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The IMUS ASSEMBLY was the meeting held between the Magdalo and Magdiwang factions of the Katipunan
at Imus, Cavite
Imus, Cavite
, Philippines
, on December 31, 1896. This was convened in order to settle the leadership dispute between the two factions.

The assembly, presided by Andres Bonifacio
Andres Bonifacio
, was to discuss whether to retain the current Katipunan
government or to set up a new revolutionary government . The Magdalo supported the idea of having a revolutionary government while the Magdiwang favored the old Katipunan government . The assembly, however, failed to have a firm resolution. According to Santiago Alvarez and Artemio Ricarte , the assembly agreed to appoint Bonifacio as the head of a legislative committee and to authorize him to appoint members he considers worthy. It is, however, uncertain whether Bonifacio did appoint members of the committee. At this meeting also, a Magdalo engineer and general named Edilberto Evangelista
Edilberto Evangelista
submitted a draft of a constitution requested by the two factions. Bonifacio ignored the constitution since the Katipunan
already had its own laws.


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Philippine Revolution
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