Indigenous peoples in Suriname



Indigenous peoples in Suriname, Native Surinamese, or Amerindian Surinamese, are Surinamese people who are of indigenous ancestry. They comprise approximately 3.5% of Suriname's population of 612,985.

Contemporary groups

* Akurio,
Tapanahoni The Tapanahony River (sometimes called Tapanahoni) is a major river in the south eastern part of Suriname, South America. The river originates in the Southern part of the Eilerts de Haan Mountains, near the border with Brazil. It joins the Marowij ...
and Sipaliwini rivers, Kwamalasamutu"Suriname."
''Ethnologue.'' Retrieved 8 Dec 2013.
Arawak The Arawak are a group of indigenous peoples of northern South America and of the Caribbean. Specifically, the term "Arawak" has been applied at various times to the Lokono of South America and the Taíno, who historically lived in the Greater ...
( Lokono), Suriname, French Guiana, Guyana, Venezuela * Kalina, Brazil, Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname, Venezuela * * Saloema (Taruma), Kwamalasamutu on Sipaliwini river, Brazil, Guyana * Sikiana, Kwamalasamutu on Sipaliwini river, Brazil * Tiriyó, Tapanahoni River, Sipaliwini River, Brazil * Waiwai (Uapixana, Vapidiana, Wapichan, Wapichana, Wapisana, Wapishshiana, Wapisiana, Wapitxana, Wapixana), Amazonas, Brazil, Suriname and Guyana * Warao (Guarao, Guarauno, Warau, Warrau), Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname *
Wayana The Wayana (alternate names: Ajana, Uaiana, Alucuyana, Guaque, Ojana, Oyana, Orcocoyana, Pirixi, Urukuena, Waiano etc.) are a Carib-speaking people located in the southeastern part of the Guiana highlands, a region divided between Brazil, Surin ...
, Southwest
Marowijne District Marowijne is a district of Suriname, located on the north-east coast. Marowijne's capital city is Albina, with other towns including Moengo and Wanhatti. The district borders the Atlantic Ocean to the north, French Guiana to the east, the Suri ...
, upper Tapanahoni river, Brazil, French Guiana

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