IP or Ip may refer to:

Businesses and organizations

* IP College (Indraprastha College for Women), a constituent college of the University of Delhi, New Delhi, India * Imperial Police, a former Indian police agency * International Paper, an American pulp and paper company * Iraqi Police * Atyrau Airways (IATA code: IP) * ''Inicjatywa Pracownicza'' (Workers' Initiative), a Polish trade union


* IP postcode area, for Ipswich and surrounding areas, England * Ip, Sălaj, Romania * Ip (river), a river in Sălaj County, Romania * IP Casino Resort Spa, in Biloxi, Mississippi, US

Science and technology

Biology and medicine

* Immunoprecipitation, a molecular biology technique * Incontinentia pigmenti, a genetic disorder * Infundibulopelvic ligament, part of the female pelvis * Interphalangeal joint (disambiguation) * Interventional pulmonology, a less invasive lung treatment than surgery * Intestinal permeability * Intraperitoneal injection (IP injection), the injection of a substance into the peritoneum * Prostacyclin receptor (symbol PTGIR, older synonym IP)


* Internet Protocol, a set of rules for sending data across a network ** IP address, a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network * IP (complexity), a class in computational complexity theory * IP core (Intellectual Property core), a reusable design unit owned by one party * Instruction pointer, a processor register * Intelligent Peripheral, a part of a public telecommunications Intelligent Network * Image processing * ip, a Linux command in the iproute2 collection

Other science and technology

* IP Code (Ingress Protection code), an equipment protection classification scheme * Identified patient, a psychology term * Identity preserved, an agricultural designation * Induced polarization, a geophysical imaging technique * Ion plating, a chemical process

Law and government

* Intellectual property, creations of the mind for which exclusive legal rights are recognized * Industrial property, similar to intellectual property but including trademarks and excluding artistic copyright * Insolvency practitioner, a legal specialist * Industrial policy, a country's effort to encourage the development of certain sectors of the economy * Integrated project (EU), a type of research project * Immunity passport

Other uses

* Ip (cuneiform) * Ip (surname) * Inflectional phrase, a functional phrase that has inflectional properties * Innings pitched, a baseball statistic * Integrated Programme, an academic scheme in Singapore * ''Internationale Politik'', a German political journal * Item and Process, a linguistic method to describe phenomena of allomorphy

See also

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