Inishmacsaint () is a monastery located on an island off the western shore of
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. The site includes the ruins of a monastic church and an early stone cross, probably from the tenth and twelfth centuries. Inishmacsaint was founded by St. Ninnidh, (d. 523/30). The original monastic buildings were probably damaged or destroyed during the raids of the ninth or tenth centuries.''Pilgrim's Way to St. Patrick's Purgatory,'' by Eileen Gardiner, 2010, pp. 122-25. ''The Parish of Inishmacsaint,'' by William Parke, 1982. ''North West Ulster: The Buildings of Ireland,'' by Alistair Rowan, 1979, pp. 318–19. ''Medieval Religious Houses: Ireland,'' by Gwynn & Hadcock, 1970, p. 38.

Saints associated with Inishmacsaint Abbey

* Saint Ninnidh, feast day 18 January

Abbotts of Inishmacsaint Abbey

* Fiannamail: c. 718


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