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ISYS Search Software was an Australian supplier of enterprise search software for information access, management, and re-use. The company marketed and sold a suite of embedded search, mobile access and information management infrastructure technologies.


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History[edit] Established in 1988 by Ian Davies, ISYS previously marketed and sold enterprise search applications. Davies developed prototype text-retrieval software that would be suitable for use in large databases. The Australian market for the prototype software developed; and, in 1991, PC Week Magazine wrote a favourable review that assisted in attempts to break into the US market.[1] ISYS products compete with the Verity Ultraseek and the Google Search services, while its infrastructure and embedded search applications compete with Autonomy and FAST Search & Transfer (now a subsidiary of Microsoft).[citation needed] In 2007, ISYS entered the Linux marketplace with the release of the ISYS:sdk and ISYS:web server for Linux platforms, the company's first foray into non-Windows environments. In 2009, ISYS released several new applications and a new suite for information access (see applications listed above).[citation needed] Acquisition[edit] In March 2012, ISYS Search Software Pty Ltd was acquired by Lexmark International, and integrated into its Perceptive Software division.[2] Functionality[edit] ISYS Search is capable of searching multiple disparate data sources, including Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, Open Office, HTML files, ZIP files, all major e-mail products, all SQLdata sources, SharePoint, Lotus Notes, and Lotus Domino. Some of ISYS's content-mining capabilities include automatic categorisation, entity extraction, parametric search, hit-highlighting and navigation, relevance ranking, and multiple query methods.[citation needed] References[edit]

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