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In Gay Madrid (1930) is an American pre-Code musical comedy, directed by Robert Z. Leonard, starring Ramón Novarro
Ramón Novarro
and Dorothy Jordan, and released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.


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Ramon Navarro
Ramon Navarro
as Ricardo Dorothy Jordan as Carmina Rivas Lottice Howell as Goytia Claude King as Marques de Castelar Eugenie Besseres as Dona Generosa William V. Mong
William V. Mong
as Rivas Beryl Mercer
Beryl Mercer
as Dona Concha George Chandler
George Chandler
as Enrique

Production[edit] Under the working title The House of Troy, filming of In Gay Madrid began on November 14, 1929 and concluded on December 21.[1] Some retakes were directed by Robert Ober in January 1930. Release[edit] In Gay Madrid was released on May 17, 1930, and was moderately successful at the boxoffice.[2] though it was critically panned.[3] The film's financial under-performance could, in part, be attributed to American audiences growing tired of musicals.[4] It was paired with the comedy short, The Home Edition, starring Jay C. Flippen, in some U.S. theaters.[5] It was released in Ottawa
on June 23, 1930, along with the short Memories, a Musical Fantasy.[6] In Gay Madrid has had a DVD release from Warner Archive in November 2015. References[edit]

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