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I LOVE MELVIN is a 1953 American Technicolor
musical and dancing comedy film directed by Don Weis starring Donald O\'Connor and Debbie Reynolds .


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Small-time actress Judy Schneider dreams of becoming a Hollywood star even as she struggles along playing a human football in a kitschy Broadway musical. One day in Central Park
Central Park
she bumps into Melvin, the bumbling assistant to a Look magazine photographer. Melvin is smitten with Judy and endures disapproval from her father who wants her to marry Harry Flack, the boring heir to a paper box company. He exaggerates his importance at the magazine in order to impress Judy and her family and promises to get her on the cover, using the photo shoots as an excuse to spend time with her. His charade is exposed when her picture doesn't appear on the cover and she discovers that he is just a lowly assistant. Too ashamed to face her, Melvin abandons his job and disappears into Central Park. While hiding in the Park he sees Judy's picture on the cover of Look and discovers that the editor made her a cover girl so he would see it and come out of hiding.


* Donald O\'Connor as Melvin Hoover * Debbie Reynolds
Debbie Reynolds
as Judy Schneider aka Judy LeRoy * Una Merkel
Una Merkel
as Mom Schneider * Richard Anderson as Harry Flack * Allyn Joslyn as Frank Schneider * Les Tremayne as Mr. Henneman * Noreen Corcoran as Clarabelle Schneider * Jim Backus as Mergo * Barbara Ruick as Studio Guide * Robert Taylor as himself (cameo appearance in Judy's dream)


Lyrics by Mack Gordon ">

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