, anaesthetists, surgeons, paediatricians, as well as those concerned with pre-clinical subjects and medical sciences basic to these disciplines. The journal publishes: review articles reflecting the present state of knowledge in special areas or summarizing limited themes in which discussion has led to clearly defined conclusions; original papers reporting progress and results in all areas of intensive care medicine and its related fields; educational articles giving information on the progress of a topic of particular interest; discussion on technology, methods, new apparatus and modifications of standard techniques; brief reports of uncommon and interesting disorders; correspondence concerning matters of topical interest or relating to published material.

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The journal is abstracted and indexed in: According to the '' Journal Citation Reports'', the journal has a 2021 impact factor of 41.787, ranking it 2 out of 82 journals in the category ‘Critical Care and Intensive Care Medicine’.


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