Index may refer to:

Arts, entertainment, and media

Fictional entities

* Index (''A Certain Magical Index''), a character in the light novel series ''A Certain Magical Index'' * The Index, an item on a halo megastructure in the ''Halo'' series of video games

Periodicals and news portals

* ''
Index Magazine ''index Magazine'' was a New York City-based publication with interviews with art and culture figures. It was created by Peter Halley and Bob Nickas in 1996, running until late 2005. Covering the burgeoning indie culture of the 1990s, ''Index'' r ...
'', a publication for art and culture *
Index.hr Index.hr is a Croatian online newspaper, launched in December 2002 and based in Zagreb. The news site covers politics, business, sports, show business, and features columns covering everything from gossip to political commentary. , it is the leadi ...
, a Croatian online newspaper * index.hu, a Hungarian-language news and community portal * ''The Index'' (Kalamazoo College), a student newspaper * ''The Index'', an 1860s European propaganda journal created by
Henry Hotze Henry Hotze (September 2, 1833 – April 19, 1887) was a Swiss American propagandist for the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War. He acted as a Confederate agent in Great Britain, attempting to build support for the Souther ...

Henry Hotze
to support the Confederate States of America * ''
Truman State University Index The ''Truman State University Index'' is a weekly student newspaper distributed at Truman State University and throughout the Kirksville, Missouri community. The publication is entirely student-run and funded mostly through its own advertising reven ...
'', a student newspaper

Other arts, entertainment and media

The Index (band) The Index were an American garage rock/psychedelic rock band from Grosse Point, Michigan who were active from 1966-1969 and are known for a sound characterized by droning guitars, as heard on their two albums, both released in 1968. Though they re ...
* ''Indexed'', a Web cartoon by
Jessica Hagy Jessica Hagy is known for the online cartoon Indexed which is a collection of charts and diagrams hand drawn on 3x5 index cards and organized into a blog format. She has compiled her cartoons into a book called ''Indexed''. The cartoon has also app ...
* ''Index'', album by
Ana Mena Ana Mena Rojas (born February 25, 1997) is a Spanish singer and actress. She began her career in 2011 in the TV series ''Marisol, la película'' (2011). In 2010 Ana Mena participated in Disney's musical reality show "My Camp Rock 2", ending up as t ...

Business enterprises and events

Index (retailer) Index was a catalogue retailer in the United Kingdom, that was owned by Littlewoods from 1985 until 2005. Many Index stores were attached to Littlewoods stores. It was a well known retailer in the 1980s and the 1990s, but sales declined in the nou ...
, a former UK catalogue retailer *
INDEX Index may refer to: Arts, entertainment, and media Fictional entities * Index (''A Certain Magical Index''), a character in the light novel series ''A Certain Magical Index'' * The Index, an item on a halo megastructure in the ''Halo'' series of v ...
, a market research fair in Lucknow, India *
Index Corporation , formerly known as , is a Japanese corporate information and communications technology company owned by Sawada Holdings. "Index Corporation" was a corporate name used by three different Japanese companies, between 1997 and 2016, the last one bein ...
, a Japanese video game developer


Index fund#REDIRECT Index fund#REDIRECT Index fund {{R from other capitalisation ...
{{R from other capitalisation ...
, a collective investment scheme *
Stock market index 300px, A comparison of three major U.S. stock indices: the NASDAQ Composite, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and S&P 500 Index">Dow Jones Industrial Average">NASDAQ Composite, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and S&P 500 Index. All three have the ...
, a statistical average of prices of selected securities

Places in the United States

Index, Arkansas Index is an unincorporated community in Miller County, Arkansas, United States. Index is located on U.S routes 59 and 71 in the northwest corner of the county, north of Texarkana. References Unincorporated communities in Miller Cou ...
, an unincorporated community *
Index, Kentucky Index is an unincorporated community in Morgan County, Kentucky, United States. Its post office is closed. References Unincorporated communities in Morgan County, Kentucky Unincorporated communities in Kentucky {{ ...
, an unincorporated community *
Index, Missouri Index is an extinct town in Cass County, in the U.S. state of Missouri. Index was platted in 1857. A post office called Index was established in 1874, and remained in operation until 1903. References Ghost towns in Missouri Categor ...
, a ghost town *
Index, New York Index is a small hamlet in the Town of Hartwick, New York, and partially in Town of Otsego, New York. It is located at the corner of CR-11 and NY-28. Oaks Creek runs east through the hamlet and converges with the Susquehanna River just east of the ...
, a hamlet in Hartwick and Otsego, New York *
Index, Virginia Index is an unincorporated community located in King George County, in the U. S. state of Virginia. The area became known as Index after the establishment of a Post Office in 1898 by local merchant Peyton Parker who built a General Store a few years ...
, an unincorporated community *
Index, Washington Index is a town in Snohomish County, Washington, United States. The population was 178 at the 2010 census. History Prior to settlement by White Americans, the Skykomish lived in the area between Sultan and Index. The Skykomish had a village alon ...
, a town *
Index, West Virginia Index is an unincorporated community in Gilmer County, West Virginia, United States. Its post office is closed. References Unincorporated communities in Gilmer County, West Virginia Unincorporated communities in West Virg ...
, an unincorporated community

Publishing and library studies

Bibliographic index A bibliographic index is a bibliography intended to help find a publication. Citations are usually listed by author and subject in separate sections, or in a single alphabetical sequence under a system of authorized headings collectively known as ...
, a regularly updated publication that lists articles, books, or other information items * Citation index * The ''Index'', colloquial name for ''Germany's List of Media Harmful to Young People'', published by the Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien * Index card, used for recording and storing small amounts of data * ''Index Librorum Prohibitorum'', a list of publications which the Catholic Church censored * Index on Censorship, a publishing organization that campaigns for freedom of expression, or its magazine of the same name * Index (publishing), an organized list of information in a publication * Index (typography), a hand- or fist-shaped punctuation mark * Subject indexing, describing the content of a document by keywords * Thumb index, a round cut-out in the pages of a publication * Web indexing, Internet indexing

Science, technology, and mathematics

Computer science

* Index, a key in an associative array * Index (typography), a character in Unicode, its code is 132 * Index, the dataset maintained by search engine indexing * Array index, an integer pointer into an array data structure * BitTorrent index, a list of .torrent files available for searches * Database index, a data structure that improves the speed of data retrieval * Index mapping of raw data for an array * Index register, a processor register used for modifying operand addresses during the run of a program * Indexed color, in computer imagery * Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM), used for indexing data for fast retrieval * Lookup table, a data structure used to store precomputed information * Site map, or site index, a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users * Web indexing, Internet indexing * Webserver directory index, a default or index web page in a directory on a web server, such as index.html


* Index (economics), a single number calculated from an array of prices and quantities ** Price index, a typical price for some good or service

Mathematics and statistics

* Index, a number or other symbol that specifies an element of an indexed family or set * Index, an element of an index set * Index, the label of a summand in sigma notation, Σ-notation of a summation


* Index of a subgroup, the number of a subgroup's left cosets * Index, the degree of an nth root, ''n''th root * Index of a linear map#Index, linear map, the dimension of the map's kernel minus the dimension of its cokernel * Index of a Matrix (mathematics), matrix * Index of a real quadratic form


* Index, the winding number of an oriented closed curve on a surface relative to a point on that surface * Diversity index, a measure of distribution or variety in fields such as ecology or information science * Index of a vector field, an integer that helps to describe the behaviour of a vector field around an isolated zero

Number theory

* Index, or the discrete logarithm of a number


* Index (statistics), a type of aggregate measure ** Scale (social sciences), a method of reporting data in social sciences, sometimes called an index

Other uses in science and technology

* Dental indices, standardized scoring systems for tooth problems * Indexicality, in linguistics, the phenomenon of a sign pointing to some object in the context in which it occurs * Indexing (motion), in mechanical engineering and machining, movement to a precisely known location * Refractive index, a measurement of how light propagates through a material * Valve Index, a virtual reality headset

Other uses

* ''INDEX'', earlier name for the Reimei satellite * Index:, a Danish nonprofit organization which promotes Design for Life * The Index (Dubai), a skyscraper * Index (crater), a moon crater

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