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State Road 25 is a highway in the U. S. state
U. S. state
of Indiana. Although it is designated a north–south road, in practice it travels generally northeast from its southern terminus at State Road 32 (south of Waynetown and north of Shades State Park) to its northern terminus at State Road 15 in Warsaw.


1 Route description

1.1 Waynetown to Lafayette 1.2 Lafayette to Logansport 1.3 Logansport to Warsaw

2 History 3 Major intersections 4 References

Route description[edit] Waynetown to Lafayette[edit] SR 25 heads north from its southern terminus towards Waynetown. In Waynetown SR 25 is concurrence with U.S. Route 136. Then SR 25 heads north towards Wingate passing over Interstate 74. In Wingate SR 25, has an intersection with the southern terminus of State Road 55. After Wingate SR 25 heads north toward West Point, where SR 25 turns east then northeast toward Lafayette. SR 25 terminates at the intersection with U.S. Route 231, south of West Lafayette. At this point and as of September 2013 the route is discontinuous due to the transfer of several urban road segments to the city of Lafayette.[3] Formerly the route followed Teal Road and Sagamore Parkway through the south and east sides of Lafayette. SR 25 resumes at the interchange with I-65 (exit 175 on I-65) on the northeast side of town.[4] Lafayette to Logansport[edit] After I-65, SR 25 heads northeast out of Lafayette and, immediately after a roundabout, curves to the right and becomes a 4-lane limited access highway. It then heads towards Delphi, bypassing it on the south side, having interchanges with U.S. Route 421, State Road 18, State Road 39 and the western terminus of State Road 218. SR 25 then heads northeast towards Logansport, going past the communities of Rockford, Burrows, and Clymers. SR 25 intersects with passing U.S. Route 24, U.S. Route 35, and State Road 29 near Logansport.[5] SR 25 then heads into downtown Logansport after exiting off the Hoosier Heartland Highway onto Burlington Ave.[6] State Route 25 from Lafayette to Logansport is part of the National Highway System, a network of routes deemed most important for the nation's economy, mobility and defense.[7] Logansport to Warsaw[edit] In Logansport SR 25 has one way pairs with northbound on Market Street and southbound on Broadway. At Sixth Street SR 25 turns north on to Sixth Street. SR 25 leaves Logansport on north side of town, heading north-northeast toward Rochester. On the south side of Rochester SR 25 has an interchange with U.S. Route 31. Through Rochester SR 25 is concurrent with State Road 14. SR 25 leaves town on the north side, heading north towards Warsaw. West of Mentone SR 25 turn due east. SR 25 passes through Mentone having an intersection with State Road 19. East of Mentone SR 25 heads east and then northeast towards its northern terminus in Warsaw at State Road 15.[8] History[edit]

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Between 1917 and 1926 SR 25 went from Michigan City to the Ohio State Line, east of Angola, the route is now U.S. Route 20. Then in 1926, SR 25 was changed to a route from Logansport to Rochester. In 1930, the route went from Lafayette to Rochester. Then in 1932, SR 25 went from SR 32 to Warsaw. Originally SR 25 passed through Lafayette, entering from the south on 4th Street, continuing on 3rd and 4th Streets where they are one-way streets, to Union and Salem Streets (also one-ways), to 14th Street, then one block on Greenbush Street, then to 15th Street which became Schuyler Avenue. With the building of Sagamore Parkway and the rerouting of US 52 onto it, SR 25 was rerouted to Teal Road, to Sagamore Parkway/US 52, to Schuyler Avenue. This routing is still commonly seen on maps; in the 1990s this routing was further modified to route using SR 38 and Interstate 65. In 2012, INDOT officially dropped the routing of SR 25, SR 26, and a few other routes inside the city limits of Lafayette and West Lafayette. As a result, these route are now technically discontinuous. However, there has been much outcry from the local communities because it is nearly impossible for visitors to adequately navigate these cities without the routes. As a result, many mapping services are refusing to remove the route designations[original research?] until INDOT comes up with a solution, which may come in the use of newly constructed alignments for US 231 around the cities as a bypass. On September 13, 2013, the US 231 bypass in West Lafayette was given over to traffic. At the same time both SR 25 and SR 26 ceased to be signed on their respective alignments between US 231 and Interstate 65. Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[2] km Destinations Notes

Montgomery Ripley Township 0.000 0.000 SR 32 – Crawfordsville Southern terminus of SR 25

Waynetown 4.309 6.935 US 136 east – Crawfordsville, Indianapolis Eastern end of US 136 concurrency

4.818 7.754 US 136 west - Danville Western end of US 136 concurrency

Wayne Township 5.838– 5.970 9.395– 9.608 I-74 – Indianapolis, Peoria Exit number 25 on I-74

Wingate 10.902 17.545 SR 55 north – Attica Southern terminus of SR 55

Tippecanoe Jackson Township 18.206 29.300 SR 28 west – Attica Southern end of SR 28 concurrency

18.717 30.122 SR 28 east – Frankfort Northern end of SR 28 concurrency

Lafayette 30.871 49.682 US 52 / US 231 – Crawfordsville, West Lafayette East end of the western segment of SR 25

Gap in route

Fairfield Township 30.872 49.684 Schuyler Avenue West end of the eastern segment of SR 25

31.060– 31.142 49.986– 50.118 I-65 – Chicago, Indianapolis

Carroll Delphi 44.348– 44.991 71.371– 72.406 US 421 north / SR 18 west / SR 39 north – Monticello

Deer Creek Township 48.217 77.598 SR 218

Cass Logansport 64.853 104.371 US 24 west / US 35 north / SR 29 south – Michigan City Split diamond interchange, together with interchange for US 24 east/US 35 south; west end of US 24/US 35 concurrency; north end of SR 29

65.128– 65.177 104.813– 104.892 US 24 east / US 35 south / SR 329 south Split diamond interchange, together with interchange for US 24 west/US 35 north; east end of US 24/US 35 concurrency; north end of SR 329

66.990 107.810 SR 17 north – Plymouth Southern terminus of SR 17

Bethlehem Township 75.392 121.332 SR 16

Fulton Fulton 81.417 131.028 SR 114 west Eastern terminus of SR 114

Rochester 88.812– 88.964 142.929– 143.174 US 31 – Indianapolis, South Bend

89.530 144.085 SR 14 west Western end of SR 14 concurrency

91.492 147.242 SR 14 east Eastern end of SR 14 concurrency

Newcastle Township 100.736 162.119 SR 110 west Eastern terminus of SR 110

Marshall Tippecanoe Township 101.064 162.647 SR 331 north – Bremen, South Bend, Mishawaka Southern terminus of SR 331

Kosciusko Mentone 104.987 168.960 SR 19 – Akron, Nappanee

Warsaw 117.230 188.663 SR 15 – Wabash, Goshen Northern terminus of SR 15

1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

      Concurrency terminus


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