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Institute of Space Technology (also known as IST) is a public research university located in Islamabad, Pakistan
focused on the study of astronomy, aerospace engineering and astronautics. [1] Established in 2002 under the auspices of the Pakistan
National Space Agency. IST offers a wide array of undergraduate and graduate degrees in partnership of Beihang University
Beihang University
and University of Surrey.[1] Since 2008, IST has an ISO
certified management standard. IST is based on a 73 acre campus on the outskirts of Islamabad.[1][2]


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iCUBE-1[edit] Main article: ICube-1 Institute of Space Technology on 21 November 2013, launched Pakistan's first Cubesat
satellite, iCUBE-1, onboard Dnepr launch vehicle
Dnepr launch vehicle
from Yasny launch base, Russia. Its transmitted signal can be heard on VHF band. It has a mass of 1.1 kg & has a volume of 10 cm cube, it houses several sensors to collect data for scientific purposes. iCUBE-1 is a fully autonomous satellite and is capable of maintaining its health via its on-board computer. iCUBE-1 will open up a wide range of future experiments that can be carried on Cubesat
in the domain of imaging, microgravity, biology, nanotechnology, space dynamics, chemistry, space physics and various other fields. Cubesats can also provide a test bed for developing satellite constellations for specific applications.[3][4][5] Academics[edit] Degree programs[edit] The disciplines and the degree programs offered by IST have been given below. The regular duration of BS and MS / M Phil degree programs is 4 and 2 years, respectively.

Discipline Degree Program

BS / BE[6] MS / M Phil,[7] Ph.D.[8]

Aerospace Engineering Y Y Y

Engineering Y

Electrical Engineering Y Y Y

Materials Science & Engineering Y Y Y

Mechanical Engineering Y Y Y

Space Science Y



Departments[edit] At present, the institute holds the following Departments:

Aeronautics & Astronautics[9] Electrical Engineering[10] Applied Mathematics
& Statistics[11] Materials Science & Engineering[12] Mechanical Engineering[13] Space Science[14] National Centre for Remote-Sensing & Geo-Informatics[15] Humanities & Sciences[16]

Annual events[edit]

IST Youth Carnival (IYC)

It was called as "All- Pakistan
Inter University Challenge". IST has organized the Challenge every year for four years. The event attracts participation from the universities/degree awarding institutes/post-graduate colleges in the Rawalpindi/ Islamabad
area as well as from the cities of Taxila and Peshawar. The event includes over a dozen extracurricular competitions such as dramatics, short film, all-rounder, Mushaira, and Battle of the Bands. Recently, the name of this event has now been replaced by IST Youth Carnival, or IYC.[17][18]

World Space Week.[19]

In 1999, the United Nations General Assembly declared 4–10 October as World Space Week. Pakistan
is endeavoring to enter into the realm of Space Science
Space Science
& Technology and related applications. In past couple of decades IST has seen considerable advances in this field. The success of any space program relies greatly on public understanding and support. IST in collaboration with our National Space Agency (SUPARCO) is communicating the benefits of Space Technology to the public on regular basis. The institute has pioneered the observation of the International World Space Week in Pakistan. Walks, lectures and seminars are arranged in schools and colleges of the Twin-City area by students of IST. The week culminates with a full day variety show at the Institute that includes space quiz, poster competitions, space cinema and a musical concert. Extracurricular[edit] Societies[edit]

ArtIST: promotes the spirit of Art among engineers by organizing painting, sketching, rebel pen, truck art, craft exhibition & Visage Canvas competitions. Hawks Adventure: It is the most famous and active adventure club of Islamabad. Aero Society: for students interested in hobby projects/research related to Aerospace. Communication Society: for students interested in hobby projects/research related to Communications, Material Advantage Chapter: for students interested in hobby projects/research related to Materials Science. IST Media Club: It consists of a team of photographers, graphic designers, video editors, programmers, digital artists, writers, and social media experts whose job is to market and publicize the events and happening in IST. Pegasus: a bi-monthly, bilingual (English/Urdu) magazine that encourages students to hone their literary skills. News Corridor: campus newsletter covering happenings in the institution. Fidens: The Adventure Club - for outdoor enthusiasts. I4Gx : E-Gaming Society AOUJ: Performing Arts Club - for the promotion of drama, acting and dance. Sports Society: oversees the inter-university and intra-university sports fixtures. Umeed: a philanthropic organization that helps underprivileged students in the Twin-City area. Blood Donor Club: organizes an annual blood donation camp. Environmental Club: raises awareness and takes concrete measures for environmental protection. MATHEMA: The mathematics society of IST - Aims to provide enrichment and challenges for students of IST who demonstrate strong interest in mathematics. SPAM: Student Magazine, Goonj: The Music Society - promotes music and music teaching. Arranges musical performances. Space Society:Promotes research and development in Astronautics, GIS, RS, Satellite Communication and Astronomy Awaz: The Debating Society- promotes art of public speaking and communication skills of students

See also[edit]

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