Imperata is a small but widespread genus of tropical and subtropical grasses, commonly known as satintails.[1][2] Satintail grass species are perennial rhizomatous herbs with solid, erect stems and silky inflorescences. The best known species is Imperata cylindrica, which is recognized as a devastating noxious weed in many places and cultivated as an ornamental plant in others.[3][4][5][6] The genus is named after Ferrante Imperato, a Renaissance apothecary who lived in Naples in the late 16th and early 17th Centuries. His collection included a herbarium.[7][8][9]

Species[10] Imperata brasiliensis - South + Central America, West Indies, southern Mexico Imperata brevifolia - southwestern USA (CA AZ NV UT NM TX) Imperata cheesemanii - Kermadec Islands (part of New Zealand) Imperata condensata - Argentina, Chile Imperata conferta - plumegrass, kunay grass - Southeast Asia, Papuasia, Micronesia Imperata contracta - guayanilla - South + Central America, West Indies, southern Mexico Imperata cylindrica - bladygrass, cogongrass, speargrass, silver-spike - Africa, southern Europe, southwestern Asia; introduced in Central + Eastern Asia, North America, various islands Imperata flavida - Hainan Province in China Imperata minutiflora - Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina Imperata parodii - southern Chile Imperata tenuis - Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Corrientes Province of Argentina formerly included[10] see Cinna Lagurus Miscanthus Saccharum

Imperata eulalioides - Miscanthus sacchariflorus Imperata exaltata - Saccharum arundinaceum Imperata klaga - Saccharum spontaneum Imperata ovata - Lagurus ovatus Imperata saccharifera - Cinna arundinacea Imperata sacchariflora - Miscanthus sacchariflorus Imperata sara - Saccharum bengalense Imperata spontanea - Saccharum spontaneum Imperata tinctoria - Miscanthus tinctorius References[edit]

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Taxon identifiers Wikidata: Q2440147 Wikispecies: Imperata APDB: 191642 EoL: 108164 EPPO: 1IMPG FloraBase: 21023 FoC: 116394 GBIF: 2703065 GrassBase: gen00312 GRIN: 6028 IPNI: 30017408-2 IRMNG: 1026532 ITIS: 41785 NCBI: 80368 NZOR: 4ddf57c3-4b43-479e-aaa5-f92d78725b9b PLANTS: IMPER POWO: Tropicos: 40030883

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