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The Imus Assembly was the meeting held between the Magdalo and Magdiwang factions of the Katipunan
at Imus, Cavite, Philippines, on December 31, 1896. This was convened in order to settle the leadership dispute between the two factions. The assembly, presided by Andres Bonifacio, was to discuss whether to retain the current Katipunan
government or to set up a new revolutionary government. The Magdalo supported the idea of having a revolutionary government while the Magdiwang favored the old Katipunan government. The assembly, however, failed to have a firm resolution. According to Santiago Alvarez and Artemio Ricarte, the assembly agreed to appoint Bonifacio as the head of a legislative committee and to authorize him to appoint members he considers worthy. It is, however, uncertain whether Bonifacio did appoint members of the committee. At this meeting also, a Magdalo engineer and general named Edilberto Evangelista submitted a draft of a constitution requested by the two factions. Bonifacio ignored the constitution since the Katipunan already had its own laws. References[edit]

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